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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC news thread--November 2010

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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread--November 2010

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for November 2010!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like before, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    I'll create a new version of this thread every month. I tried doing it every season and the first page has this extreme slow down effect.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    Why Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man?

    Out of all the possible figures to do, why was Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man chosen? Why that particular figure?

    Good question!

    Part of the reason for doing this figure is we wanted to tell the story that was intended for parts 2 and 3 of the "Powers of Grayskull" mini comic. The bios was a great way to do that! (for the record, parts 2 and 3 were never made but an typed outline was created for all three stories).

    Additionally, the strategy behind all of the Club Figures are to issue figures that are not "must haves" (like Teela or Ram Man) but rather a figure that appeals to hard core fans who are completists. Preternia He-Man is a great candidate for strategy and is a unique visual for He-Man that had never been done before as a toy.

    Finally, it was a great figure to include the Cosmic Key with (as mentioned in the first part of "Powers of Grayskull" the Key is used in combination with Central Tower to create a portal to the Preternia!).

    Oh, and the fact that the design was created by Bruce Timm is pretty neat too!

    See lots of reasons huh?
    Weapons Pak 1 & 2 - Sold Out OR Gone For Good ????

    The SDCC Exclusives Orko & Mo-Larr/Skeletor packs which sold here shows that those are "Gone For Good", which means these packs will not be reissued in the future.

    As for the Weapons Pak 1 & 2, you have mentioned those as "Sold Out" ! Does this means Weapons Pak 1 & 2 will be reissued in the future ??? OR its "Gone For Good" like SDCC Exclusives ???

    They are currently sold out. While we could reissue them, there are no plans to do so at this time.
    MOTUC Figures without Reissues

    I was wondering if there are any MOTUC figures that you know will not receive a reissue, for whatever reason?

    The sub figures like Wun-Dar and Preternia He-Man will not be reissued for sure.

    But there is no guarantee on any figure. Some will be reissued, other may never get a reissue. It depends on how they sell the first time, what the market will support as well as other factors we can't share publicly.
    Electronics in MOTUC items...

    Due to the recent news regarding shipping restrictions for GB PKE meter...

    If and when Wink a MOTUC vehicle or playset get some electronics....
    Can we -international fans- expect similar restrictions for those items and miss them?

    We were able to purchase SDCC Starro and 12" GB figures with electronics
    in the recent past.... could you clarify what was different in those cases?

    The reason the PKE Meter can not ship to certain countries is because those countries require additional safety warnings etched into the toy.

    The PKE Meter is a Prop Replica and our goal was to make it as screen accurate as possible. If we added all of the warnings that European markets require it would have made it much less "screen accurate".

    A MOTU vehicle or playset is not "screen accurate" so adding the additional warnings would not be as much an issue.
    King Grayskull profile art

    I recently received the reissue King Grayskull and had a question about his profile art on the back of the card. Is this new art work or unreleased art from the original line. The reason I ask is th way the art is. We are shown a figure who's face is covered in shadow and who's skin is primerly or is wearing a green clothing. Was this art done as King Grayskull or was it originally meant for somene else?

    The art on the back of the new King Grayskull is from one of the original 4 mini comics from 1982! Pretty cool huh?
    Green Goddess

    I really want this figure. But most fans report owning a faulty Goddess with a bobble head, legs that break, loose joints, etc.. Will this figure be corrected and re-released? Possibly with some new accessory or, better yet, the removed leaves from the midsection so that it looks more like the Goddess as seen in the mini comic?

    We still have a handful (like Zodac) of first releases held for customer service. We will likely sell these first before considering a re-release going back into production.

    If we do go back into production there won't be any changes to the accessories but we will work on correcting other issues such as the "bobble head" and the material used for the outfit.

    However, there are no plans right now for a re-release and a new production run. Right now the best way to get her is on the secondary market or to wait until we sell of the remaining customer service stock.
    Question about Motuc Demo-Man Illustration in the Art-Book :-)

    At first, thank you for Vikor! I love "Powers of Grayskull" era and you have still managed to impress us with the "Fighting Foe Men"... Awesome

    About it, some folks are saying there is a mistake in the Art-Book because Demo-Man is not referring to the illustration. And I, I was sure this is Demo-man!!

