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Thread: Halloween Candy Thread!!

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    Halloween Candy Thread!!

    So the most important question you should be asking yourself now... what candy are you handing out for 'beggars night'?

    I lucked out. I thought I was going to miss it since I was traveling this weekend. Our city's beggars night is Thursday. Early but hey I hope to be the cool person on the street handing out:
    Almond Joys
    Reese Peanut butter cups
    Kit Kats
    and Blow Pops

    What about you all?
    What are you all handing out to the kiddies?
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    We live in the woods so no one comes to our house BUT if they did I would hand out Kit Kat, Snickers, Baby Ruth, and Pixie Sticks.
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    I live in the city, but nobody ever comes to my house either. Yeah, I'm a scary religious person, but I do like Halloween so I don't see why no one ever comes. Maybe not a lot of kids in the neighborhood. I generally have the same kind of stuff that Judith has, but they usually end up being eaten by me. And not by choice.

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    I'll be handing out knuckle sandwiches smeared in elbow grease and they can wash it down with a blood shake...
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    when i go to my brother's house, i'll make sure to hand out anything but reese's peanut butter cups.

    those are mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightybuck View Post
    when i go to my brother's house, i'll make sure to hand out anything but reese's peanut butter cups.

    those are mine.
    Quoted for truth! I'm a reese's PBC fiend myself...
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