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I'm thinking they didn't utilize her because Filmation was all about setting good examples, and they probably didn't think it was setting a good example for a heroic character to constantly be two-faced/backstabbing The Horde for information.
That makes sense!

Same here, but hopefully they don't find a way to screw her up. (i.e. Giving her She-Ra's boots and gaunlets ) This is the exciting thing to me about The Star Sisters too... But now watch Mattel got access to Filmation characters and they decided to make them all based on the cartoon.
Oh dear, I hope we don't get the Filmation Star Sisters...or their look/colouring in the poster. Give me toys or give me death!

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Does anyone think she'll still be Glimmer's cousin in MOTUC? That's kind of the only thing we really ever knew about her personally.
I must have missed that bit of info. I really should start reading my books. Where was that revealed?