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    556 the new mini comic (Powers of Grayskull issue 3) seems to contain some contradictions...but let's see if it is possible to overcome them with a bit of creative thinking....

    First off

    EVIL LYN contradictions -

    Whos side is Evil-Lyn on during the 2nd ultimate Battleground? Her Battleground Evil-Lyn bio states she "found herself again allied with Skeletor during the second ultimate battleground"

    GYGOR contradictions -

    It is said in Gygor's bio that Evil-Lyn frees Gygor in an attempt to bolster Skeletor's ranks against the new Horde army. Now, in the bio, it doesn't say this event takes place during the 2nd ultimate battleground (in fact the bio makes no reference to it)...therefore we can possibly place it before the battle starts.

    EDIT: too confusing right now...I will try again later!!!!

    EDIT 2: Okay...very confusing...but I'm sure it an be remmedied somehow.

    If we assume that after Skeletor leaves for the stars, the battle actually continues and the rest of Skeletor's henchmen turn on the heroic warriors...thus we get the Photog vs Clawful/Whiplash scenario afterwards ... Then the GRIFFINS attack castle Grayskull and He-Man and sorceress call on CASTLE-GRAYSKULL MAN to defend the castle...

    So briefly...this might work

    (The only descrepency is the Evil-Lyn changing sides thing) ->

    • Teela returns to Castle Grayskull as its new guardian
    • Randor and Miro return from Despondos
    • The Three Towers rise
    • Evil-Lyn frees Gygor to bolster Skeletor's forces against the Horde army.
    • Evil-Lyn casts a spell to turn Clawful into a keen warrior and strategist.
    • Megator's remains are discovered by King Hsss, who magically reanimates the body and turns Megator into a mindless zombie.
    • Hordak hires Cy-Chop to bolster his forces against the Snake Men and Masters of the Universe
    • Using the combined power of the Central Tower and the newly created Cosmic Key the New Sorceress sends He-Man back to Preternia
    • Skeletor follows He-Man to Preternia
    • He-Man returns from Preternia wth a captured Skeletor, and the knowledge to defeat the snake-men - The spell of seperation
    • In exchange for his freedom Skeletor agrees to fight against Hordak, side-by-side with his former enemies - the now renegade Masters of the Universe.
    • The Second Ultimate Battleground
    • The Heroic Warriors and Skeletor's Evil Warriors join forces fight against the combined forces of The Horde and The Snake Men.
    • Evil-Lyn and Gygor fight on the side of the Horde and the Snake Men.
    • Clawful leads a battalion of Skeleton Warriors for Skeletor during the Second Ultimate Battle Ground
    • King Randor and King Miro join in the battle, helping the Heroic Warriors.
    • Evil-Lyn finds herself again allied with Skeletor.
    • The reanimated Megator dies, fighting Hordak and the Masters of the Universe in the Second Ultimate Battleground
    • The new Sorceress strips a defeated Evil-Lyn of her powers
    • Man-At-Arms is forced to battle against Clamp Champ
    • Man-At-Arms is mortally wounded
    • The New Sorceress casts a spell that momentarily restores Man-At-Arm's humanity
    • He-Man uses his knowledge from Preternia to finally stop King Hssss once and for all - Orko casts the spell of seperation to defeat the snake men.
    • Skeletor betrays the Heroic Warriors.
    • Skeletor defeats Hordak but is injured in the process.
    • Skeletor steals Hordaks power, and repairs himself with the Techno-Virus.
    • Skeletor turns his ambition to overthrow the Horde Empire and heads into outer space.
    • Several hundred griffins are commanded to attack Grayskull Tower to weaken the Master's defense perimeter.
    • He-Man and the new Sorceress use a spell to call upon the Power of Grayskull and infuse life into the Spirit of Castle Grayskull
    • The Spirit of Castle Grayskull helps to turn the tide.
    • Photog helps to defeat several of Skeletor's warriors including Clawful and Whiplash
    • Moss Man helps the Masters of the Universe to win the Second Ultimate Battleground
    • Many heroes fall, including Stratos
    • Evelyn uses the Cosmic Key and the power of the Central Tower to travel into the future to find a new life with her long lost son
    • Eternia is at peace.
    • -----------------------------
    • New Adventures **
    • Skeletor forms a coalition of mutants and outcasts to conquer the universe.
    • Captain Hydron and Lieutenant Icarius go on the quest to find the legendary Twin Warriors prophesied to defeat the Evil Horde Empire
    • Hydron and Icarius arrive on Eternia shortly after the end of the Second Ultimate Battleground
    • He-Man and She-Ra are called to the stars to fulfill their destiny, traveling to the Tri-Solar System to end the oppression of the Horde Empire
    • Hydron and Icarius recruit not only He-Man and She-Ra but several other members of the Masters of the Universe
    • He-Man joins the Galactic Protectors of the planet Primus.
    • Slush Head is swayed to join Skeletor
    • He-Man and She-Ra - the prophesied Twin Warriors - defeat Horde Prime

    EDIT: ABout the EVIL-LYN thing, she is basically the only one that throws up any problems here. If we assume she has made some deal with one side, where she acts as a sleeper agent for the other, than that can all be solved...she plays both sides against each other, for her own good.


    Just looking through the 2nd mini-comic, I made a few changes/additions to the 1st ultimate battleground section->

    • The First Ultimate Battlegound
    • Independently He-Man and Skeletor arrive back in Preternia after travelling back in time using the Central Tower
    • He-Man allies himself with King Grayskull and He-Ro and the Preternia Masters Of The Universe
    • Hordak betrays King Hssss
    • Hordak attempts to defeat the snake men and break apart Eternia using the spell of separation in order to access the Magic of the Gods.
    • The spell spell of separation is thwarted but Procrustus is forced to literally hold the planet together remaining forever at the planet's core!
    • He-Man turns the tide in the first Ultimate Battleground
    • Hordak defeats King Hiss momentarily
    • Hordak mortally wounds He-Ro.
    • King Grayskull chops off Hordak's right arm in revenge.
    • Upon his heroic death He-Ro bequeaths the Sword of He to Grayskull, a destined guardian of the sword
    • Eldor casts a spell to sink the Three Towers into Subternia to protect their secrets
    • Megator dies during the First Ultimate Battle Ground, caught in the iron jaws of Central Tower when the Three Towers were enchanted to sink into Subternia
    • He-Ro's funeral is held
    • With the knowledge on how to defeat the Snake Men, He-Man returns to his time with a captured Skeletor
    • Tytus helps to build Castle Grayskull
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