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    Adora's New Life

    This is a story that I been working on for a while. I have posted this in and now I'm sharing it here. This is the first 7 chapters, enjoy.

    Chapter 1 -Adora’s Journal

    September 8

    It’s been five years…. Since my life was changed by a sword- and a discovery that I have a family. Five years of fighting for freedom and figuring out who I am. Now the Hordak has been defeated and the Crystal Castle can be seen by all and peace rules the land. But tomorrow, I start a new life; a life I was supposes to have since birth. I doubt I’m ready to leave, but I must. Spirit wants to stay here; with his mate- I can’t blame him. Light Hope granted him his wish to be Swifty all the time and I can’t ask him to leave his family. I promised him I would come and visit often and I would be there if here needs any kind of help.

    September 9

    Well, I have just said my farewells to Queen Angella, Glimmer, and Bow. Madame Razz and Kowl walked with me to the portal, Madame couldn’t stop crying.

    “Goodbye’s are so hard to say, I’m going to miss you so much, my dear,” proclaim Razz as the tears ran down her checks.

    “I return often, this will always be my home, but I have the chance to be with my family,” Adora said as she hugs Madame,” I promise I come back and if there is any trouble….I be here. “

    “Go before I start,” Kowl whispered,” the portal won’t last much longer and I hate drawn out goodbye’s……..Farewell my good friend.”

    “Remember both of you, like all my other friends are always welcome at the palace, ‘til next time farewell my friends,” Adora murmured as she turned to walk into the portal wiping the tears from her face.

    Soon the portal opens in Grayskull; the Sorceress is waiting to greet the princess home. “Welcome home, Princess.”

    “Please don’t call me Princess, I hate titles and even though I born one, doesn’t mean I feel like one.”

    “Give it time Adora,” proclaimed the Sorceress, “Everyone is waiting for you.” And with that the Sorceress and Adora disappeared.

    Adora reappeared outside the throne room, wondering if she ready for this. Scared like the first time she appeared in front of her parents, but soon she opens the doors.

    “ Now I make the Prince Adam reappear” Orko giggled while waving his hands.

    “No Prince Adam, Orko,” interjected Adora,” just me.”

    Both the King and Queen ran down the steps from their thrones to hug their daughter. “This is the best trick of all Orko,” claim Queen Marlena, ”Are you home for good this time?”

    “Yes, I am,” Adora answer.

    “You have a lot to learn, but today we celebrate your homecoming” Randor said,” but Orko where is my son?”

    He-man, Man-at-arms and Teela were defending the wigets against Trap Jaw and Orko knew that, but he needs to cover for Adam. “He must still be out on the training mission that Captain Teela planed for him.”

    “Father, don’t worry. We’ll see him soon, plus I would like to relax…it’s been a long day”

    Boy, normally Adam would have met me at Grayskull, huh; he must be He-man fighting somewhere. I must learn the lay of the land so I and She-ra can help out. I have a lot to do; I need to figure out how to excuses to disappear so I can change. I wonder what father meant by a lot to learn? I already know how to be good leader- thanks to Horded Academy and the rebellion. I excelled in history classes, and love the ranting classes. Queen Angella made sure I knew the manners of the royal court of Bright Moon; I bet the rules are the same here. I guess I find out tomorrow what my father meant. I should get ready for diner. There was a knock at the door, “Come in?”

    “You look worried my daughter,” asked Queen Marlena. In her arms is a beautiful red and gold gown for Adora.

    “Nothing, mother. What is that?”

    “Well, you are our princess- so it’s time you start to dress like one.”

    “ I need to wear this all the time? It going to be hard for me to train in a dress. “

    “You won’t need to fight anymore; it’s time for you to live like the princess you are”

    “But mother, that not me- how about a short skirt, one in which I can still train and ride in—but long enough to make you happy. Like it or not, I’m a warrior at heart- and it’s something I enjoy doing. Even when I was with the Horde—it was one of the few times I had any fun. Please don’t take that away” Adora closes her eyes and remembers how Hordak would help her with her fighting skills. Yes, he is evil, but Adora knew a different side of him. But know would believe that side of Hordak exists.

    “I understand Adora. But you will need to know when you must dress according to royal protocol calls for it. You learn that soon, but for now please, for me wear the dress for diner.”

    Adora takes the dress, but is wonders why the queen was so instead on the dress. She never did this in the past, so why know. Adora walk over to the window, a wind raider flew by with Man-at-arms and Teela, and Adora knew Adam must be far behind. He will be able to help me figure out excuses why I must leave. But for now, I should be heading for the dining hall- I don’t want to be late.

    Upon entering, Adora notices a lot of familiar faces; Bow, Glimmer, Madame Razz and Kowl are there.

    “What are you doing here,” cried Adora.

    “Well, we missed you,” Glimmer said,” and where is Adam?”

    “Glimmer!” Adora stated, “Is that the only reason you came…. For Adam.”

    “No, King Randor asked us here,” Bow added, “he said it would be important night for you. Boy you look…..great.” Bow face turned as red as Adora dress- maybe even brighter.

    “Okay you seem to know more than me about what going on, so spill it, what is going on?”

    “I don’t know what you mean, Adora?”

    “Deary , don’t worry,” Madame Razz told Adora while holding her hand , ”Relax and enjoy your night”

    Soon the king and queen walked into the room, and every one sat down to diner, Adam was running late as usual- but tonight the king wasn’t upset. Why is that, he always hates it when Adam is late.

    “Sorry I’m late father, but you know what is in the throne room.” Adam panted.

    After diner, King Randor invited everyone to the throne room; he had one more piece of business to take care of before the night is over.

    “Come here my Daughter. I have something for you. “

    “Yes, Father”

    “Your first tiara wouldn’t fit you anymore, so I had a new tiara design for you”

    “But Father….”

    “And we help”, interrupted Glimmer,” the stone at the top is known as the Heart of Etheria. Since we knew that is where you left it. Plus all the kingdoms want to be part of your crown and this is their way. Casta used the basic design and enhanced and Fosta found the jewel. “

    “ So everyone in on this?” as Adora look at her friends. She couldn’t be mad at them, it is magnificent and they did know my taste and style. The tiara was very slender and made of brushed gold and at the center was a small channel of jewels on both sides of a large Ruby.

    “And you don’t have to worry about losing it,” Glimmer went on,” there are clips to attach it to your hair, plus a second tiara with fake jewels for daily wear. I kept losing mine, so I didn’t want you to be upset if you lost your first tiara.”

    “Oh Glimmer; I don’t know what to say. You guys shouldn’t have done this, but thank you so much.”

    And with that a portal open up, and it was time to say goodbye again to her friends. It was a perfect way to end a long day.

    September 10

    At breakfast, Adora was giving a list of duties she would have to do on a daily basis.

    · Lessons on duties of royal court.

    · Lessons on laws and history of Eternia.

    · Lessons on customs of Eternia.

    · Lessons on driving the different vehicles.

    “I have a lot of book work; I was hoping to explore the land and met the people, Father”

    “You will have time for that later, but you are behind on what brother knows. You do need to know this in order to be a great ruler one day. “

    “Yes, Father. Hopefully I can master this information quickly; I was a good student at Horded Academy.”

    “Horded Academy?” Teela look shocked,” it sounds veil.”

    “Too a point, but every officer of the Horde had to go through there.”

    “You must tell me more about those classes, but for now I must go. Adam let’s go… we have training to do and no excuses this time.”


    I never knew that I would miss Horded Academy, but I do. It was there where I first met Catra. As hard as it to believe, we were friends. We shared a dorm room, she was born on Horde World and always wanted to join the Horde, and I was sent there by Hordak, to improve my skills. We were taking the same classes, so we could study together.

    Look at these classes, One liners 101- every villain needs a quote that everyone will remember you by. Scams 210- how to plan to get something from your enemies. Rants 110- how to let off steam after a lost battle. Horde History 210 and Fighting 2009.

    I remember laughing at the class list, but they were real classes. Okay so I didn’t need everything I learned, but they didn’t know I would use the knowledge against them. I wonder if any of that knowledge will help now.


    “Adora, Adora…. ADORA” yelled Man-at-arms, “ stop day dreaming, you need to understand how to use the wind raider- if She-ra needs to get around here quickly.”

    “Sorry, Duncan. Just remembering a different time and place, plus I have Spirit…….oh that right he stayed behind to be with his family,” and with that Adora ran out crying. She just is realizing how much she misses her life on Etheria and her steed.

    “Look, my child, I know you have gone through a lot these past few days. Do want to take a break?”

    “No, I have my duties……but I ………oh never mind. You are right, without Spirit, I will need to learn how to them……….”

    “Adora, you need the break, do you want to help me test some new weapons? I think that will cheer you up.”

    “Thanks……do you hear that?………someone is speaking ……”

    “It could be the Sorceress; she does send messages telepathy to us.”

    Adora grabs her sword and calls for the Sorceress.

    “Come to Grayskull, She-ra”

    “I guess we will see how well I learned today’s lessons, coming?”

    Chapter 2- Onyx

    “For the Honor of Grayskull”, Adora stated as she pulls the Sword of Protection, “I am She-ra”, completing the transformation. “Move over, Duncan, I’ll drive”

    As She-ra was flying wind raider towards Castle Grayskull, barely missing the tops of the trees, and Man-at-arms was an awful shade of green. He realized it was easier to teach Adam and Teela than Adora. Duncan look up just in time to see She-ra crash land the raider at the foot of the bridge leading to the castle.

