Use this thread to discuss Perfuma in MOTUC.

Perfuma's a character that divides the MOTU fanbase. POP fans through and through like her because she was created as a figure in the 80s and was the star of one of the funniest She-Ra episodes. Those opposed tend not to like her because she's a very 'girly' character and the episode in question ridicules Hordak. But what do you think and how could Perfuma be introduced into the world of MOTUC to make her more authentic in the context of MOTUC's maturity? What changes could the 4HM make to her design? there even need to be changes?!

Personally, I see Perfuma as an Eco-warrior of sorts, concerned for the wellbeing of her planet and therefore choosing to channel her magic to solely benefit the Etherian environment and wildlife. Not entirely sure of her background, but this is just for starters!