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Thread: Official TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon discussion thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeologyMule View Post
    Please keep the discussion civil.
    We do, but Sky Breaker’s rants do not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theblock View Post
    Okay, first off, I agree with everything you said, even though I never got into TF as a kid until years later with Beast Wars. And 2, did you also watch that Escapist Movie Bob review of Revenge of the Fallen? Cause your rant was pretty close to his rage induced review. He even brings up how MB should stay the hell away from He-Man, your fake synapsis would come pretty close to how I'd imagine it as well, only there'd also be a lot a unapologeticly slimy up-skirt shots of every female character in order to fight back against all the inevitable homophobic slander Bay's typical audience would most likely throw whilst applying all the Axe body spray they can.
    I already shudder to think what he'll do to Ninja Turtles...haven't they suffered enough!?
    No, but he sounds like a decent guy. I'll give it a google.

    PS: I just watched it. This guy is hilarious! Not only did he hate TF for all the reasons I did, he loved Watchmen for all the reasons I did. Wow! Thank you for turning me onto this critic!

    I just happen to be recruiting people that stand firm against crappy movies. Care to join my ranks? There is free popcorn, and baskets of rotten fruit.

    The popcorn is for eating, and the rotten fruit is for throwing, however, we won't judge you, if you decide otherwise. We are only here to judge awful movies...

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Adam's Dad View Post
    You do realize that any validity of your complaints is completely overshadowed by the buffoonish tone/antics of your posts, right?
    Well allow me to validate both myself, and respond to your questions with some quotes from the Transformers film franchaise.

    First off, I thank you for following my posts, and I ask you, "Were you ************?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Adam's Dad View Post
    These weren't Nolan movies. And the filmmakers heard the complaints about the excessive off-color humor in the 2nd movie. No dogs humping, no twins, and Wheelie was actually decent in the third movie..
    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Adam's Dad View Post
    If you are so enraged about a movie, I would recommend locking yourself in a room with the Beast Wars DVD and an antidepressant
    I'd rather a G1 boxed set, and a tub of tin roof Sunday. However I will take your council under consideration. Though I must admit "I have issues of my own, and it started with my mother! My ancestors have been here for centuries! My father, why, he was a wheel! The FIRST wheel! Do you know what he transformed into?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Adam's Dad View Post
    and staying away from the internet and the other millions of people that enjoyed this "piece of garbage" to the tune of over 700 million dollars in worldwide revenue.
    But its so much fun to post my feelings! Its so much fun to share! Wee! Ya know, the only thing better than Bayformers is Twilight. Infact with Eclipse bringin in a reported $698,491,347 in worldwide revenue, it too must be awesome. Lets talk about how awesome Twilight is! I know there is a Jacobster or Ed-hard in you somewhere!

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Adam's Dad View Post
    Agreed. I've had entire posts deleted for far less than the vitriol this guy is spweing, especially considering the fact that plenty of people in this very thread said they enjoyed the movie. I wish I had enough posts to call a dozen fellow posters 'stupid' for liking a bug-budget popcorn flick.
    I agree, I did go a tad overboard with the personal attacks, and I apologize.
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    I liked this last movie actually more than I expected to.
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    Does anyone know if there were a lot of QA issues with these?

    I picked up Megatron at Ross, he is defective. I can't push his right leg NW towards his crotch area - which makes it impossible to put him into vehicle mode
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