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Thread: Could illumina be Keldors mother

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    Could illumina be Keldors mother

    After reading this I was wondering if there was a connection to Illumina and Keldor.

    Infinitia was the planet which, along with Eternia, kept the universe in balance. The two planets, as well as the Overlords of the Timeless Dimension, are the only things that exist in all realities.....

    During the first of the Great Wars Infinitia was destroyed as a result of Nordor’s (Horde Prime’s) treachery—it was corrupted and its life force forever drained. This resulted in the planet losing its orbit and becoming lost in space, thus tipping the balance of the universe itself.

    The blue-skinned natives of Infinitia were known as the Gar, and those Gar that survived Infinitia’s destruction came to Eternia. Both Keldor (on his mother’s side) and Illumina were descendants of these Infinitian refugees.

    Eventually, Horde Prime, stripped of his physical body, rechristened the planet Horde World. From there, he controlled his evil army.
    Little is known about the blue-skinned warrior named Illumina. It is known, however, that she is a descendant of the Gar refugees that came to Eternia after the destruction of Infinitia and that she was a member of the Guardians of Grayskull (a secret sect devoted to the preservation of Castle Grayskull’s secrets throughout time).

    At the time when the Mystic Wall was created she was on the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia, which effectively trapped her there. Fortunately, in addition to being a great strategist and possessing formidable fighting skills (especially with melee weapons), she has the power to control light and can even blind her opponents when those other talents are not enough. Prior to being caught on Dark Hemisphere she assisted Dekker in the teaching of Duncan.

    Although a heroic force, it has been said that she was very cold blooded. Also, common misconception is that her mount is a descendant of the Battle Cats of old. In fact, her white-furred companion is an entirely different species that is genetically closer to the blood-thirsty Panthor.

    It was in the we want illumina thread.

    Could there really be a connection. And isn't funny how both there steads are from the same evil breed.

    Maybe something happened so bad that made Illumina run away from Miro and turn black hearted and evil.
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    My only comment here was that my surprise and dislike (in RGD 021) for Miro in the MOTUC bios coming across as potentially racist is because he obviously cared for and was involved with a Gar woman.

    I also wasn't sure he was going to have an affair, so much as just being involved with a woman before Marlena.
    Emiliano remarked he may have had an affair, but I'm not down with that myself. But we also didn't iron out that part of the story because we were waiting to see how MYP laid it out.
    We were at their mercy on that one.

    All of that still leaves room for Miro to be a good, or at least decent, guy.

    I disagree with Eamon's view that Miro being flawed is reason for Randor to step up to the plate. If anything, I see that as being someone who instills negative values in Randor.
    That doesn't mean Miro can't have flaws, but I don't see him doing anything horrible like being racist or cheating on his wife.
    So instead, I viewed Miro as a good person who raised his son right, thus allowing Randor to go on to be one of the most noble leaders in Eternia.

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    can Illumina possibly be Keldor's mother...I see no real problems with it

    as for the Miro - Gar thing...just chalk it up to yet another plot hole

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    I guess we'll just have to see what Emiliano's take on this would be. 'Cause didn't he create Illumina? Or at least him & Val? Val seems to kinda like the idea.
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    I don't think you meant to include Marlena in there - Miro cheating on Marlena?????

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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    I don't see how she could be. She is too young to be their mother. Then again, Keldor is somehow able to be around when Evil-Lyn is a baby, so who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevenn View Post
    I don't think you meant to include Marlena in there - Miro cheating on Marlena?????
    Damn it, I did that in the podcast too and cut it out.
    I keep saying Marlena instinctively as the queen's name, even if she isn't Miro's wife.
    Sorry 'bout that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevenn View Post
    I don't think you meant to include Marlena in there - Miro cheating on Marlena?????
    HAHA!!! Is this one of those sex paradoxes? Randor gets shot back into the not-too-distant past and becomes his own father? Or is Marlena shot back in time and the twins aren't actually Randor's but his father's; thus, making Adam and Adora Randor's siblings? It's beginning to sound like an Appalachian soap opera. This could quite possibly lead to He-Mophelia: the Most Powerful Inbred in the Universe.
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