    Could you please confirm/infirm this illustration is referring to Demo-Man and if/when you will make a Motuc Demo-man, he will be like that?

    This one is an awesome fan-art from Poe Ghostal:

    I think the art book is pretty clear on the images of Vikor and Demo-Man.
    King Grayskull weapons in metallic silver?

    Is it possible that we might see Grayskull's sword, shield, and axe in a metallic silver deco to match his new chest harness and bracelets? Pehaps in the next weapons pak?

    Also, I would love to see his removable cape in a weapons pak with tan fur and brown deco more similar to the original release. Is that accessory on the table?

    A possible idea for a Weapons Pak, but no confirmed plans to announce right now!
    Sub figures shiping late

    With Grizzlor shipping late for many sub members, what is going to happen with the 2011 and the promise to get the sub figs early? Should the sub members get a discount or a special item if the promises aren't fulfilled?

    We do our best to get figures to Digital River a few weeks before the on sale date. Sometimes this can not happen. But we will try. There may be a month or two where sub figures do not ship early. Hopefully not, but it may happen. There are a lot of logistical issues we can't control that could hold up figures from arriving on time. But we will try!
    Got my Roboto figure and it has "the original" logo on package. Why????

    Just a question I need help with.

    I bought 2 of the Roboto figures the day they came out. When they arrived at my house they had "the original" logo on it. I know they put this on when Matty reissues a figure, But Roboto was the club eternia figure for the month and not a reissue.

    Can anyone out there tell me why this happened? I bought within the first 10 minutes the figures went on sale. I should have a first issue figure, not reissue.

    We run (create) both the first run and second run insert file at the same time. The vendor made an error and actually produced a portion of Robotos in "second run package". We managed to stop most from shipping.

    If you did receive one, please do contact customer service and we can replace it. We will likely sell off the very few remaining "first run Robotos" in "second run package" in the near future and then look at doing a legitimate second run and make some corrections to the figure in the future.
    Cyber Monday Clarification

    Can you please clarify which items being sold on cyber monday are customer service leftovers and what items are complete new runs? Your initial announcements made it seem like everything was gonna be leftovers, but later announcements made it seem like everything was a reissue run. I'm sure tons of customers are curious if they have a fighting chance at certain items.

    The only items that are new runs are He-Man, Skeletor and Battlecat. All others are remaining stock.
    New motuc figures... when?

    When it will be the next exhibition of new figures? I do not know the dates of Toy fair, comic con, ets. When new figures will promise to be motuc?

    The next figure will be announced in Toy Fare magazine in December. We will likely announce a few others at NYTF in Feb similar to what we did last year at collector night.
    Translucent MOTUC figures

    You told us that the reason the Goddess figure breaks so easily was not caused by the type of plastic used, it was due to the assembly method.

    With many people reporting similar problems with damage to Roboto's torso, there are obviously still some breakage issues to fix. Are you willing to accept that the quality of translucent plastic you are using is not up to standard, and can you please improve this for the reissues?

    Nope. It has zero to do with "translucent plastic". The same issue with broken legs happened with Wave 4 and 5 of DCUC and those did not use translucent plastic at all. It was a vendor error with assembly that caused the plastic to break and we changed this.
    Valley of Gnarl

    Where on the Eternia map is the Valley of Gnarl located?

    Watch episode 34 of the 2002 series for you answer.
    No Reissue MOTUC in December?

    Isn't there going to be any reissued MOTUC figure in December?

    Making Buzz Off the only MOTUC figure being sold that month.

    Correct. There is no reissue in December. Three reissues are being sold on Cyber Monday, He-Man, Skeletor and Battle Cat.
    Subscription Grizzlor

    Why have none of the subscription Grizzlors shipped Toyguru? Whats the hold up with the sub figure this month? This has never happened in the past.

    Usually we try to have our figures arrive at Digital River a few days before the sale so we can send them out to subscribers first. In this case, some of the product did not arrive until this morning so we were not able to send them early. They are still being shipped, it just may be another day or two compared to the usual day early.
    Battle Cat Coupon code reissue?

    I own just one motuc subscription and got only one coupon code issued for the $8 Battle Cat shipping discount, but I was unable to use it because of the all the traffic the day it was released. I deleted the email with my code, thinking I would never be able to use it again. Lo and behold, Battle-Cat is a part of cyber-Monday. Is it possible to get my code re-sent?

