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Thread: Official TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon discussion thread.

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    Official TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon discussion thread.

    So I didn't see a thread dedicated to news and events for this movie, so here it is.

    Aside from Bumblebee getting hurt, the movie being shot in 3D, Shockwave being in it and possibly the main villain and the Firing of Megan Fox, here's the latest news...I do NOT like the sound of it, esp knowing Michael Bay is at the helm.

    Lorenzo di Bonaventura; Producer of Transformers 3 recently spoke about Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon’s 3D element as well as something else. Comedy.

    "What you can expect is more comedy than we've ever had before" di Bonaventura revealed. He also told us a little bit about character development. "You can expect bigger action sequences than we've ever had before and you can expect a different character through-line for our lead because he's a little bit older and Rosie's a little bit older - there's a maturity there that didn't exist before. He's moved on to a new stage in his life with a job, and that's an interesting rite of passage, so I think it has the emotional elements that people are expecting of the movie, but they've moved forward in time, if you would."

    I also don't like the somewhat skirting of the character development issue, relegating that only to Shia. feels like we're in for more of the same, but we'll see.
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