    “You could’ve killed us!”

    “But look at the bright side, I didn’t total it or hit the castle. I just need some more practice.” In the distances the two hear the sorceress screams for help. Has Skeletor made his way into the castle? Or worse, but She-ra and Man-at-arms quickly ran to the jaw bridge. “For the honor of Grayskull, I command the jaw bridge to open “The two enter to find the castle trashed, Zoar was flying as if her live depend on it with a black streak close on her tail feathers.

    “Help, please” a tiered sorceress said telepathically to She-ra.

    “No problem,” and with that She-ra raised her and to a forehead and started to communicate with the animal. The beast stop chasing the falcon, which allowed the sorceress to transform.

    “I’m Onyx …you must be She-ra. Swift wind told me about you, that you’re a friend, and I can trust you”

    “Yes you can, but how did you get here from Etheria?”

    “I was left on Beast Island, when Swift Wind and Star Wind found me. They took me to Unicorn Island, but I didn’t fit in. Swift Wind contacted Light Hope and the next thing I knew I was here. And when I saw the bird, well I thought it was play time.”Onyx told She-ra. Onyx is a black as night young stallion with a silky white mane.

    “I don’t know where or how this horse got in here, but thank you She-ra for your help.”

    “You’re welcome, and his name is Onyx,” She-ra giggled,” and he was sent here on Swifty recommendation. And Onyx is sorry about chasing you, Sorceress, he like to chase the birds on Etheria.”

    She-ra realized that Onyx needed to be trained and that Adora would be perfect for this challenge. She transform back and gave a once over with Onyx. “Sorceress let me take him back to the palace and work with him; I think Swifty wanted me to help him out.”

    “Good, you have a ride back,” Duncan proclaim,” and next time ask Teela or Adam for driving lessons. I’m getting to old for this. Didn’t you have to learn how to operate a vehicle on Etheria? I don’t get it….how can one be so …..” His rants continue as Duncan flew off into the sky.

    “Well, guess I have a long ride ahead of me. If you don’t mind, Onyx. Thank you, again Sorceress “, express Adora as she mounted Onyx.

    Well I never did excel with driving anything. If Duncan knew how many Horde Flyers I total... he would never allow me near another vehicle as long as I’m in the palace. I need to try hard next time, not allow this to happen again. Duncan’s rants remind me about the time Hordak decided to teach me how to fly. I just return from the academy for spring break, and Hordak had just received a shipment of new flyers and a new throne.

    “Adora, my child, you’re back just in time to see the new fliers we have,” boosted Hordak.

    “Yes sire, I see they are quiet nice.” Adore mumbled,” If that is all—I do have some studying to do”

    “Adora, don’t you want to take them for a test drive?” asked Hordak while pushing Adora onto one of the sleds, “All great leaders use them, and I know you will be the greatest ever seen by the Horde Empire!”

    “But I don’t know how…..”Adore started to say when Hordak started the sled. At first it was easy, I could do going straight, just don’t ask me to go up, down, turn or land--- that’s a different story. Hordak soon realize that Adora didn’t learn how to drive the fly. He grabs the tablet monitor from the trooper to see what Adora has been doing at the academy, when she crashes into the wall of his throne room and lands on the throne!

    “ADORA!!!”, Hordak screams . I knew then I was in major trouble, all I wanted to do was to crawl into the swap and hide--- but at last I couldn’t. For the first time, and defiantly not the last time, I saw a side of Hordak, I wish never saw. “Yes, master”, I whispered.

    “What is this……………YOU FAILED OPERATING HORDE VEHICLES!!!! HOW COULD YOU FAIL DRIVER’S ED??” Hordak yelled while his face became as red as the horde bat on his chest, “what am I going to do with you? Go to your room until I figure this out.”

    I quickly ran to my room before Hordak could change his mind. I hate to say it, but he was right all of the great horde leaders used flier to command their armies. I a proven fact, your troops respect you more if you’re higher than they are, but what that sound?

    Adora looked out her window- there she saw Gizzlor with a group of horses. There she saw a young white horse out of control with a lot of spirit.

    “A gift from Bright moon. What should do with them?”Gizzlor grunted.

    “I don’t care,” Hordak started to state, when Adora ran in.

    “Can I train the young white horse, Hordak? I promise to do better in school, PLEASE!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!” Adora beg while batting her eyes. She knew Hordak couldn’t resisted any she asked when she did that, ”Plus I can lead from a horse, like Hordedus who lead the attack on Nimbus.”

    “Sure, sure,” Hordak said while dismissing Adora. She quickly ran to the stables before Hordak can change his mind.

    “So what should I call you,” thought Adora,” I love the spirit you show…..hum……maybe I should call you Spirit.”

    From that day on, Spirit was by my side. Now he has sent Onyx to me.


    In the court yard, Teela is trying to get Prince Adam to practice his swordsmanship when Princess Adora rides in.

    “So Adam, what is today’s excuse”, Teela wondered,”Are we too tiered again?”
    “ I don’t feel like it, today,” said Adam when he sees Adora, “Hey sis, where have you been? I never saw Man-at-arms so upset before. What’s going on?”

    “Adam, you need to be concerned with your duties. Adora, my father wants to see you in his workshop…I hear you have to fix his wind raider”

    “It was a small crash, plus he was getting on my last nerve. “Adora said as she dismount Onyx,” he forgets what’s like just learning how to do something. Adam stop giving Teela a hard time… you need it.”

    “See your sister agrees with me, now get up!”


    At Man-at-arms’ workshop, Duncan was finishing the repairs to his raider, when Adora peek in.

    “You wanted to see me?”Adore asked softly afraid what punishment a waits her- but she knew it won’t be as bad as her punishments that received with the horde.

    “Come in, you can help me with the repairs. I owe your highness, I forgot that you’re still learning…”when Adora interrupted Man-at-arms.

    “What did you do with the real Man-at-arms,” laugh Adora,” you were right to be mad. I’m feel that I’m so out of my element. Like it or not, I need that ride home on Onyx- and I’m the one who should apologize to you…..I knew I wasn’t ready to fly the raider, well I’m sorry for how I acted.”

    “Adora, you been though a lot in short time, and you were …. I mean She-ra was needed. But that still doesn’t excuse what has happen’ “stated Man-at-arms,” so here- you can do the paint job and Teela will give you your flying lessons.”

    “I could use some help,” Adora asked,” plus I need some advise…… and there not many I can turn to about this problem.”

    “What is it?”

    “Well, Adam act like the lazy prince… to protect his secret. But I can’t use that, everyone knows that I’m a warrior. What am I suppose to do?”

    “So how did you do it on Etheria?”

    “I would just say, I’ll find She-ra or just disappear. I don’t think I can do that here, there no woods to hind the fact I left the group. I feel that everyone is watching me closely.”

    “That something you need to work out, but remember Orko and I can cover for you.” All of a sudden Man-at-arms notices Trap Jaw on a sky sled. The two ran to window and watch him dropping something from the sled. Before Man-at-arms could say a word, Adora was drawing her sword………

    “For the honor of Grayskull…..”Adora transforms to She-ra, “I am She-ra!” and then she quickly jumps out the window and on to Trap Jaw’s shoulders, “So metal mouth, are you losing your screws, because I hate litter bugs!”

    “Get off of me,” shriek Trap Jaw, who was able to shake She-ra. Adam saw what was going on and transform to He-man just in time to catch his sister, but Trap Jaw was able to fly off.

    “Well, it’s nice of you to drop in!” He-man chuckle, “or did Trap Jaw dump you?”

    “Very funny, but couldn’t see what he was he was dropping onto the palace”


    Later that day, Adam, Man-at-arms and Adora were on top of the palace roof, when Adora lost her footing and fell into the court yard. Adam rapidly climbed down the ladder while Duncan called for help.

    “Don’t move,” Adam utter, “help will be here soon.”

    Chapter 3---The great escape of Imp

    “Princess it is broken”, Dr. Kimber told Adora.

    “How long do I have wear this?” Adora asked, while thinking how this could be plus.

    “At least 6 weeks,” Dr. Kimber continues to go over everything that Adora will need to know about caring for the cast. But Adora realized she now has an excuse why she must disappear, but needs to figure a way to remove the cast and put back on without ruining it. “Any questions, your highness?”

    “Oh, no. Thank you, doctor,” Adora quickly responded.


    Outside the room, King Randor was pacing back and forth.

    “Relax, my king- Adora will be alright”, said Queen Marlena.

    “RELAX!,” King Randor angry outburst, “ It’s our daughter, what was she doing up there in the first place?”

    “Randor, calm down. It’s only a broken arm, it will heal. Who knows this might allow her to focus on her duties and you can give the dance lessons to Adora for the Queen’s Ball. We are introducing her to the other kingdoms.”

    “Oh, you’re still here?” Adora was shock that her parents waited for. She never experiences this before. In the Fright Zone, she was on her own since Hordak sent Shakra back to Horde World. But even with Shakra, Adora never had any one outwardly show concern. If you did—well, it meant time in the prison work mines.

    “So, what were you doing up there?” Randor demand from Adora.

    “I saw Trap Jaw drop something,” Adora replied.

    “Let her rest,” Marlena said as she placed her arm around Adora,” She will let you know later.”

