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Thread: Did Filmation Really Cause MOTU To Stop Being About Sword & Sorcery?

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    This is a loaded train of thought here. I don't think Filmation had such a strong influence on MOTU, but it did have an influence. On the top of my head, I think Filmation is only really responsible for Orko. As it was established earlier in this post, Prince Adam was already created by Mattel and DC Comics. FIlmation may have influenced the toy's looked, but Adam could have easily been made wearing a blue vest and gray shorts instead of the purple tights and crimson vest.

    Filmation did not create Roboto or Multi-bot. They also didn't create Rio Blast or Clamp Champ. I think in those early days of toy making, Mattel just went with whatever toy gimmick they could do and put MOTU on it.

    I don't think there was a clear direction like how toys are made today. They threw in a ninja into the fray.
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    In "The Art of Masters of the Universe" book they have a draft describing the setting of the MOTU universe. In it Eternia is a rough planet that has been through a lot. Also, advanced technology is a reminant from previous times and therefore rare. I certianly got this feeling from the first couple of mini comics. I feel like the Filmation cartoon went away from this idea because it didn't want to be so dark. I agree with others that think MOTU lost its grit and darkness when it was turned into a cartoon. I also felt like technology became way to abundant in the cartoon. Even as a kid I felt a disconnect with the cartoon because of these things. For example, outside the cartoon I thought Skeletor was death incarnate. I found him scary. In the cartoon he just seemed stupid. I also think the introduction of Adam was pointless and cheap. After the first two waves I feel like the figures started to reflect the light heartedness of the cartoon. The characters started to get more and more outrageous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1592 View Post
    I THOUGHT that it was mentioned in the DC presents vs. Superman too... I COULD be wrong... but Didn't he-man 'recognize' Superman from the stories from earth?

    It's been at least a decade since I've read... maybe someone with the new versus packs can verify that...
    It was mentioned in DC miniseries. Twice.

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    MOTU can have barbarian action and feeling without having boobs and gore.
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    As has been pointed out, it's not as simple as pre-Filmation = fantasy / Filmation = sci-fi.

    The laser cannon on Castle Grayskull, the Battle Ram and Attak Trak showed the technology presence on Eternia from the MOTU's earliest days.

    I think it's important to acknowledge those elements, but I would say the overall themes of each era are quite distinct.

    Remember the pre-Filmation era was supported by some fantastic and incredibly dark box art.

    Pre-Filmation was definitely far stronger in the realm of swords and sorcery, if not 100%.

    Filmation was definitely far more sci-fi (and super-hero), but again, not completely. You only have to consider the gangs of Robot Knights and numerous laser-firing vehicles.

    So it's not a precise science, but the eras are very different. I enjoyed both eras, but I only identifed strongly with the pre-Filmation era.

    Fans like me recognised the distinction at a young age, so it was clearly there.
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    Has any new info been told on whether a handbook on motu canon
    will ever be released?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hordedestiny View Post
    Has any new info been told on whether a handbook on motu canon
    will ever be released?
    If you mean from Mattel, we're not getting anything anytime soon. They feel the best way to tell the story of MOTUC's canon is through snippets revealed in the character bios. They also don't seem intent on making anything MOTU related other than toys(except for during a possible movie year). Supposedly the only reason we even got the extremely limited MOTU Art Book was because most of its profits went to charity.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbot View Post
    It was mentioned in DC miniseries. Twice..
    HA HA!!!!

    The old brain still has a LITTLE something in there

    I like the fact Battle Cat talks back then too... Forgot about that... KNEW he talked in series 2 mini comics...

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    If anything MOTU has always been a post-modern distopia of mixing genres. Even if technology was left over from Eternian days gone by, or if it was part of their everyday lives, it was still there. The Filmation may have been lighter in tone to appeal to an every younger audience, but the mixture of sci-fi and fantasy was still there. When it was originally pitched He-Man was to be all encompasing, and I think that a lot of that has tried to be tied into it's various incarnations. There was certainly a heavy fantasy element in the original material before Filmation came a long, but I don't personally see the story as having changed that much, just became lighter in tone. What would have been your typical fantasy (even sci-fi) action was pulled back for more light-hearted moments. I don't think it changed what MOTU was about at all, just highlighted different aspects more.

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