    No. If you no longer have your coupon code we are not able to replace it. Sorry.
    Clarification of International Shipping Rates

    Hope someone can give me a difinitive answer to my question. I never know how much International Shipping is going to be until I've reached the checkout page. Now, since I use a prepaid $ card to buy from Mattycollector each month I have to work out how much I'm going to need to load the card with and, as I never know how much shipping will be, there's always the chance I'll put too little on it and, thus, the card will be refused and I won't be able to place my order.

    So, can someone let me know how much shipping actually is? E.g: I bought three figres in September and the shipping was $15.55, but I bought two figures last month and it was $9.95, so is there a limit to how many figures one can get for a certain shipping price? Can I get 4 6" figures for $15.55? Or 5 figures, or 6?

    Also, how much is it to ship large scale items and MOTUC beasts? Is it $15.55 per beast, or would $15.55 get me two beasts shipped together?

    It would really help international customers if we knew, in advance, how much we need to put aside for shipping. Perhaps if there were a table of charges somewhere on the site?

    I did ask DR's Customer Service team this question months ago and I never got an answer so I'd really appreciate one now!

    There is no one set rate. It differs country by country based on local taxes and tarifs. Something we have no control over.

    At the start of the year we were told that left over customer service stock of MOTUC would be taken to conventions to be sold and any left over stock would be put up on mattycollector. While we got Zodac (of which I managed to snag one!), I'm wondering about Tri-Klops, he was the figure mentioned (about being sold at conventions)... did he sell out or is he still coming or should we hang on for a full 2nd release?

    We don't have locked in plans yet for a re-release of Tri-Klops and like Zodac we do have a very limited amount of customer service stock for him left. I imagine we will slot him in sooner then later, but nothing to confirm yet.
    Any plans for Tuvar and Badrah MOTUC figures?

    Hi, is there any plans for a two pack or separated figures of Tuvar and Badrah? Any plans for MOTUC Two Bad figure? Thanx!

    No plans right now but they are available for the line.
    The Great Rebellion

    I'm not asking for any character name to be revealed but can you tell us if we will be finally getting a female member of The Great Rebellion other than She-ra/Adora in 2011?

    Sorry, we can't comment past King Hssss right now. If we promised this, and then things changed, we would be accused of lying or doubletalk. Too many factors out of our hands can change who is released that we simply can not comment on anyone who isn't 100% for sure going forward. (just look at the Palace Guards, they were "supposed" to ship in Nov but were pushed out to Jan for factors beyond out control!)
    Several Questions

    I have to take time off from work to order your stuff. I can't and am not aloud to use company equipment to order personal products. Especially when it can take a long time. I asked for Dec. 15 off, then asked to have it changed to Dec. 10, now the sale is back to the 15th. Whatever.
    Question 1
    Will there be any MOTUC items released on Dec 15th that are not part of Club Eternia?
    Question 2
    Will the Christopher Reeve as Superman figure be part of the Dec 15th Sale?
    Question 3
    Will the Palace Guards be part of the 2011 Club Eternia Subscription?

    Since we only do one question each time I'll answer your last question.

    The Palace Guards will not be part of the 2011 subscription. They are a 2010 item that was delayed. If we made them part of the 2011 sub it will mean removing another planned 2011 item (since the subs were sold in as having a very specific number of multipacks/beasts at specific prices). We can't change this around for legal reasons as the sub was sold in as announced.

    I was wondering if u can comment on these Polls made by me and Screech about new ideas on MTUC style or new sculpts for characters like: Bravestarr, Blackstar, Fuerza-T, and Big Jim.

    I've been thinking on the idea of bringing them as Sub-lines or perhaps VS 2packs, what do u think?

    Very cool polls and we do love to see what fans are asking for.
    MOTUC figure not revealed in December ToyFare

    I've got the December issue of ToyFare, which is made available in November, and cannot find any reveal of the april MOTUC figure.

    Is is possible you were confused and it's going to be revealed in the January 2011 issue, which will be made available in December?

    Kind of a minor point, but important if you don't want legions of fans upset because they went out, bought the December issue of ToyFare for the april reveal and found out it was next months issue.