    “Mother, I don’t need any rest,” Adora calmly stated.

    “No augments young lady,” as the mother voice came out of Marlena mouth, “I knew what is best for you—now you will get some rest.”

    “Yes, Madame,” Adora quietly said, thinking that some things don’t change.


    On Etheria, Beast Island—once used by the horde as a prison to enslave and torture the people of Etheria, now it’s their prison…or is it?

    “Imp, where are you,” Hordak boasted. Imp had transformed himself into a cup, just to pass the time. “I know you are here, come now!”

    “What’s the matter, boss,” Imp giggled, “You have a plan to get us out of this place!”

    “How small can you be?”

    Imp stop to think, “well, I have been a cup… a fork….a pen, but why?”

    “When they come to collect the meal trays, YOUR GOING TO BE ON THAT TRAY! HA! HA! HA! HA!” Hordak smiles, “then you will go and find the master control remote. You know the one I keep in my throne.”

    “I’ll get boss”, and with that Imp transforms into a plate,” be back soon.”

    The guard unlocked a small door on Hordak’s cell to collect the meal trays, and without realizing it…freed Imp at the same time.


    Back on Eternia, Adora walks into Man-at-arms’ workshop.

    “So Duncan, this new invention should help with commuting with Etheria,” smiled Adam.

    “It should,” Duncan said when he noticed Adora, “How are you feeling, Adora?”

    “Fine, thanks for asking. Is there a way for you to make this cast removable?”

    “What are you up to, sis?”

    “My excuse for not fighting… Unlike you, I can be lazy or goof off- Everyone knows I was the leader of the great rebellion. So for at least 6 weeks I can fight—I have a broken bone.”

    “Princess, your bone won’t heal right without the cast.” Duncan told her with a puzzle look on his face.

    “Trust her,” Adam said while shaking his head, “you don’t everything about her powers. I got the short end of the stick, you might say.” With that Duncan took out his power saw and cut off Adora cast.

    “I hope you know what you are doing.” Duncan said not sure what the twins were talking about.

    “For the Honor of Grayskull….I am She-ra,” Adora transforms into She-ra. She lays her hand on the broken arm, “For the Honor of Grayskull, let my wounds be healed.” A glow surrounds the arm as She-ra concentrates on her arm, Man-at-arms looks on amused at what he is see.

    “And what else can you do?” asked Man-at-arms, “But know I understand your plan.” She-ra changes back to Adora before any notices her.

    “A girl must have her secrets,” laughs Adora, “So can you make it, and fast. I think mother and father will notice that the cast is missing.”

    “No problem, and Adam, I see why you said what you did. Adora go into the draw by the wind raider and get 3 hinges out of there.” Duncan quickly added the hinges to the cast and added a zipper to the underside so Adora can take it off with ease.

    “Perfect”, Adora said while hugging Duncan when Teela walked in.

    “Father, the king needs to see you- there a problem near the ruins of Zelesia”, Teela went on,” and Adora, the king wants you to. Your insight might be helpful. You (as Teela points at Adam) need to come with me now for training.”


    At the Ruins of Zelesia

    “Why have you, sent for me?” Evil-Lyn questioned, “I have kept old bone face away from here and everyone thinks the Ram Stone was lost in the Abyss”

    “I need you to go to Etheria, my daughter,” a voice came out from another room, “You need to retrieve an item before Hordak gets it. For if he does, we all will be doomed.”

    The Faceless One gives Evil-Lyn a map of the fright zone, “Go now, and now one must know you are going there. Be safe, my child.”

    “What I won’t do for family……”Evil-Lyn stated as she creates a portal to Etheria.


    In the war room of the palace of Eternia, King Randor awaits for Man-at-arms and Adora.

    “So what do we know your majesty?” asked Man-at-arms while he is bowing.

    “Not much,” Randor stated, “but our satellites did stop Evil- Lyn going in but not coming out. Any ideas, Adora.”

    “No idea, all I know was what I was taught about Eternia’s history as per the Horde. The Ruins of Zelesia is the resting place of the Faceless One and the Ram Stone.”

    “Who?” Randor asked.

    “Not much is known, just that Horde and the Faceless One didn’t get along. Hordak claimed the Faceless One could have saved him during his battle with King Grayskull. “Adora stated.

    “I get a search party together, and see if there is anything out there that might gives us a clue,” Duncan said.

    “Great, I drive,” Adora said but was interrupted by her father.

    “No, you are to stay here,” Randor said grabbing Adora shoulders,” You hurt and if I let you go, I’ll never hear the end of it with your mother. Plus we need to practice your dancing for the Queen’s Ball.”

    “I guess”, Adora whispered, knowing she would more helpful there than having dance lesson with her father.


    At Fright Zone, Imp is searching for the controller, when a portal open up. Imp quickly turned into a box, as Evil-Lyn step out.

    “So wear would Shadow Weaver hide it,” thought Evil-Lyn as she looks all over the throne room. “It might help if I knew what I was looking for. But if Hordak ever gets out, he will go after Adora again, which means Skeletor would have deal with him again. I have no idea who is worse- Skeletor or Hordak, but I don’t think He-man would be able to handle both of them. But Hordak’s track record is better than Skeletor’s record, I could team up with Hordak—but father will be very disappointed with me, again. Father must have his reasons why he doesn’t want him free, but it might be a good thing. Let me see what the horde left behind that me useful and if I find what father wants, then that a plus.”

    Without realizing both Imp and Evil-Lyn have been detected by Bow and Glimmer.

    “Bow, who was duty when Imp escaped?” Glimmer asked.

    “I go find out, “Bow acknowledged.

    “This is the perfect reason for me to test the communicator that Man-at-arms made. Hopefully Adam will be on the other side.” Glimmer thought as she walked up to the communication center in Castle Bright Moon, “I wonder how Adora will feel to hear that a member of the Horde got out, she told me stories how Imp would play jokes on everyone—then went to Hordak to tattle tall on them. She finally able to go home and less than a week later, I have to tell her this bad news. Hum, I could hold off on telling her about Imp, and just tell her about Evil-Lyn—I can’t see any harm in that, and she won’t over react. Now where did I put the manual for this?”


    On Eternia, Adora and King Randor finish their dance practice for the Queen’s Ball.

    “Excuse me Father,” Adora stated,” but it time for me to report for duty at the communication center, and I hate being late for my duties.”

    “I wish your responsibility would rub off on your brother,” Randor noted.

    “If only he knew the truth, he would be so proud of Adam. Well at least Father believed me that I help monitor the communication center, maybe I can find out if Man-at-arms and Adam found anything at the ruins. All I know is this place is too quite, at this on Etheria, I would go on portal or go to the different villages trying to recruit new members.”

    “Hello, any one there,” queries Glimmer, “I need some help?”

    “Glimmer, what the matter?”panic Adora, fearing the worst—yet hoping this is a false alarm.

    “I was hoping for someone was there,” Glimmer said when she notices Adora’s arm, “oh what happen?”

    “Don’t change the subject, Glimmer, what wrong or must I go there to find out for myself?”

    Glimmer became silent; she needed a few second to figure something out. Tell the truth about Imp and Evil-Lyn, just tell about Adora about Evil-Lynn, or play dumb. Whatever I decide Adora will most likely come, but it looks like she broke her arm and the royal ball is soon. What should I do? “Adora, sensors show that Evil-Lyn is in the Fright Zone,” acknowledged Glimmer, “Any chance you can get Adam can investigate for me?”

    “Glimmer, I be there, and don’t worry—I let Adam know you miss him,” advised Adora, “See you soon.”

    “Finial I can get out of the palace, but I wonder why would Evil-Lyn go there? Could this be connected to what is going at the Ruins of Zelesia? I need to find out and only one way to go it.” Adora thought, she unzipped the cast and hide it. “For the Honor of Grayskull…..I am She-ra!”

    She-ra jump on to Onyx, and just like the Spirit, Onyx change Night Wind—a fly unicorn. The two flew off to the ruins where they met up with

    “Adam,” She-ra called out, “Evil-Lyn was spotted at the Fright Zone, what have you discovered?”

    “Just these some foot prints,” Duncan stated, “and they led into temple. I bet this is where Evil-Lyn created a portal, but why?”

    “Adam, do you want to go with me to Etheria, Glimmer did ask for you?”

    “Well, than I must go,” Adam confirmed, “I can’t let a Princess down.”

    “Get on,” She-ra told Adam. Soon, Night Wind was off to Castle Grayskull and to find out what Evil-Lynn is doing at the Fright Zone.
    Chapter 4- Into the Fright Zone

    She-ra, Adam and Night Wind arrive at Castle Grayskull. The Sorceress greeted them.

    “She-ra, why do look so worried?” asked the Sorceress.

    “I just heard that Evil-Lyn was sighted at the Fright Zone,” She went on, “I remember hearing stories about the stone that turn Light Spinner into Shadow Weaver, it also said it to have turned Uncle Keldor…”

    “Uncle Keldor? We have no uncle by that name,” Adam claimed.

    “Let get to the point,” She-ra continued, “that stone could restore the Faceless One to his former self as King Zanthor of Zalecia and release him from his prison. It wouldn’t be a quite day on Eternia again for a long time.”

    “So you two must find this stone and destroy it,” said the Sorceress, “And know a portal to get you to Etheria. Good Luck, Heroes of Eternia.”


