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  • I think Orko’s new bio is great!

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Thread: What do you think of Orko's bio?

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    What do you think of Orko's bio?

    After the last Roast Gobble Dinner 22, the bio of Orko was a lot discussed and it seems (to me) the community is divided into those that think Orko "is killed" by this MOTUC bio and those that think this bio is good or great.

    What is your point of view?

    To discuss the subject, it’s here :

    Orko® Bio

    Real Name: Orko®

    After the rise of the Horde Empire, evil again outweighed the forces of good in the five dimensions. So in every generation a Cosmic Warrior was recruited by the Overlords of Trolla™ to fight against evil. Each was given the Sword of He, a weapon infused with the Power of the Universe. They were also assigned a Trollan guide to watch over and advise them in their quests. On the planet of Eternia®, after five centuries of being split in two, the Trollan Power Sword® was at long last joined and bequeathed to an heir worthy of its power — Prince Adam® of the royal household. Orko®, a member of the Trollan magical elite, was assigned to watch over Adam. Although he was a powerful mage on Trolla®, the hidden mystic properties of Eternia® turned his magiks into little more than entertaining tricks, which he uses to entertain his friends and remain undercover.
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