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Thread: Mysteries (or Plot Holes) of the MOTUC Bios

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    Mysteries (or Plot Holes) of the MOTUC Bios

    Welcome the the MOTUC Bio Mystery (or Plot-Hole) thread, Bio fans and Bio Critics. This is the place to go if you have a question about something peculiar about what was written in the bios.

    I'll add them to the front of this thread if we can't debunk it OR a future bio doesn't answer these points.

    MOTUC Bios & Canon Discussion (updated as bios become available)

    How did Prince Adam run around looking like He-Man unrecognized?

    We have the mystery about young Prince Adam running around apparently without powers but wearing the techno-armor and techno-sword posing as He-Man during the search for the Power Sword. How did people not notice it was young Adam posing as He-Man?
    Teela's Change in Appearance?

    Ever since we first saw Battleground Teela at NYTF, the biggest question on everyone's minds was why does she now have blonde hair and a new costume? While MOTU characters could simply change their clothes or dye their hair, most fans felt that the drastic change had to have been some plot device. Unfortunately, the reasoning that fans were anticipating wasn't mentioned at all in Battleground Teela's bio. TG says we'll get an explaination in someone else's bio.
    Solved Mysteries

    How did Skeletor kidnap Adora if he was trapped behind the Mystic Wall?
    A big question is how did Keldor, now Skeletor, get past the Mystic Wall to nab Adora? Wasn't he trapped there before the kids were born? He didn't get past the wall for +16 years...

    Now it's mentioned that Hordak contracted Skeletor to take Adora, but was it Skeletor who took Adora or did someone else take Adora FOR Skeletor while he was trapped in the Mystic Wall?

    Solved in Battle Armor Skeletor's Bio
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