    Outside of the Fright Zone, a portal open and She-ra, Adam, and Night Wind walked out.

    “Well, I guess I should be prepared,” Adam stated as he drew his sword, “By the power of Grayskull…… I have the power!”

    “Night Wind wait here,” She-ra added, “He-man follow me, I think I know where Evil-Lyn is going.”

    “Lead the way, Sis,” He-man said while bowing down and extending his arm to She-ra.

    She-ra guided He-man down into a very dark and long hallway, the same hallway that Shadow Weaver would take Adora for her studies. She wonders if her old history books are still there, they might be helpful to her now. Soon the two were outside Shadow Weaver’s old lab, through a crack in the door, He-man see Evil-Lyn. Evil-Lyn is busy going through every draw and closets.

    “It’s got to be here,” Evil-Lyn yelled as she throws a glass flask with a purple liquid across the room, “where did she hide it?”

    “Any idea what she looking for?” whispered He-man. She-ra nodded and signed to He-man to follow her. She guides him to her old bedroom and pulls out a draw that was hidden under her bed. The draw itself was filled with books; She-ra quietly removed the books until she found the book of Horde’s Great Achievements. She looks up Light Spinner and Shadow Weaver and discover what Evil- Lyn was looking for.

    “She looking for this,” She-ra said as pointing to a picture, “this is the Quantum Quattro stone. It is what turned Light Spinner into Shadow Weaver. This stone has incredible powers—to save a person from death, enhance one power, or even reverse a spell that traps one in a ghost state—like the Faceless One. Evil-Lyn won’t find it here; we need to go Horror Hall, Shadow Weaver's personal fortress. Grab that bag, and place these books into it.”

    He-man and She-ra were leaving the room when Imp ran into them. “Oops, what are you doing here?” Imps inquired.

    “No,” She-ra said, “I should be asking you that question and what do you have?”

    “Uhh….hum….what this?...It’s …a box,” Imp answered, “ just a box. Gotta go!!!” Imp flew as fast as he could up the hallway and out the first window he comes to. She-ra and He-man realized that they have two major problems, Evil-Lyn and Imp.

    “Sis, I think we need to find that stone first,” He-man continued, “so how do we get to Horror Hall?”

    “He-man, Imp had the master controller for Beast Island,” warned She-ra, “He can release Hordak! We need to split up but first you need to get a ride” Using her powers of telepathy, She-ra tries to reach Swift Wind. She fears the worst—Hordak invading Eternia, again and the Faceless One being restored and able to the ruins. It would be the start of the dark ages again—but this time it will be worse than the Great Unrest. Could we prevent this, if so how? A single tear rolls down her face. He-man and She-ra walk out of the Fright Zone to see Swift Wind landing.

    “So good to see you again,” Swift Wind said, “And how is my son doing?”

    “Your son?” She-ra replied in shock.

    “He was to wild for Unicorn Island and the king banished him to Beast Island. It was only after you left did I find out truth, but that not why you called—is it?’ Swift Wind asked.

    “You know me too well, dear friend. He-man needs to get to Beast Island,” She was interrupted by He-man.

    “Sis, it seems we should go after Evil-Lyn together,” He-man said, “that stone is too powerful in anyone’s hands. Once we have that—then we can always get Hordak again.”

    She-ra agreed, but worried that the horde will get out and go after her friends who help put them in prison. He-man mounted Swift Wind and She-ra did the same on Night Wind and flew off to Horror Hall. Unknown to them, Evil-Lyn over heard their conversation, and cast a spell to get to Horror Hall before them. Now Evil-Lyn knows what she needs to find and where it is.

    Chapter 5- The Dawn of the Darkness

    As He-man, She-ra, Swift Wind, and Night Wind approached Horror Hall, they see a purple glow coming out of the volcano.

    “Are we too late?” question He-man.

    “Hope not, my brother,” She-ra whispered. She realizes that Evil-Lyn trip one of Shadow Weaver’s trap-spells, but it also tells She-ra where she is located. “We might still be in luck. Evil-Lyn is only in the Beast Development Center also known as BDC which is in the lowest levels of Horror Hall. The stone we are looking for is in the library of Daemon. But we must hurry.”

    “How do I get to Beast Development Center? I hold up Evil-Lyn to give you the extra time to find the stone,” He-man said.

    “Ok,” She-ra said, and then she told He-man the quickest and safest way to get to BDC, hoping that Shadow Weaver hasn’t change any of her traps, “Be safe my brother.”


    On Beast Island, Imp has return to Hordak’s cell.

    “Boss, boss,” Imp reported, “I’ve got it but you won’t believe who I ran into.”

    “Just give me the controller,” Hordak maintained, “let’s see if this still works.” Hordak punch in an override code and nothing happen. Hordak figure Adora changed all the codes, but Adora had a habit of using the same pass code. He started to punch in the different codes Adora would use, but no luck. “Adora must of use a different number,” Hordak was amazed that Adora would change her pattern, has she surpassed her teacher? “Imp what day did Adora disappear from the Fight Zone?”

    “Why boss?” Imp asked.

    “Just answer the question?” Hordak yelled.

    “I can’t remember, but She-ra showed up on March 22.” Imp said while shaking in the corner. Hordak punch in 032285 into the controller and the cell door open up on all the cells.

    “We are free,” Hordak boosted, “I want to get Princess Adora at all cost.”

    “But should we regain control of Etheria?” Shadow Weaver question.

    “No Weaver, we got all we can from here. I feel it is time for the third invasion of Eternia. “ Hordak said while rubbing and twisting his hands and chucking evil way.


    Back at Horror Hall, She-ra found the Quantum Quattro Stone, but there was a small problem—the stone was broken. She-ra wonder if this happen when the Horde turn Light Spinner into Shadow Weaver, however there was no time to ponder what happen to the other half He-man need her help she sensed.

    She-ra ran down to the BDC, just in time—He-man was dodging lightning bolts from Evil-Lyn. She-ra tiptoed behind Evil-Lyn and taped her on the shoulder. “What” Evil-Lyn shouted as she turned around to see She-ra ready to punch her. With a quick wave of her staff—Evil-Lyn quickly disappeared.

    “So is there any reason we should hang out here any longer, sis,” He-man inquired.

    “I wonder, why did Evil-Lyn give up so quickly when she saw me. I only found half of the stone, but hopefully the Sorceress could tell us if the other half still exists. I believe Adam and Adora are going to be late for the Queen’s Ball.” She-ra reminded He-man.

    “Oh that right,” He-man blushed, “I have to pick up Glimmer as well. How about you return to Grayskull and I get my date and meet you at the palace.”

    “Give my best to Queen Angella for me, and don’t take too long—our parent’s are expecting us.” She-ra stated, “Good Bye dear friend and thank you for all your help. Don’t worry about Onyx; he’s in good hands with me. Just one last thing, Swifty, make sure my brother is late.”

    “She-ra you can trust me and thank you—hopefully you can tame my son, so he may return to island one day,” Swift Wind nuzzled She-ra and Night Wind before taking off with He-man.

    “Let’s head for home Night Wind,” She-ra grabbed the harness and the two head for the portal which was outside of the Fright Zone.


    On Eternia, preparation for the Queen’s Ball is almost done and the King and Queen take a walk into the room to see if everything is done.

    “This should be the best ball of all, my love,” Queen Marlena stated as she turns to hug Randor.

    “Only the best for you….On your special day,” King Randor smiled as he gives Marlena a kiss.

    “This year it’s a special day for the whole family. We get to introduce everyone to our little girl and you will get that father-daughter dance that you have long for.”

    “But it also the day that the ancients brought you to me…” Randor continued.

    “And the day we got married. “ Marlena finished his statement, “I seen how you look at me during the Mother-Son dance, and I can see your heart break every year. I know you say it doesn’t matter, but your eyes tell me another story. You try not to let it be seen, but I know how much you hurt for what Hordak has done to us. This year is different, Hordak is in prison, and Adora is finally home and taking her place—as our princess.”

    “You are always right,” Randor smiled as swing around Marlena, “This will be a good night… that is if Adam shows up on time for a change.”

    At that moment Teela walked in to the grand room, “Sorry to interrupt you-- your Majesty, but have you seen Adam or Adora?”

    “No, I haven’t,” Randor acknowledge, “They should have been with your father for weapons practice.”

    “No they weren’t and Adam missed his training session again. I will keep looking for them. Sorry to bother you,” Teela said as she left the King and Queen.

    “Before you say it, Adam will never change,” laughed Marlena, “and we need to get ready.”

    “This nothing to laugh at,” Randor said, “How can I leave my kingdom to someone who so irresponsible toward his duties?”

    “There is Adora?” Marlena reminds Randor.

    “Yes, she would be a great queen, but I don’t know. This kingdom has always gone from father to son; I don’t know who should be named as my successor. The People are going to expect me to name one of them by Eternia Day, but I don’t know.”

    “Randor, tonight you don’t need to worry about that. And with the help of ancients and spirit of Grayskull, you will know what to do when the time comes. But for what it’s worth, maybe you should choose Adora—she has all the skills and experience of a leader, unlike Adam. But what do I know, I only married into this family,” jiggle Marlena.


    At Grayskull, the Sorceress greets She-ra.

    “Welcome back,” said the Sorceress, “I hope all went well?”

