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Thread: Pre-Production discussion: Ninja Turtles Series

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    Pre-Production discussion: Ninja Turtles Series

    I can't find the old thread on the sale, so I'm starting a new one if someone else can't refind it.

    Latest news is a big one...First cast member confirmed. Rob Paulsen as......


    Who saw that one coming? They are apparently filming the first episode as we speak, so a production team and other cast members have been decided....I've always thought a nice touch would be a mix of the old cast, and the new cast. Cam Clarke as Leo, Rob as Raph. Sam Regal as donatello, Wayne Grayson as Michelangelo, etc...

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    Rob was Raph in the original series right?? Interesting re-cast for him and interesting the new series is utilizing a voice talent from the original series. But, to tell you the truth, hopefully this will be the FINAL 're-boot'. Get too many TMNT continuities out there is going to make my head spin soon.
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    I think that might be weird to have Raph's voice on Don. I guess we'll see how it goes, but I can't see myself liking it.
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