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Thread: Did Mattel intend to reuse Rodan for MOTU?

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    Did Mattel intend to reuse Rodan for MOTU?

    Below are an image of a toy design found in the Power & Honor book, along with the Mattel Rodan released a few years before this line. Were they trying to figure out a way to reuse that mold as an MOTU beast?

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    1922, the journalists reported that an inscription near the door of King Tutankhamen's tomb read, "Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the King".

    ..just so you know.

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    Interesting discovery there. That does look like Rodan in that pic with Skeletor.

    Someone at the Power & Honor Foundation would be the most qualified to answer this.

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    Interesting find. As I'm looking through the catalog I need to pay more attention to stuff like this.
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    Very nice find, Madison Carter !

    I agree, someone at P&H would answer you...try to contact them or post this incredible find in their Facebook page:

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    Sure does look like it. That would have been sick.
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