I thought I would start this thread as a means for people to ask questions that don't deserve its own thread and to possibly lower the labour intensive excersize of searching through multiple threads to find an answer.

This thread should be used to ask questions that do not open themselves up to discussions, such as: “Should I buy Tytus on ebay for $70?” vs “Tytus is $70 on ebay, your thoughts?”
Another example is the questions that arose recently with the Illumina discussions about who she is. This thread is a perfect example on where that question could be asked instead of a new thread being started.
I feel there is a big difference to asking a question to get an answer as opposed to starting a thread to create discussion.

If questions and answers create discussion in this thread then the Mods can move it to its own thread. As questions get answered, Mods could edit this post to create links to each question and answer.

I don't know if this thread will work but it doesn't hurt to try.

Anyone from those with little knowledge (Orkos) to those with encyclopedic knowledge (Oracles) can ask and answer questions.

If you have a question to ask that doesn't need its own thread here is the place to ask it