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Thread: Spy Monkey Creations - Official Discussion/Photos Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by krosfyah View Post
    funny, i just found the box with my parts in them, i wasted money on these truthfully. it was fun for a few days but the parts don't do what their weapons for MOTU did in my mind
    . I'm not big into the glyos stuff, I LOVE modulok but that's a bit different. he is a character I know and love, these weapon pieces fit in OK with MOTUC but I'm pretty big on canonical weapons/official stuff. I was on that waiting list too, I'm not mad but I hate getting let down by promised, yet undelivered fan projects. I understand but it sucks when it happens. like some of the MOTU games that were plannedby fans and never finished. i get why it wasn't finihed, but to be built up and then disappointed always sucks
    i'm in the same boat. i ordered a number of the weapon sets when they first came out, as well as some GLYOS figures to it out. i messed around with the GLYOS stuff for about an hour and never went back to them. as for the weapons, they are all in the same box hidden away. there were only a few configurations that seemed to "fit" with MOTUC and even those left me cold.

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    I still wish they would get back to making new weapon sets.
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    Meh...these are cool and all..but idk.. id much rather have weapons.... id love to see some new swords axe's and blasters motuc scale...
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