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Thread: Tung Lashor Filmation vs Toy

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    Tung Lashor Filmation vs Toy

    Tung Lashor is one of the character that has a very different appearance in the filmation cartoon then his appearance as a toy. Why do you think filmation went this route with a character, I think filmation made a horrible mistake by colloring him the way they did, I mean yellow legs with a red head, and no simularities with the toy at all! I like the toy version way more than his filmation appearance, what do you think???

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    I always wondered why some characters looked so vastly different to the toys, especially weird as the cartoon was essentially supposed to be an advert for the toys.
    I can understand them shoehorning the snake men into POP as the MOTU toon was over at that point, but has there ever been any explanation as to why Tung shares no similarities with his toy aside from the long tongue? Was the prototype of the toy more like the toon?
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    I really like both of them. When I was younger I also was wondering why there are so many differences between the toy and the filmation one. Clawful has 2 different releases even if the colors are quite the sames and many collectors would like to see the filmation variant in Motuc.
    I think exactly the same for tung lashor, and I hope to see one release in 2016 or after if we have the chance to see the line keepin going

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    I think it's because they were trying to get the characters in the show before the final figures were actually finished, or something along those lines anyway.

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    Yes, I believe the initial concept drawing by Ted Mayer was what Filmation based their Tung Lashor on. However, original concepts tend to get changed along the way, and by the time TL was finalized, he looked very different from the original concept drawing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive Martin View Post
    I mean yellow legs with a red head,
    Yellow Spandex ???? I think the precedent was already set by Man-At-Arms with his skin tone face & green body ! Filmation Tung Lashor must have been inspired by him !!
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    Hey, I may not get my Filmation Skeletor, *REMOVED*, Filmation Evil-Lyn or Filmation Sorceress 2.0............ BUT, Some Day.......... Somehow...... Mattel will give me the another variants of these same characters ! However, there is very little chance for your Kayo, or Kitrina or Vultak or any of your desired characters if you fail to support the 2.0's & variants in 2016.... or in the future !

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    They should make both versions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bObA_fEtt_Ox View Post
    I really like both of them. When I was younger I also was wondering why there are so many differences between the toy and the filmation one.
    The concept-art that Mattel did had him looking like that originally.

    Below a screencap from yt-video of Power and Honor Catalog #1.


    Filmation worked closely with Mattel to develop She-Ra, and Filmation was VERY true to the art provided by Mattel.
    Below a model-sheet of Tung Lashor (courtesy of BustaToons)

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    LOL! Clawful looked vastly different too!

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    I think 200x Tung lashor is the best (and badass) ever representation this character had in the past few years; the 2002 series tried to make the snakemen faction more appealing and we've known more about their mythology than in any other media! If I'm not mistaken Tung lashor was even taller and more bulky than General Rattlor.
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    It's such a shame all of the snakemen in motuc share same parts (same torso, same height etc) I'll keep jealously the staction next to the motuc on my shelf
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    On one hand I always thought toy Tung Lashor looked more like a frog or a salamander than a Snake Man.

    But on the other, Filmation looks like a young Genghis Rex from Dinosaucers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    LOL! Clawful looked vastly different too!
    He stood out the most to me as a kid. HUGE difference. Now I'd like to see a variant

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    Mike Young version 100% the Filmation one was

    That concept art book looks amazing! Is it still available?

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