    I happen to buy it anyway, but others might buy it just for the reveal( though they could just wait and it will inevitably be posted by someone).

    It will be in the issue that ships in December. Around Dec. 16th-ish.
    Figure titles

    Just two things about figure titles, some German fans are curious about:

    1. Some days ago, the rights for the Snake King's title were reserved: "Disguised Leader of the Snake Man". German fans are wondering why the word "dreadful" from the 80s title is missing. Will it be missing on the final packaging of the figure, too?

    2. Why did Mattel pick the 80s advert slogan "Ferocious Figure with Fur" as a new title for 'Grizzlor'? It used to be "Hairy Henchman of the Evil Horde" during the 80s.


    If a figure had a different title on the front. vs. the Cross Sell we used the front of package name. (for the most part, exceptions can be made).

    If i correctly remember , you used the word SMALL vehicle 1st in the MOTUC line ...
    Do you consider LAND SHARK as a small or medium vehicle ?
    ( IMO , huge are Spydor N Monstroοd ) ...

    A small vehicle would be more like just the front end of the Battle Ram. Land Shark would be mid sized.
    Weapons Rack-last question

    After you stated, that the weapons set will be splitted into two colors, will there be a possibility to complete the silver set as shown here?

    No. Some weapons will be red, some will be silver. We could not include two complete sets and maintain a 15.00 price point.
    Castle Grayskull in MOTUC!

    Is it absolutely not possible to have a MOTUC Castle Grayskull in the line before the "possible" movie ever comes, even when sales are trumping Mattel's expectations and continue to sell out quickly?

    Fans will definitely support a MOTUC Castle Grayskull. The line is red hot.

    For a larger item like Castle Grayskull we would likely need mainstream support with new entertainment. We know there is a lot of demand out there from a finite number of fans (based on current sales for basic figures) but that doesn't (at least at this time) provide enough support for such a large item.

    Our goal is to grow the brand appropriately each year. In 2010 we added beasts, in 2011 we are adding a vehicle. Maybe one day we will get to Grayskull but nothing to announce right now. It is important to grow the brand at a specific pace. For collector brands if you go to fast you can sometimes fall.
    Castle Grayskull - Pre-order

    We all know pre-ordering is not an option for all other items but what if you used a pre-order system for a Castle Grayskull.

    We obviously understand that you can't take a profit loss but what if you only went into production after obtaining enough pre-orders?

    You wouldn't need to release the number of orders required but you could update fans if as we're 50% of required orders in etc. Then, if this method works and is profitable you could potentially move onto other playsets.

    Believe me, you have lots of fans waiting in the wings to spend some hard earned money on bigger display pieces. Would this be an option you'd consider?

    We don't have a Castle Grayskull planned right now so we can't comment on any preorder options for an item not available!
    Seeing Concept Art

    I saw from a few other Q&A posts that you mentioned that there are a handful of unproduced and conceptualized characters existing for the MOTU line, including a couple Snake Men. I, like yourself, love the idea of introducing these characters into the MOTU world, like Vikor and He-Ro. Is there any way I can see these concepts. Being an artist myself, and a long time fan of the franchise, I would love to see any material available, regard them.

    Some of these images (well not the Snake Men)were in the MOTU Art book (and on display at SDCC) in 2009. We don't have plans right now for a public showing but it is something we might look at one day. I can tell you for the Snake Men, the concepts are names on paper, not illustrations.
    Castle Grayskull

    I personally think you already have the Motu Classics castle Grayskull to a specific date on the Motu Classics agenda but please tell us we don't depend on a possible Motu movie to have it.

    I speak for myself but I'm willing to spend $70 to $100 USD if I have to just to have Castle Grayskull as long it would be the only Motu Classics item on sale that month.

    I think the castle will sell so quickly that the will jam on the sale time.

    I think also that all, or at least most of the fans are with me on this and I think even yourself are wanting Castle Grayskull as badly as us.

    So do you consider at least do a pool or the "pre-order" idea as he-fan17 said?

    (A god pool idea could be if fans want castle grayskull and how much they are willing to pay for it so Mattel could know for sure its a safe investment)

    If we did Castle Grayskull correctly with the detail and scale fans want, it would likely run closer to 200.00 to 300.00 US. We'd love to grow the brand there one day, but we are not there yet.
    Toyguru, which Ram Man do you like better?

