I'm a new face around here (hello all!), but I've been doing MOTU-inspired art for a long time, so I want to start with some of my older works before I move on into recent stuff. This should give you a better idea of where I'm coming from and why my versions of the characters are sometimes so odd.

I won't go all the way back to my childhood but start with spring/early summer 2002 when I learned there would be a revival of MOTU. I think I may have seen pictures of some of the toy designs, but the new series hadn't premiered yet. I was then inspired to write and sketch my own updated version of Eternia, it's history, races and characters.

These sketches date back to June 2002, although some of the photoshop coloring work was done later, and some weren't scanned before today. I couldn't find all the sketches I wish I could have shared (such as the pencil sketch of Grizzlor or Orko with long braided hair), but these should give you an idea of what I did back then.

Skeletor was the first to receive his new look. In these sketches he's sort of still between being Skeletor and Keldor (whom I envisioned solely based on the minicomic, and at one point made Randor's uncle rather than brother!) Note the heavy overuse of the chaos symbol as a design element!

Beast Man was a bit of a departure from the original. I wanted to make him feral and predatory, a sort of mix between man, lion and ape. His weapons, armor and adornments were supposed to reflect the primitive and violent nature of his race.

Mer-Man was always my favorite Evil Warrior. I'm not sure why I thought giving him a tail was a good idea, but it was part of making him more fish-like together with the scaly skin and webbed fin-like arms and legs. I designed his armor and jewlery as a mix of marine shells and things robbed from sunken ships and drowned corpses. It ties in with the ideas I had of his race.

Clawful received by far the most radical revision. I think I just took the head and the claws as a starting point and filled the rest with humanoid lobster parts! He was supposed to be an underling of Mer-Man. The other creature I added here was an original creation, a cephalopoid monster servant of Mer-Man that I never gave a proper toyetic name.

I fear this post will bloating up to an excessive lenght if I go on, so I think I'll add the rest later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.