    “Here is half of the Quantum Quattro Stone. I fear Evil-Lyn might have found the other half, also we ran into Imp. I don’t know how he got off of Beast Island, but he found the master controller, I’m just glad that I changed the codes before I left,” She-ra continued, “But know I need to do a quick change, I can’t be late for the ball, I mean Adora can’t be late.”

    “Let me help you,” and with that the Sorceress transported Adora and Onyx to Man-at-arms test range—just outside the palace.

    “So that where you are?” Teela uttered, “You getting to be too much like your brother. You missed your history lessons today. Where were you?”

    “It was too nice to stay inside the palace. Besides Onyx needs to be trained, he still a little too wild,” defended Adora, “Plus the Sorceress had a give for me.” Adora shows Teela the books she brought back from the Fright Zone.

    “What are these?” wonder Teela.

    “My old history books about the Horde,” Adora added, “I feel these will benefit us. Hordak always taught me to know as much about your enemies as possible. Plus there is information about Skeletor and Eternia in them.”

    “I can’t wait to read, with your permission of course,” apologized Teela, “But it time for you to get ready for the ball.”


    Inside Castle Bright Moon, Adam is waiting for Glimmer. Glimmer enters the throne room is a dazzling light purple gown.

    “Glimmer,” as a blushing Adam bow down to her, “You are gorgeous tonight.”

    “Why thank you,” Glimmer said, “and Madame Razz will met us at your palace with you know who. Boy is Adora going to be surprised to see him.”

    “We better be going, I can’t be late again. This Ball means so much to my parents this year. The Sorceress is opening the portal right outside.”

    “I see you later, mother,” Glimmer said and gave her mother a kiss on the check, “and don’t wait up for me!”


    At the Eternia Palace, people from the entire light hemisphere are arriving for the ball.

    “Every year this event keeps getting bigger,” Teela told Adora as she brings in a white and gold gown.

    “Another gown, why can’t wear this gown?” question Adora.

    “This is what the queen wants you to wear,” Teela continued, “I wouldn’t argue with her. Any Idea where is Adam. I want to make sure my dress goes with his outfit.”

    “Oh, he didn’t tell you. Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon is his date,” Adora inform Teela. Adora could see this news was breaking Teela heart, “are you ok?”

    “I will be,” Teela whisper while wiping her face, “I better get ready. Oh by the way, my father will be your escort into the ball.”

    Teela is so fond of my brother, how could he not tell her about Glimmer. It seems to be important to Teela that she walks in with Adam. I can’t do anything about know, why did he leave me in this position.


    In the dark hemisphere, a portal opens up just outside the temple of the Horde.

    “I thought I would never see this place again,” boosted Hordak, “Catra, and Leech check out Snake Mountain and tell me what my old pupil is up to. Shadow Weaver; make sure the Ram Stone is still at the ruins of Zairian. I’m going to plan a warm welcome for Adora.”

    “Boss, why are you so set in getting Adora?” imp asked.

    “First, she betrayed me,” Hordak started off, “Then she imprisoned me, next she made a fool of me. But most of all she is a descendant of King Grayskull!!!”

    “Who?” Imp asked while peeking out from behind Mantenna’s shoulder.

    “King Grayskull is the only other person to defeat me, and I swore revenge on him and his descendants.”


    Back at the palace, King Randor and Queen Marlena wait for their children in their throne room, so they may enter the grand ballroom.

    “Hello everybody,” Adam cheerful said as he and Glimmer enter the throne room.

    “Good to you again, Glimmer,” King Randor said as he gave a big hug.

    “Now where is your sister,” asked Marlena. From across the room Adora waits outside, as scared as if it was her first time she meeting her parents, when an older man walks up to her.

    “Are you ready, my princess?” Man-at-arms asked. Adora didn’t recognize him at first, he was in his normal outfit—today he in a dress uniform with enough medals to sink a ship.

    “I guess, I’m as ready as I ever be,” worried Adora, “I just wish there was a place in this outfit for my sword—it’s as big as a tent, yet no place for a sword.”

    “You don’t need it,” Duncan said, “Skeletor wouldn’t attack tonight, anyway.”

    “It’s not him I’m worried about,” Adora continue to inform Duncan about what happen on Etheria. He now understands why she is concerned but reinsures her that nothing will happen. With that, Man-at-arms holds out arm and Adora takes hold of it, and the two of them enter the throne room.

    “Now there’s my little girl,” Randor smiled as he walks over to Adora to give her a hug.

    “Now my king, she not so little anymore,” chuckle Marlena, “but it’s time for us to line up, our guests have been waiting for us. Adora, you will enter last, so you can introduce as the guest of honor, but normally you and Adam would enter before us.”


    In the Grand Ball room, Okro starts to introduce the Royal Family in his own style.

    “It is my pleasure to introduce Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon and His Royal Highness, Prince Adam” Orko said then wave is hands to produce a light show, and when Cringer saw it ran out of the room—knowing something will go wrong. “And will everyone give a big hand for His Majesty King Randor and his lovely Queen Marlena.” Orko wave his hands and produce a rainbow for the king and queen to walk under. “And I save the best for last, being escort in by Eternia’s Man-at-arms, Duncan, missing for long time, leader of the Great Rebellion, and finally returning home, Her Royal Highness, Princess Adora.” Duncan bowed as Orko produce a light show and rainbow for Adora to enter, but as usual Duncan gets the butt of all of Orko’s tricks and today no different. As Adora walk down the stairs, the rainbow changes into a rainstorm that opens up over Man-at-arms.

    “ORKO” Screams Man-at-arms, “Wait ‘til I get my hands on you!” And with that Orko does a disappearing act before Duncan can get to him, and everyone burst into laughter.

    Randor starts to personally introduce Adora to the leaders of the different kingdoms. “I never seen your father so ecstatic to introduce anyone before today, Adam,” Marlena continue, “But what wrong with your sister, isn’t he coming?

    “Hopefully Madame Razz found him, “Adam told his mother, “I do agree, Father was never that happy to introduce me to anyone.”


    At Snake Mountain, Skeletor meets with his henchmen.

    “Tri-Klops, what have you learned from the bug that Trap Jaw planted at the palace,” Skeletor demand.

    “Well, Princess Adora has a broken arm and tonight the Queen’s Ball—where Adora going to met the leaders of the other kingdoms,” Tri-Klops said.

    “Hey, we weren’t invited,” Trap Jaw wonder, “Your our leader, you should be there”

    “You idiot!” Skeletor stated as he shaking his head, “We are the bad guys, Why would they invite us!....... but you might be on to something, Adora wouldn’t be able to defend herself, hum…..hum…..I think it is time for us to go to a party.”


    At Castle Grayskull, a portal opens.

    “Welcome, you must the one that Madame told me about,” said the Sorceress to the stranger, “But you must be dressed for the occasion.” She waves her hands and the stranger is properly dress for the ball. “Adam will meet you in the court yard; boy Adora will be surprised to see you.” The Sorceress waves her hands and the stranger vanishes.


    NBack at the Ball, it is time for Mother-Son Dance.

    “Mother, my I have this dance,” asked Adam as he bows.

    “Of course,” Queen Marlena said, she looked over to Randor to see if he was going to dance with Adora—but he was too busy talking with Chief Carnivus, “ Adam go tell the orchestra leader that this is the Father-Daughter Dance.”

    “But mother, I haven’t heard from the Sorceress,” Adam continued, “Plus this is our dance.”

    “My son, your father been deprived of this for too long, and he has never said word about it to either one of us. Let him have this gift, it will mean more than anything else either one of us can give him,” Marlena noted, “Do you understand, my son? Plus we will have our dance later.”

    “I understand,” confirmed Adam. All of a sudden, he hears a voice, it the Sorceress letting him know that the special guest is in the court yard, “Mother, he is here. After I tell the orchestra leader, I’ll go out to court yard to get him.” Marlena nodded as Adam left to put her surprises in action.


    At the Temple of Hordak, Mantenna stuck his eye around the corner to see what kind of mood Hordak is in.

    “Ho…rd…ak….you ….called …for….me?” Mantenna mumbled as shakes from behind a wall.

    “Yes, come here,” Hordak commanded.

    Mantenna walked in to the throne room, looking for the trap door—but he doesn’t see one. “So what do you want, your evilness.”

    “Find Adora!!” Hordak said as he slams his hand onto the arm of his throne…. And a trap door opens right under Mantenna feet, “and I need a good laugh!”

    “Y…e….s….H…o…r…d…a…k!” was said as Mantenna fell through a trap door in the floor and big splash of water came up into the throne room.

    “It never get old,” laugh Hordak, “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !”


    In the court yard, just outside the palace, Adam sees a flick of light appear.

    “I’m so glad you made it,” Adam said while shaking a young man’s hand.

    “Are you sure she wants to see me?” asked the mysterious man.

    “Look, I know my sister, and this will cheer her up, come on” Adam said as the two walked into the palace.


    In the Grand Ball Room, King Randor and Princess Adora have taken the floor for their dance, and everyone has move to the sides to allow the King the entire floor for this dance. Queen Marlena notices how Randor spirits are lifted by this moment and the smile he has on face is a radiant as the sun. The two float across the floor as if it is a skating ring, neither seeing who has just entered the room. Marlena nodes her head and Adam tells the stranger to cut in on the King’s dance.

    “Excuse,” asked the stranger, “But may I cut?” Randor turns to see who would interrupt his dance, unknowing this was well planned out by his queen.