    The orange/red version in the cardbac & comic


    The red/olive toy version?

    For me personally it is the toy version, but I think doing both in the long term would be the right thing for the line since there are fans of each! One of the reasons I love having the TRU MOTU vs DC 2 packs is it gives us an avenue to release fan demanded repaints.

    But no plans for Ram Man right now, so no jumping to conclusions He-fans!
    Question about the bios and the whole story

    I suppose you are aware of all the comments fans made about the bios and also of the confusion that exists.

    We all know you said the confusion should vanish with the next bios.

    However if you could write all the bios again from scratch, and with all the remarks fans made in mind, would you write exactly the same thing or would you change some things in the whole story?

    Actually, the bios are one of the things we are most proud of. We might want to change a type-o here and there (we did that on Tytus for a re-release) but otherwise they are pretty solid.

    Certainly some fans are going to feel a little lost right now. That was completely intentional and expected. We know not all the information is out there at the moment, but in time, most of the gaps will be filled in. This was done on purpose to keep fans talking (and gee, looks like that worked!)

    And while we know some new concepts are being introduced and woven together, we feel in time most fans will come to enjoy the new concepts introduced (remember how much fans hated Randor and Keldor being brothers originally? Now pretty much everyone accepts this relationship). We also know when and if new entertainment comes out characters will likely be changed again. Introducing new ways of looking at characters in the bios is a way of prepping fans that every interpretation of MOTU (be it through toys, movies, animated series, comics or whatever) can be a little different. There is no one true cannon. After all, MOTU is an avatar for the imagination and your adventures with the toys are just as valid. I think Cornboy told me in his adventures as a kid Mer Man was the hero. Anyway, just saying...

    Also, remember that the purpose of the bios was to create a storyline that would justify the greatest number of characters (e.g. toys). We knew fans wanted toys of characters like Goddess and Wun-Dar which is why we designed the bios to justify them as unique characters.

    Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. We know not every fan is in love with them 100% right now, but once more info is revealed over time we hope fans will come on board!

    As we state often, keep reading the bios! A lot more info is to come and it was all worked out in advance and revealed bit by bit for a reason...
    Where's King Grayskull print ad!!

    How come King Grayskull doesn't have a print ad on FaceBook yet?? The Palace Guards,Grizzlor,Buzz Off & Bow got there's.

    Not every figure has a print ad. Most do. He did not.
    Is Grizzlor's Face Glued On?

    From Pixel Dan's video, it looks like Grizzlor's face is not removable as had been previously stated. Do you know if the faceplate was actually glued on or did he just not know how to take it off?

    It is not removable. But the head is.
    A hypothetical question: what if there's a big quality control issue on a whole run?

    The recent problems with Roboto and other QC troubles bring up something I consider a serious question, given that I've bought the sub and have no chance of passing on a figure: what is Mattel's plan if there is a major flaw in an entire run of one of the MOTUC figures. Robot's shoulders are an error, but one a lot of folks wouldn't have noticed without a heads up. But we've seen other errors in the past that could not be given a pass. I suspect because of the way the molds are likely made it's highly unlikely that a whole run would have two left legs, but I could see half a run having two left arms and half having two right ones. I'm envisoning a case where Mattel encourages collectors to boil and pop and then trade to correct the problem (don't laugh, Mattel asked e-tailers to trade mullet Superman cases when they couldn't tell which variant was which becuse the cases weren't marked differently). Or something like Fisto getting his big hand and a second right hand on his left arm because of mold placement of parts, something that can't be fixed. Or a whole run that has one or more joints sonic welded in place (we came close to that in some of the first DCUC two-packs). Thus far, Mattel's response to the lesser problems like Roboto's shoulders has basically been, "Spend 20 more dollars when we re-release it the right way."

    Given Mattel's QC record, I feel this is a real possibility (I've yet to hear of a Golden Age Starman that hasn't had a hip that needed to be frozen and thawed to work). So the question is, for the peace of mind of subscribers:

    What would Mattel do if an entire run turned out to have a major error fans can't reasonably be expected to ignore, similar or worse in severity to those listed above?

    I'm not trying to be wise guy here, I feel this is a legitimate question given the circumstances over the past couple of years.

