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Thread: Powers of Grayskull -- Part 1 : Why did Sorceress take He-Man into past?

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    Powers of Grayskull -- Part 1 : Why did Sorceress take He-Man into past?

    Was listening to Vinto-Man
    s "Masters of the Universe Chronicles" podcast, where
    Sallah was reading the original mini-comic "Powers of Grayskull -- The Legend Begins!"

    Never had this mini-comic as a kid. But acquired it in 2001 with help from Alessio DiMarco.

    Didn't thought too much of it, but in the start, He-Man talks about how things that he thought were myth and fables; have come true, and threaten Eternia; The Snake Men and The Three Towers.

    Then Sorceress says that it's time for He-Man to learn the truth, that most legends are based on factual events and beings.

    So here's my question:

    Why did Sorceress take He-Man into the past? Was she about to reveal him something good, that he thought was legend, but would be in fact true, and possibly even become real in modern-day Eternia? They got sidetracked because of Skeletor, so I'm left pondering, what was the real purpose Sorceress wanted to show He-Man in the past?

    I am not sure if Sorceress wanted to reveal He-Ro to He-Man. In the sense that had Skeletor not interviened, what was Sorceress going to show He-Man. But since He-Ro had to make his move, I think Sorceress would have told He-Man about his ancestor in later parts of the mini-comic (hopefully we'll find out someday).

    Feedback and comments welcomed.

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    Don't know the answer, but i hope we find out it sooner or later.

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