    “HAWK!” Adora said very surprised, “But how?” Randor realizes that his daughter and this man must know each other from Etheria. He see in her eyes the smile that has been since her return to Eternia and figures if this makes his daughter happy—he shouldn’t stand in their way.

    “Of course you may,” proclaims Randor as he places Adora’s hand in Sea Hawk’s hand, then Randor walks over to Marlena—takes her hand and starts to dance. Soon all the guest return to floor and started to dance.

    “Don’t they remind you of us?” asked Marlena, “They are so much in love.”

    “But how did you know, he would cheer Adora up?” Randor asked with a puzzle look on his face.

    “When I feel blue, it’s your love for me that cheer me up,” Marlena continued, “And I notice how our daughter stares at his picture and fights the tears. So I asked Adam who he was and to see if he would come.”

    “But why not tell me what you were planning?” question Randor.

    “Because that dance meant so to and I was afraid if you knew that Adora was getting this type of surprise you might be disappointed,” comment Marlena, “and I wasn’t going to ruin something you been waiting for all this time.”

    “Well, will you have this dance with me,” Randor replied as he takes Marlena hand and joins the other guests on the dance floor. The two look at how their children are have truly accepted their roles and are so proud of them.


    Outside the palace, Teela decides to check in with her guards.

    “All quit,” the guard at the front gate tells her.

    “We can’t let our guard down, tonight. We have too many visiting monarchs we cannot be too careful,” Teela order the guard, “Keep up the good work.”

    All of a sudden, a well dress man approaches Teela. “So there you are,” Duncan said, “I been looking for you and why aren’t you dressed?”

    “I wasn’t going to the ball this year, Father,” Teela said sadly.

    “Just because Adam has a date,” continued Duncan, “your duty as the captain of the royal palace guards—you are required to be there as added level of security. Plus are you denying me the chance to dance with my daughter.”

    “Father, please, Adam should of told me about her-----but didn’t. I know what my duties are and no where does it state that the captain must be at the ball; just on duty,” Teela said, “Plus I want to be alone. I hope you can understand father.”

    “As your father I do, but as Man-at-arms—I can’t,” Duncan went on, “The captain of the guards has never missed their obligations, and I can’t allow her to start now. I expect you in the ballroom within 20 minutes dressed accordingly. Do I make myself clear?”

    “Yes sir,” Teela said as she saluted.

    “And Teela, I don’t want to have this conversion again,” Duncan said.

    “Yes sir,” Teela said as she saluted and rolled her eyes as she walked away.

    “She never gave me this much trouble before, why tonight of all nights must my daughter act up? I wonder if Adam knows how Teela feels about him, she never shown this side of her in the past. Adam has had other girls on dates before—and Teela just brushed it off.” Duncan thought to himself, “I guess I deal with this later.”

    Outside the palace walls, Skeletor over heard everything. “So Man-at-arms is having problems with Captain Teela or should I say his daughter. Either way, she not is going to at the top of her game. Maybe it time for me to go to the ball. Evil-Lyn, come with me –I need a date for the ball.”


    In the ballroom, Adora is still dancing with Sea Hawk and everyone else is enjoying the festivities. As the music slows down, Sea Hawk takes Adora’s hand and leads her to court yard.

    “Adora, my life is so empty without,” Sea Hawk whisper into her ear, “tonight I realized how much you mean to me.”

    “Hawk—I feel the same way,” Adora said as Sea Hawk moves in to kiss Adora, when a strange couple comes up to Adora and Hawk.

    “We are lost,” Evil-Lyn says while disguised guest of the ball, “We step out to admire the night sky and now I can’t remember how to get in, my princess.”

    “I’ll show you,” Adora said, “Plus I should return before they send the royal guard after me.” Adora and Hawk led Skeletor and Evil-Lyn into towards the Grand Ballroom.

    “Thanks for your help!” Skeletor transforms back, “But you’re not going back to the ball—instead you’re coming with me.” Sea Hawk runs towards Skeletor but, Evil-Lyn turns him into a big ice cube. With a wave of his Havoc Staff, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Adora vanish.

    As Teela walks down the hall, she sees Hawk and calls for her guard. “Help me get him the medical center, and you tell Man-at-arms what has happen to our guest.”


    At the medical center, Hawk starts to warm up when Man-at-arms and Adam walk in.

    “Who did this to you,” Duncan asked.

    “I don’t know who they are, I never seen them before—but Adora did recognized them,” Sea Hawk answered, “But he had a bone face.”

    “Skeletor,” Adam said, “we must inform parents, I keep an eye on them after I find He-man.”

    “Good idea Adam,” Duncan said, “Sea Hawk stay here…”

    “No way,” Sea Hawk said while slamming his fist into the table, “I love Adora too much to allow you to go without me, plus that bone face monster and I have a score to settle.”

    “Okay,” Duncan turned to Teela, “and you will stay here and make sure nothing else happens, but we will talk about this when I get back.” So Duncan and Sea Hawk get into the wind raider and head off to Snake Mountain and Adam finds a private area to become He-man.

    Chapter 6- Rise of Evil

    Adora faces Skeletor and his evil hunch men at Snake Mountain.

    “So we met again, Princess”, boasted Skeletor, “Even if you are over dress for are meeting. Beast Man take Adora to prison cell.”

    “You,” Laughed Adora, “You trust him, bone face?”

    “What do mean?” Skeletor looked insulted, “and how dare you call me names.”

    “Hordak was right, no brains—just empty head,” Adora continued to laugh, “Fur face couldn’t even get me into the cell before I escaped the last time.”

    “Keep making your jokes, Adora, but I will take the throne of Eternia from your father—that is if he wants you back.”

    “Uncle, he defeated you before and he will do it again!”

    “How do you know I your uncle? I have no family.”

    “I did grow up in the Fright Zone—let’s get real, it was a major part of the horde history and Hordak saved your life during the Great Unrest.” With that statement from Adora—Skeletor got up off his throne and slacked Adora across the face.

    “How dare you,” yelled Skeletor, “get this piece of garbage out of here NOW!!” Beast Man and Trap Jaw took the princess up into head of the snake at the top of the mountain; this is where the most secured cells are at Snake Mountain. Unknown to anyone Imp had been following Adora. He can’t believe what he just saw and can’t wait to report back to Hordak. Below he sees a wind raider carrying Man-at-arms and Sea Hawk. “Very interesting!” Imp thought, “No She-ra or He-man. Oh wait there he is on that fuzz ball he calls a cat.”


    At the base of Snake Mountain, He-man meets up Duncan and Sea Hawk.

    “So you must be He-man,” Sea Hawk questions, “Both Adora and She-ra have told me stories about you, and that I can trust you.”

    “I heard the same about you,” He-man said with a smile, “But we need a plan to get Adora back. I bet Skeletor has her up in the Snake head.”


    At the temple of Hordak, Imp has given an update to Hordak about the princess.

    “So my old pupil and my trader,” Hordak says, “and Sea Hawk is here trying to save her. That Great! Wonderful! And you didn’t see that muscle bound Amazon woman—anywhere? Just He-man. Catra, Grizzlor, I want you to get Adora from that bone head loser. Here is what you need to do.”


    In Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn walks over to Beast Man and Trap Jaw. Soon Beast Man and Trap Jaw left their post outside Adora’s cell. Evil-Lyn walked over to Adora and gave her the once over.

    “You know where the other half of Quantum Quattro Stone is kept,” Evil-Lyn implied, “so where did that so called witch hide it? I let you go—only if you help me.”

    “Why would I help you,” Adora stated, “plus I have no idea what this stone is or what it looks like.” Adora knew where the other half of the stone was, but this her opportunity to find out what Evil-Lyn wants with stone—hopefully she will believe that Adora has no knowledge of the stone.

    “You fool, I know you know where Shadow Weaver kept it,” Evil-Lyn is getting angrier by the second with Adora, “I need that other half to help my father, you can understand how important family is…don’t you?”

    “Well, yes I do but still I’m not going to tell you—that is if I did know,” Adora continue, “But I gave it to She-ra when I left the Fright Zone. I have no I idea where she hid it.”

    “You lie!” Evil-Lyn stormed out the room leaving Adora alone. Adora pulled a hair pin out of her hair and picked the lock on the cell door. Looking around, she notices there is only one door leading out the prison area.

    “That no good, someone could be waiting on the other side. I could go out the mouth of snake—but I no rope. I wonder if I use my dress to create a rope to get down, will it hold me. Mother will be mad, but it my only chance.” As Adora started to rip the bottom of the dress, she hears someone coming. She runs back into the cell and hides the part of the dress that she has just rip.


    Outside Snake Mountain, He-man starts to pound at side of the mountain, while Man-at-arms and Sea Hawk wait for the guards to leave their post so they can get in.

    “Once Two-Bad leaves we can get in,” Man-at-arm whispered, “Skeletor prison cells are to the left of this doorway and down the stairs. He will have her guard.”

    “That’s nothing,” Hawk boasted, “Remember I dealt with the horde.” Sea Hawk hears a buzzing sound and looks up to see robotic bat above their heads. He takes out his cutlass, swings at it, and it blows up. “Only the horde puts bombs in everything, and this means the horde is here.”

    “Know they know were here, next time just leave it,” Duncan shakes his head gripes Sea Hawk and the two charge Two-Bad. “That weird—no alarms. It must be a trap.”