    Catra's Wrath: Seeing as this is a hypathetical question it's a hard one to answer!

    Any figure that arrived with two left arms or two right legs would obviously be majorally flawed and would be eligible for a replacement or refund.

    If anyone does ever recieve a figure that has two left arms then please call customer services or use the e-ticket on the customer services area of the website. Naturally an error that serisouly effects the functionality of the figure like this would be taken very seriously and the appropriate action taken to remedy the situation.

    As to commenting on a whole batch of figures (and by this I assume you mean thousands) nothing like this has happened in the line so far, and there would naturally be a bad reaction if something like this did occur. We can assure you that Toy Guru is working very closely with the manufacturer to ensure quality control is consistently improving.

    I know that may not be the answer you were looking for Scott, but unfortunatley where the question is based on a situation that hasn't actually happened, it makes it very hard to answer.

    I hope you understand
    Bow Carded

    HI, can we expect to see Bow carded soon?

    I cant wait to see how he is posed in the bubble!

    Catra's Wrath: The sample hasn't come in yet from the manufacturer, rest assured as soon as he arrives then photos will be put up online.

    Keep watching the news section!

    As you stated that Man E Faces weapons will be packed in with the Weapons Rack, are the other 9 silver weapons also included as shown?

    Some of the weapons will be silver, others will be red. There won't be any doubles of any one weapon in two colors if that is what you are asking. We'll have images as soon as we have a final painted sample.
    Card-Back Manny

    When you finally get to Man-E-Faces would you please consider using the paint scheme from the original card-back art? Many fans agree that look is much better than the orange skin that we got on the toy. Maybe this could be the next vote for SDCC.

    I imagine when an if we get to Man-E-Faces we would eventually do both decos (much as we did for Tri-Klops sword). No plans right now on any specifics, deco, release or fan voting for him. Stay tuned.
    Palace guards box signed

    Is there any chance that when I buy the palace guards I get my box signed by you? If yes, what do I need to do to get it?

    I'll be at SDCC and possibly some other conventions in 2011 (still working on that). If you bring a figure to a show I am at I'd be happy to sign it!
    Clawdeen - Monster High / Princess of Power

    I just saw a commercial for a new Mattel product called Monster High where one of the characters is named Clawdeen. Does this mean that Clawdeen is now no longer available as a name for the Princess of Power cat or is cross naming permitted as Monster High is also a Mattel product?

    Mattel often shares names between groups. A few years back we had a RC toy called Tri-Klops. As long as the name is owned by Mattel it potentially can be shared.
    Clarification about MOTUC on Cyber Monday

    Hi ToyGuru This is what your reply was to a question about MOTUC on cyber monday.

    "He-Man, Skeletor and Battle Cat are the limited to the MOTUC items on Cyber Monday."

    Did you mean that the Reissues of He-Man, Skeletor & BattleCat are the only MOTUC being offered on cyber Monday? You stated these were reissues and not left over limited customer service stock, So my question is are there other MOTUC's to be offered that are left over customer service stock? You don't have to say who they are just tell us if there will be more MOTUC's besides He-man, Skeletor & Battlecat.

    The MOTUC items offered on Cyber Monday are not remaining customer serviced stock. They are an all new run for that sale. Some items sold on Cyber Monday will be remaining stock, but not these items. It is a new run for all three figures with the "The Orignal" burst.
    Roboto's Shoulders Vs Red Eye He-Man's Shoulders

    On a recent question this was part of the answer:

    "I'm sure one day we will find a way to fix Roboto's shoulders in a reissue of some type that can also have some new design work allocated (since fixing the shoulders is like fixing Skeletor's hand, it requires actual work done and hence a design sku compared to a quick fix like removing the red around He-Man's eyes for a straight reissue). So don't look for a direct reissue to have corrected shoulders. We need to wait to have design resources to put towards fixing this, which means taking those away from another "new" figure. We will find a way to do this one day, but don't look for anything soon or in a straight reissue of Roboto."

    First Release He-Man had reversed Shoulders as well... It was fixed on the reissue... Why did Reissue He-Man get fixed shoulders, while Roboto can't get them?

    That is easy.

    For the re-release of both He-Man and Skeletor we used a "design" slot to correct them since they are the two most important characters and it was worth "sacrificing" another new character to use that slot to correct our main characters.

