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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC news thread--November 2010

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    I'm in favor of variants that make sense: card art and vintage toy versions of Ram Man and Man E Faces, reverse colors Stratos, and especially a vintage toy color Man at Arms.

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post opposed to Mattel making variants out of the blue...
    Was "blue" intended as a pun for Smash Blade He-Man? Probably not, but I'll pretend it was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FAKER II View Post
    Was "blue" intended as a pun for Smash Blade He-Man? Probably not, but I'll pretend it was.
    It wasn't a pun, but I was talking about the multitude of 200X variants that never made it onto the show like Smash Blade He-Man, Martial Arts He-Man, Samurai Battle Cat, Jungle Attack He-Man, etc.

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    so will we ever get a corrected green goddess re release? And a re release of each figure? I ended up missing out on many because of work or they sold out fast. Some fans change their minds later on about having certain figures. for me i'd now would like to have Randor.

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