    “How right you are, Man-at-arms,” laugh Skeletor, “Clawful, Mer-man—GET THEM!”


    An alarm sounds all through Snake Mountain, and Adora knows this is her chance to escape. She goes to the window and sees the two of the bars are extremely loose and with one good kick—knocks them out. Adora ties the rope made from her dress to the one bar that is still in the window and throws the rest out and proceeds down the outside of the mountain. She hears the fighting but doesn’t go to see what is going on, she is concern getting out of there unnoticed. But that doesn’t happen, for over the ridge is Catra and Leech.

    “Your know we must get Adooooraaa,” Catra told Leech, “or it will be you going to the pitsssssssss.”

    “But we both need to get her, Sooo why wouldn’t you go to the pitsss,” Leech said, “ What is ……. There she is, you were right, Adora did escape and she coming this way. The plan might work, she has no idea she running into our trap.”

    “Quite, she will hear us.”


    He-man, Man-at-arms and Sea Hawk battle comes to a quick end when Evil- Lyn walks out of Snake Mountain with a piece of Adora’s dress.

    “What did you do to her,” cried out Sea Hawk as falls down to his knees.

    “You fool,” Evil-Lyn said as she shook , “ SHE ESCAPED, AGAIN! She told you not let Beast man couldn’t keep her, but did you listen …, you put him in charge again” Evil-Lyn continued her in Skeletor’s face-- He-man, Sea Hawk and Man-at-arms look at each other and without saying word, they turned around and got out of there.


    Adora stops for a minute, when she hears a roar. She runs towards the sound, hoping her brother will see her. Sea Hawk’s locket starts to hum, and he look- up and saw her running towards them—but she wasn’t alone. Close on her tail was a panther, Hawk recognize—it’s Catra.

    “Cat, let’s go,” He-man said as Battle Cat turns towards Adora and Catra.

    “Oh noooooo,” Catra screams, “I’m out of here.”

    Adora ran right into Hawk’s arms. No words were said between the two, but eyes said everything.

    “Excuse me, Princess,” He-man said trying not to chuckle, “Let me help you on Battle Cat. We be back at the palace soon.”

    “Thank you,” Adora said.

    Chapter 7- The locket

    Upon returning to the palace, Sea Hawk and Adora were in the courtyard, staring at the two Eterian moons.

    “Adora, I’m returning to Etheria in the morning,” Hawk whispered, “and I want you to come with me. This isn’t you; I can see it in your eyes.”

    “ But it is,” Adora said as her face turned away from Hawk, “I wish you could stay, tonight has been the happiest since I returned—even being kidnap by Skeletor because of you.”

    “I can’t leave my men, you know that. Plus what would I do here? Sit around the palace, I need the sea and she needs me.”

    “Hawk, I’m sure father could get you into the royal navy. I need you too, you complete me,” and with that Adora turned and ran off crying. Hawk wonder if he making the right choice, either way he knew he had to return to Etheria in the morning to ship and men. But could he leave Adora like this, upset and crying. What was so important in this universe for him—his ship or his love. Sea Hawk walked back to into the palace and knocked at Adora bedroom.

    “Who there?” asked Adora.

    “It’s me, I want to talk,” beg Hawk.

    “Go away!” yelled Adora.

    “Adora….” Hawk stated to say when he was cut off.

    “Go before I call the Royal Guard, NOW!” Adora yelled between the tears.

    Sea Hawk turned to walk back to his room, as he past Teela. He worried that Adora called her, maybe if he doesn’t look her –she won’t stop her.

    “Have a good night Sea Hawk,” Teela said. Hawk waved back and quickly got out of there.


    The next morning, Adora was at the stables grooming Onyx. She started to think about the night before, and wonder was she too hard on Hawk.

    “Onyx are you ready for your morning ride,” Adora asked as she nuzzled Onyx’s head.

    “I thought you would be here,” Hawk said as he walked into the stables, “We need to talk about last night.”

    “You made yourself quit clear,” Adora stated, “I should never expected you to give up everything for me, but I was hoping you could stay for a little longer. Do you have to go back so soon?”

    “Adora, I would stay if I could, but the elf village needs me and my men t get their supplies and who will transport the guards to and from Beast Island. “

    “I know, but hopefully we be together soon. Let me give you a lift to Grayskull.” And with that Adora and Hawk saddled up and started for the Castle.


    At the dimensional gate, Adora and Hawk gave each other a hug and kiss, and then Hawk walked through the gate. Adora started to tear up, when the Sorceress tap Adora’s shoulder.

    “Come with me, princess”, Sorceress calmly said, “I have to show you something.” Sorceress walked down a long winding staircase to a chamber deep in the castle. Passing the hall of He, was a small dimly light room with a statue of the Sorceress. Upon a closer look, her face looks a lot like Adora and the locket the statue has looks a lot like the one the Sea Witch gave to Adora and Sea Hawk.

    “Why did you bring me here?” Adora asked with a puzzled look on her face.

    “Well, you know how you and Adam were prophecy, and your brother carries the Sword of He.”

    “Yes, that why Hordak took me”

    “That only part of the reason,” Sorceress went on, “Gray and Veerna had a daughter- Allura. Allura was never allowed out of these walls, Gray was afraid of what would happen if she was kidnapped. But Allura was a lot like you, strong willed, and would sneak out whenever she could. She fell in love with a mysterious man, who gave her the locket. Their love was so strong, that it would glow whenever he was near. One night, when Allura left the castle, Veerna followed her. The man was Hordak…..”


    “Yes, Hordak, the queen had the same reaction. Her daughter had no clue who he was or that he and his army were the ones her family was fighting. Veerna did say anything but went back to Castle. Gray felt that his daughter betrayed them. His council recommended that she be banished. But he also wonder if he caused this, by keeping his daughter locked up in the castle did he push her into the arms of his enemy. Gray and his wife went outside to talk things over when Allura was riding up.

    ‘Where were you?’ ask Gray

    ‘Why, you never let me out.’ Allura said, ‘I want to see the world past these stones and bricks. You two leave all the time, so why can’t I’

    ‘You’re our daughter, and we know what is best for you. Now where were you,’ Gray demanded.

    ‘With someone who loves me for me, see he gave this to me.’ Allura stated as she grab the locket. Gray grabbed the locket and snapped in half.

    ‘Allura,’ Veerna softly said as she walks over to Allura, ‘what do you know about the man you are see?’

    ‘Not much, mother’ Allura said, ‘why’

    ‘that is Hordak, my daughter, he trying to take over our land,’ Gray said, ‘and this locket….must have some spell on it that you can’t see the truth about him.’

    ‘But I love him!’Allura started to cry.

    ‘Go to your room, now, before I say something I may regret.’ Gray signal to one of the guards to escort Allura to her room. Both Gray and Veerna realized that the council was right; she needs to go away for her own good but where. Gorko who was the Trollian who was on Eternia at the time offered to hide their daughter in a place where no one would find her—in a crystal castle in a different dimension that he and he alone would know the location. Gray like that idea but worried about the locket. Gorko couldn’t remove the spell but could change it- to one that tells if a loved one was in trouble. Gorko went to Allura while she was asleep, place half of the locket on her and cast the spell to hide her. The other half was given to Veerna, this way she would know if her daughter was safe. For years nothing happen to their daughter, but Hordak was more determined than ever to take the land. On the day that Hordak was defeated, after Gray had past, after his spirit enchanted his council and enter the sword, Veerna- who is the first sorceress, found the other half of the locket with a blue sapphire next to a scroll that read ‘Mother, what did I do to be sent here? I want to come home. Allura.’

    “Gorko, what is this?’ a sadden Veerna asked, ‘this is no joke, I just lost my husband and king—now this?’

    ‘My queen, this wasn’t me, but it was Trollian Council. They knew you wanted her safe, and well the dimension I sent her is the same one that Gray sent Hordak. So they and the first ones changed her to this stone.’ He went on to tell Veerna that her daughter spirit will be needed again, just like her husband spirit and she should guard the stone as well. Veerna after hearing that decided to create a second sword- slightly smaller that the Sword of He and put the sapphire into the sword. She looked at the two halves of the locket; she put them together and placed a second spell on them. Whoever uses the power of this sword shall also have access to this locket—to know if their true love is safe.”

    “So this sword is the spirit of Allura,” Adora said, “and when Hordak broke the stone….. “

    “Is why the first ones were able to fix it and why you always felt at home at the Crystal Castle….. Because of Allura and its link her”, smiled the Sorceress.

    “Did Hordak ever know what happen to her?” Adora wondered

    “I believed he never knew,” Sorceress said.

    “Do you think he loved her?”

    “I don’t know, you know him best. It might be that his love for Allura is what saved you all those years you were in the Fright Zone and why he wants you back.”

    “I knew this sword change my life, but I never how much it links me to my past and to Hordak. But the locket, it was a sea witch who gave to Hawk and me.”

    “No, it was me, with a little help from Light Hope. I knew this locket need to be with you and someone you love, well, I kept my eye on you and saw that spark between the two of you is so strong that I went to Etheria to give both of you the locket. But now you need to get to the palace before your parents send the royal guard to find you. Be safe, my princess for Hordak is here now.”

    “What… Hordak here on Eternia, but how?”

    “I can’t not say, but the dark days are returning to Eternia and She-ra and you are the only hope for us.”
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    nice start of the fanfic!