    For Roboto, we do want to use a "design" slot to fix him down the line as well, we just don't have plans right now since currently all of our current "design" slots (vs "rerelease" slots)are already allocated to all new figures (at least for 2011 and 2012)

    We can make a minor paint change for a "rerelease" slot, but once we change the physcial figure such as flipping the shoulders or using a different hand it becomes a "design" slot and we are limited in the number of overall design slots we have for the line.

    Hope that helps!
    Battle Ram Possibilities

    At SDCC, the Battle Ram displayed by the Horsemen drew a lot of positive attention. Many fans would love THIS version of the Battle Ram. Any chance that the Horsemen's version will be released and that they will do the vehicles since they have clearly demonstrated that they are capable of delivery top-notch vehicles as well as figures and beasts?

    Catra's Wrath: A vehicle is currently being worked on for release in 2011! however there's no confirmation yet as to what it will be, and no further information, so nothing to report right now!

    Knowing how Toy Guru loves to suprise us all I wouldn't be suprised to see an entirely different vehicle revealed for the debut one in the line as the Battle Ram wouldn't be that 'big a suprise' anymore.

    Rest assured that as soon as there's any news you guys will be the first to hear it!
    Why now December??

    You promised to reveal the april MOTUC figure soon, everybody was happy to see a new figure in the next days .. but now you said the figure will shown in december only in the new toyfare magazine..
    you said the fgure is ready (only paint was missing)
    So why have we to wait so long to see the figure after you promised him for this month several times

    Catra's Wrath: I think there's been some confusion here, what was actually said was 'the April figure would be revealed once it was painted and ready to go'.

    It's not just a case of the Four Horsemen slapping some paint on it and taking some pictures!

    Sometimes they may paint up several different versions of a figure, try out several shades of paint or effects. These then have to go to the brand managers, the design department and the head honchos for approval!

    This isn't an overnight process! Once the figure has been signed off, approved and agreed for production, then the figure can be revealed.

    Revealing the April figure in Toy Fair is a great way to share the information to fans everywhere, and not just those who are online, not every one uses forums and social networking sites. Plus, it gives us all a date to look forward to!

    Figures are usually revealed around three months before they are due for release, so bearing in mind this will be the four month point before I think it's a fair deal.

    Hope that clarifies things for you!
    Re-release of Adora

    Wasn't she supposed to be back this year? Has that been delayed?

    I'm sure we will get to a re-release but no exact one to announce now.
    Where would April's figure be revealed?

    Would it be a Toyfare exclusive, like last year? A reveal? Attack of the Show?

    The April figure will be revealed in the December issue of Toy Fare in their 2011 Preview section!
    MOTUC QC question.

    Quality Control has plagued the MOTUC line since its inception, from 1st release He-Man's backward shoulders to Orko's red ears, as recent as Roboto's backward shoulders, and cracked torsos.

    I just want to know if you and your team are working on effective solutions for the ongoing quality control issues?

    P.S. Thank you for pioneering the re-release of MOTU but I'm just tired of being disappointed every month, and love MOTU to much to give up on this line?

    The thing with quality control is fans only see the "mistakes". They never see the hundreds of things we do catch before a figure hits shelves.

    Yes, we missed the Roboto shoulders. But in all honestly, so did the fan reviews as well. Yes it is incorrect, but the issue is really only the pattern of the tech on the shoulder. If it was a bigger issue then this, like oh say two left feet, we would have likely taken more action such as scrapping the figures. But in this case the cost was not justified for a what really is a minimal issue with the toy. (and yes, I do know it is a BIG deal for some, not trying to say it is not. But in the "big picture" the figure is still able to do everything he needs to do articulation wise).

    I'm sure one day we will find a way to fix Roboto's shoulders in a reissue of some type that can also have some new design work allocated (since fixing the shoulders is like fixing Skeletor's hand, it requires actual work done and hence a design sku compared to a quick fix like removing the red around He-Man's eyes for a straight reissue). So don't look for a direct reissue to have corrected shoulders. We need to wait to have design resources to put towards fixing this, which means taking those away from another "new" figure. We will find a way to do this one day, but don't look for anything soon or in a straight reissue of Roboto.

