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I can't believe all of this negativity!
The light up feature is what made those two figures special and cool..
Besides, the laser light were two of the rarest figures of the line, and i would feel great to have them in motuc form, as it would be like filling a void my vintage collection has always suffered for...I was expecting this was the case of many other fans here.
What the heck, we agreed to pay $30 for yellow monkey nobody knew about, why are we complaining for the extra cost to include this cool action feature on a re-edition of vintage figures?
I really hope mattel doesn't turn its back on these figures because of this cold fan reaction
I never owned one of these figures and I don`t see a need to have this figures come with the light effects.

It`s even hard to justify LL Skeletor and the first NA Skeletor as 2 different variants.