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That's why a kickstarter could work, a toyline subsidizes the show if the toyline fizzles we lose the show, but if fans pony up their action figure money to produce the show, we take that subsidy role over. Advertisers pay the rest with good ratings, or we get DTV DVDs. we shall see, but man, Greg Weisman makes BRILLIANT cartoons, he just can't get a decent run due to things outside of his control.
It's not so much a subsidy; it's more the way the WB looks at it. The show survives on ratings and ad revenue; Static was still doing well in the ratings when they axed it, but had no major licensing deals. The thinking is that the resources they put into show A without any major merchandising might be better used for show b which might have more merchandising with it, even if show a is doing fine in the ratings.

So a kickstarter campaign really doesn't address the concerns that likely ended the show. Mattel not completely blowing their approach to the YJ toyline would have had a major impact, I'm sure, as well as other licensing maybe feeding off a successful toy line.