    We totally get the frustration. Believe me, it pains me to see anything not come out right. I am a fan too. But in the end, this is the version of Roboto available, and I personally still think he looks fantastic.
    Just curious: Why Black Optikk classics weapons?

    So, I understand about all the weapons/accessories coming in the next MOTU Classics Weapons pack II, excepted for these.
    Why have you put black Optikk's weapons in this pack?

    It is supposed to be in relation with something from the past?
    I mean: Maybe concerning the first Optikk's sketch concept? a prototype? or it is just an idea for fun?

    They looked really cool in black!
    Man-at-arms Reissue

    Could you reissue Man-at-arms again please? I started collecting Motu classics only a few months ago and I would like to have them all.

    Could you please tell me if there's any chance for this to happen in a close future?

    Eventually. We do like to keep the main guys (and gals) out there. But no plans right now to announce.
    More Motu Classics on Cyber Monday?

    Will we have more Motu Classics Figures for cyber monday besides he-man, skeletor and battle cat?

    I don't want to know what figures, only if it will be more so I can get enough money for them all.

    He-Man, Skeletor and Battle Cat are the limited to the MOTUC items on Cyber Monday.
    Rotocast Articualtion (2nd)

    OK I know Tytus does not have the articulation because he was a hollow (Rotocast) but when I got my Gygor figure his arms were articulated like a regular MOTUC figure (Side Swivel joints) and his legs could move in and out and I see that Tytus did not have the same articulation in his arms or legs because he was a rotocast figure and it was not possible. Now seeing that Gygor has some of that articulation is it possible to get a re-issue with the articulation of his arms and legs seeing that it CAN be done? Because Gygor was a rotocast figure as well

    Gygor was not rotocast. And there are no plans to re-tool Tytus at this time. To do a non rotocast version would drive the cost up to almost 100.00 retail and we feel this is too high for most fans.
    Why is the Shadow Beast figure brown?

    Why is the Shadow beast figure brown when both versions (MYP & Filmation) of the character were a purplish blue colour?
    Was it strictly a 4H preference, or some other reason?

    It is the light (or lack of light) that makes them look purple or blue. Shadowbeasts are brown.
    Cross Tooling

    Firstly awesome job for the Roboto sale, that was so much easier than normal.

    I know this is a question you possibly can`t answer, but its worth a go.

    When sculpting/tooling the MOTUC line, I know cross compatability of parts is a vital budgetary factor. Have you considered using this same tactic to allow you to create characters from other Matty IP`s? For example if/when we get Rio Blast, he could be designed to allow Bravestarr and Tex Hexx to utilise the same tooling.

    Parts for MOTUC will only be in the MOTUC line. The larger bulked up bodies are part of the look of the line. While we did share the eagle with the Wonder Twins, that is about the extend of sharing.
    MOTUC Camo Khan

    Is there the chance that Mattel gets to make a figure of the Camo Khan variant, once Kobra Khan is made? If so you really should consider making him a different character than the original Kobra Khan. The Snakemen really need more members. And Camo could be the evil Master of camouflage with abilities similar to a chameleon. More variety in Hsss' army would be sweet.

    We'll likely do the original version first, but this is a good idea for a variant of him down the road. But nothing to confirm now.
    MAN-E-FACES with Extra Weapons?

    Hi, I just need to know if Man-e-Faces will be coming with 5x Extra maroon weapons in his package? Exactly like the first vintage Edition.

    The idea will be also great for collectors wanting maroon weapons for Wun-Dar, please do it if possible.

    No plans right now for Man-E, but we will be including these colored weapons with the Weapons Rack in early 2011.
    King Grayskull Power Sword

    Hi, are the sword halves and phasing sword going to have a black handle? The pictures on Mattycollector show the boxed figure with the black handle, but in a post after the re-issue reveal you had stated that the black was going to be removed.

    No. They will not have a black handle. We actually corrected this in the images! Thanks for pointing it out.

    I was wondering what the chances may be for Mattel to in future, release a sort of Bravestarr Classics line? Does Mattel still own the rights to this line?

    Maybe evn a Bravestarr Exclusive figure could be released as a 'Dummy run' to see how well a new line will kick off? I'd love to get a classics style 30/30!!

    Sorry, there are no plans for a Bravestarr line at this time.
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