    I hope u continue soon...

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    Thanks and it will continue.
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    Chapter 8 Father and Daughters

    Chapter 8 Fathers and Daughters
    Adora says her goodbyes to the Sorceress and mounts Onyx. Adora can’t stop thinking about Allura- why would she love Hordak, was she under a spell, and why would Light Hope not tell about her ancestor. She has more questions than answers, but knows she might never the truth for Hordak won’t talk about his past and the stone can’t talk.

    As the two ride towards the castle, Adora notices something weird on the ground, yet familiar. Could it be the footprints of Manannta, but he locked up on Beast Island. Adora brushes it off to her imagination and thinking of Hordak.

    Adora enters the courtyard as Orko tries a new trick.

    “Watch closely as I make this box as I say the magic words”, Orko waves his hands, “Ubabdoba, make this box disappear.” But like all of his tricks, this one doesn’t work like he expected. The box rose up and started to spin, flashes of light shot out of it and it look like it was aiming for someone, but for who?

    “Look out, it going to……..” Teela yelled out, but was too late.

    “ORKO!!” screamed Man-at-arms while Adam and Teela laugh and Orko ran for cover, “Why does this always happen to me?”

    “Father, lighten up. Orko didn’t mean to do this to you,” Teela said.

    “So did I miss the rain storm,” giggled Adora.

    “No, Sis,” Adam s******, “just the storm called Orko.”

    “Now that you are back, both of you need to see the King,” Man-at-arms said as he pointed to both Adam and Adora, “and he does like waiting this long for you, Adora.”

    Without saying a word, the twins walked into the palace to meet with their father, Teela took Onyx back to the stables.

    In the throne room, King and Queen continued to discuss which child would succeed as the next ruler of Eternia.

    “Do I follow tradition, and name Adam. Our people know him but he doesn’t take anything serious,” Randor went on, “then there is Adora, a great leader and heroine, but almost unknown to our kingdom. How can I choose between them?”

    “I don’t know. Each of them have their strengths and weakness,” Marlena pointed out, “ here they come.”

    “You wanted to see us father,” Adam asked.

    “Yes,” Randor said, “I have missions for each of you. Adam, Queen Frosta asked for our help…”

    “But Father,” interrupted Adora, “Should I go to Etheria, I know Frosta has had problems with the Selkies...”

    “Adora, I have my reasons why Adam going on this mission, and I know how close you and Queen Frosta are friends. But I need someone who is neutral to go and keep the peace. You are going to Stila with Teela to help open the new mine.” Randor stated, “This way people of our kingdom can get to know you and you will learn about this part of our world.”

    “As you wish father, but why must Teela go with me?” Adora asked, “I can take care of myself, plus Adam might need her help more than me.”

    “Adora, you are no longer a rebel leader, but a member of the royal family. Every time we leave this palace we could be endanger from our enemies,” Randor walked over to Adora, “and I don’t want to lose you again. I know you can take care of yourself but our people need to see that their princess is protected by the Royal Guard, and you need to get use to it—it is royal protocol.”

    “But Teela, “Adora wined, realizing that if She-ra was needed, it would hard for her to transform.

    “Think of it as a girl’s only road trip,” Marlena said, “just think-- how much the two of you have in common and this is your chance to bond with her.”

    “May I be excused, I need to see the doctor before I go on this mission,” asked Adora.

    “I will meet with you later to go over all the details,” Randor said, “and hopefully you have a change in attitude. Do I make myself clear?” Adora nod and left the throne room.

    Adam ran after Adora a few minutes after she left the throne room. He finds her crying in her room, looking at photos.

    “What got into you,” Adam asked from the door, “you have never acted like that before?”

    “I don’t understand; why Father would send you to my home instead of me,” Adora said as she wiped her face, “Plus can you handle Frosta if He-man is needed?”

    “But you are home, sis. Father wants the people to see you, here.”

    “I know this is where I was born, but Etheria is where I was raised, where my friends are, and where my heart is. I have been here for weeks—yet I still feel like an outsider. No one understands how lonely it’s been and seeing Hawk made it harder for me. Sure I can talk to you but it not the same. On Etheria, I could take to Madame Razz and Chakra.”

    “Chakra? Who that?”

    “She raised me, whenever Hordak would leave the Fright Zone. She’s like a mother to me, I could tell her anything. How mad is Father at me?”

    “Very mad, no one has ever challenged his authority before.”

    “But he is wrong about sending you to deal with Frosta and the Selkies. You need to understand that the Selkies don’t trust Frosta’s people and outsiders even less.”

    “Sis, I have done these peace missions in the past. Plus you are going to one of the most enchanting places on Eternia. It very similar to the Chill Kingdom, it where we go to ski every year and you like it, sis.”

    “That all you think about, having fun. I need to find out about the people, history the land, and anything else will help me, and why the notice, father must have known about this—so why wait until the last minute.”

    “You don’t need to know much, say a few words how the new mine will benefit all and cut a ribbon. Nothing to prepare for—unless you plan a time on the slopes. This might be the perfect time for you and Teela to get to know each better. Let her tell you about the time that Skeletor almost defeat He-man and she saved all of us.”

    “Why does everyone think, I need to be buddy-buddy with Teela. Sure, both of us obtain the same rank at such a young age, yes the two of us were raised by warriors—but that all we have in common. I don’t need a babysitter to follow me all over, but yet father treats me like a princess made of glass unable to protect herself.”

    “Well, look at the past—you have been kidnapped three…”

    “Once I was a baby and unable to defend myself and the last two times I escape from our uncle. It was joke.”

    “Why do you keep referring to Skeletor as our uncle, which he not.”

    “Adam, dear brother, this is one of our family’s dirty little secrets. During the great unrest, Father and his brother, Keldor, were against each other when Keldor throw acid towards father. Using his shield to block the acid and it splash back at Keldor, and with the help of Evil-Lyn, Keldor escaped. He made a deal with Hordak, if Hordak saved his life and in return he would give him away back to Eternia. You know the rest.”

    “No it can’t be, father has no brother.”

    “Believe what you want, but can I be left alone…I have to get ready for this trip.”

    At the tomb of the Faceless One, Evil-Lyn pauses for a minute, she wonders if this is the right thing to do. Her father has been entombed for hundreds of years, since the time Grayskull, but he would her with gaining all the power she craves. Evil-Lyn opens the door and walks in.

    “What took you so long? Weaver was out of the picture. So what was the problem?”

    “Father it wasn’t where you said it would be, and then the muscle bond wonder twins had to show up. I was only able to find half of the stone….” Evil-Lyn tried to explained


    Evil-Lyn turned around and started to walk out, “what I do for family” was mumble under her breather as she left the room. “ I can’t seem to pleases that man, back to Etheria for me and this time hopefully no He-man or She-ra”

    Back at the palace, Teela and Man-at-arms aren’t see eye to eye on the recent orders Teela received.

    “But father, why must I babysit her,” Teela stated as she throws her hands up in the air, “Adora never listens to me and throws it back in my face that she a better warrior and leader than me.”

    “Teela, the two of you must learn how to work together, she could be the next queen,” pointed out Duncan, “try to find some common ground that you have two have—such as both being raised by foster parents.”

    “She so….” Teela stops herself before she makes things worse.

    “Teela, this is all new for her—see things through her eyes—a new world, new problems, trying figure out what her role is,” Duncan put his hands on Teela shoulders, “and we need to help her and not be against her even if she thinks she knows what is best.”

    “I understand father,” said Teela as she hugs Duncan.

    Randor went out to the court yard to clear his head after the meeting he had with his daughter. He sees Adora at the stables with Onyx and overheard what she was telling her horse.

    “He just doesn’t understand me. I don’t know why he thinks I can’t handle myself. I’ve been my own for such a long time and running the rebellion that he just doesn’t know me or what I am capable of doing. I feel lost here, out of place, I don’t belong here. Maybe it would better if I just go away, and everyone can go on with their lives like I never was found. I have no place I can go for peace of mind and to think, I never thought I would miss Whispering Woods and the Crystal Falls. Onyx you don’t know what you are missing, all the open fields to run in, and no royal duties to worry about. Ready for your ride.” With that Adora jumps on Onyx, and takes off. Duncan sees Randor and walks over to him.

    “Sire are you okay?” asked Duncan.

    “Raising Adam was so easy, but understanding Adora is a real challenge—how do you deal with Teela?” question Randor.

    “Well old friend, it was with yours and Marlene’s help. But remember, she was raised by Hordak. No one knows what she experienced in the Fright Zone growing up, and she has shared with anyone.”

    “I know, but it doesn’t change how I feel, that I failed her and seem to be pushing her away from me.”

    “Look, the two of us have been through a lot together, the Great Unrest, the betrayal of your brother, Adora kidnapping, and rise of Skeletor—and I never have heard you talk like this. You haven’t failed; you just haven’t found common ground. Maybe when she lets us in to what her life was like, you’ll find that common ground.”

    “You’re might be right, Duncan. Maybe Adora needs her space, she doesn’t seem happy with life here. But she needs to learn about her royal duties, that why I want her and Teela to team up on this mission. Teela always kept Adam in line….”

    “And either Teela and Adora will be friends,” Duncan interrupt Randor, “or kill each other. They are so much alike –strong minded.”

    “You are a good friend, I don’t know what I would do without you.”
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