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Thread: Which Is Your Favorite Version Of Skeletor From TV Or Movies?

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    Movie Skeletor all the way! He was so delicously evil in the movie. Why was it in the 80's the bad guys were pathetic in the regular show but kicked major butt when movie time came around?
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    Filmation all the way, but they are all pretty good.

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    Human... Robot... Maniac Spacedust's Avatar
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    It would have to be either Filmation or Movie for me. Filmation for nostalgia as much as anything, but before everything had descended into slapstick in the second season, some of the early episodes actually show Skeletor as a force to be reckoned with.
    The movie version is actually really cool, a real menace. Even many movie-haters seem to often cite Skeletor as one of the things that actually did work with the movie.

    DiC... well I'm not a NA fan anyway, so many it's not a fair fight, but that version of Skeletor just seemed wrong on so many levels.
    The MYP version had his moments, but just seemed too cold (not cold as in evil, more as in cold hard to enjoy watching).

    For me the "best" Skeletor hasn't been on-screen, but was the cackling "demon from another dimension" of the early mini-comics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacedust View Post
    For me the "best" Skeletor hasn't been on-screen, but was the cackling "demon from another dimension" of the early mini-comics.
    Word! Mini comic Skeletor or Skeletor from the original package paintings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeeyes0217 View Post
    Word! Mini comic Skeletor or Skeletor from the original package paintings.
    Yes- wish those options were part of the poll!

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    Bring on MYP Sorceress! MasterCollector's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neal1972 View Post
    MYP by a smidge over Filmation, the reason being, as MGM said, he could give He-Man a hard fight.
    (Although I think Filmation version had a wider range of abilities and was also a master inventor.)
    Both are much better than the movie version, imo.
    MYP Skeletor was so bad bad*ss! When Skeletor took on both He-Man and King Randor in the episode "Underworld", I had no doubt that this was my definitive version of Skeletor.
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    Movie Skeletor by far. When the movie first came out, I instantly fell in love with the version. It was just the whole combo of the look and he was ruthless. He kills Saurod without much of a thought. THIS was the Skeletor I wanted all along. He took over all of Eternia, captured the Sorceress, and seized Grayskull.

    The Filmation version was just too comical. He was supposed to be Overlord of Evil but he never really accomplished anything. He always lost and it was like the heroes never really feared him. The MYP Skeletor corrected a lot of those mistakes yet again he still wasn't "evil" enough for my tastes.


    2. MYP
    3. Filmation
    4. NA

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    The Undisputed Champion TUC138's Avatar
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    MYP Skeletor might be the greatest........ but Filmation Skeletor is GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I worship that evil GOD !!!!
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    Canadian 3-packs hunter bObA_fEtt_Ox's Avatar
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    Filmation for sure

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    For me its the movie skeletor... the other versions were pure jokes..I like my skelly mean and scary
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    Heroic Warrior Erndogg's Avatar
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    Filmation Skelly is the top no matter what But we have not seen a accurate Myp Skeletorimage.jpeg

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    Filmation Skeletor was the original and therefore best . When we think of Arch type skeleton or wizard character , we do not imagine Conan muscles . What is this exactly ? He breaks the mold and stands alone .

    Movie Skeletor had awesome script speeches yes but lets be honest . He was Emperor Palpatine without his skin cream shooting new and more damaging but rare purple sith lightning leading new black armoured Storm Trooper commando,s , exchanging a light sabre for a light whip because of reach . Giant head hologram device communicator never leave home without it . Ahh and lets no forget the Evils ones "fall" from grace down a very very deep hole . Remember kiddies if you want to take over the universe be sure to plug up any and all bottomless chasms in your personal throne room and use a real toilet instead . Oh looky Chewbacca is working for him the traitor. I am surprised Lucas never sued Golan Globus.

    MYP Skeletor was awesome and epic yes but all heroes and villains evolve given time . There was lots of foundation to work with . Original anyone is less impressive then modern day versions . Those new DC comics has a more impressive Skeletor then MYP . Its easy to improve on something already created then making something from nothing

    NA Skeletor ? ..... "DIC" is an appropriate label yes.
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    film noir warrior maltesefalcon's Avatar
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    i like my skeletors to be different versions of the same character. myp is when heman and skeletor start their battles, in filmation they've been fighting againsteach other for years and are both at the peak of their abillitiies, new adventures is an extension of filmation and the movie is near the end of the line for them both theyre tired of the constant fighting and each of them have the measure of each other.

    movie skeletor loves to see he-man in action you could see it at the start of the movie and when he appears on earth when he just watches him beat the troopers. and once he has him in his power he tortures him but has to turn away because he does not like seeing his great and worthy opponent in pain.

    each of them are a product of their time but to me movie skeletor is he-mans true nemesis
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    Filmation Skeletor. He oozes personality.

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    As much as I like Frank Langella's version, Filmation Skeletor will always be MY Skeletor!
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    Filmation skeletor no contest
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    Filmation Skeletor took down Horde Prime:
    which makes him the best.

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