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Thread: What next after Grayskull?

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    What next after Grayskull?

    With Castle grayskull now arriving safe and sound for most of us and filling a rather large hole in the collection, it begs the question- what's next for this line on top of the monthly figures?

    Would you like Mattel to gauge whether a new preorder for a new playset would work again? Snake mountain perhaps? Or something smaller like the fright zone?

    Or would you prefer to have some more of the iconic vehicles released?

    Or maybe a specialised sub-line?

    Or are you just wanting the figures to complete your collection now?
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    After Grayskull, I think it's only fitting that Point Dread & Talon Fighter come next (and come soon... strike while the iron's hot, you know?).
    After that, I think (in no particular order) we should see Stridor and/or Night Stalker, Roton, The Slime Pit, and a variety of smaller creatures/characters/beasts (Dree-Elle, Meteorbs, that sort of thing... go smaller after the massive stuff).
    I'd be pretty happy with just the above tackled in addition to the regular monthly figures.

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    Here's what I'm really after still for Classics…

    Snake Mountain

    Back half of the Battle Ram

    Point Dread and the Talon Fighter


    Slime Pit

    Teela's unicorn charger.

    A few of the "Alcala" monsters. Purple monster He-Man saves the Goddess/Sorceress from in the first mini comic, Ice Hacker, Aramesh demon, Masks of Power Demons, etc.
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    Definitely need a Snake Mountain pre-order, along with wrapping up 2014, 2015 and at least another Filmation mini-sub.

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    Three towers of Eternia playset! (Hey, a guy can dream right?)

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    Snake Mountain, back half of Battle Ram, and Stridor would make me happy.
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    I really never liked the Eternia playset but i can go for a Snake Mountain pre order, however Im not really worried about it or any vehicles, Im good with all the upcoming figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTU_Maniac View Post
    Snake Mountain, back half of Battle Ram, and Stridor would make me happy.
    This, and Night Stalker and Roton.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zodak74 View Post
    After Grayskull, I think it's only fitting that Point Dread & Talon Fighter come next (and come soon... strike while the iron's hot, you know?)
    Hmmmm...but is the Castle Grayskull iron really hot? I figure we'd have to wait to see it's December's sale performance.

    But on the other hand, I believe I read that Day of Sales are icing on the cake. Don't know if that pertains to Castle Grayskull as well since it was the first pre-order of this line.
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    1. rest of major A and B list Filmation characters plus blue hordak with shape change pack and Imp pack in figure
    2. Filmation version of Frightzone and vintage homage combo playset
    3. Snake Mountain Filmation/MYP/vintage combo playset
    4. Filmation version/MYP/vintage with 3 towers of Eternia combo playset with kings court and yard, garden with statues and Eternian royal palace skyline
    5. Filmation grayskull add on pieces for sorceress throne and abyss pit, portal mirrors pack, drawbridge cross bridge walkway, 3 and 4 outerwalls/ extension floors with mazes and hallways
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    I'd take a Snake Mountain pre-order over ANYTHING right now.

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    Night stalker and stridor are a given,I think.

    Point dread and talon fighter are a must.

    Battle ram,a must

    Single jet sled,would be nice

    Roton,the bad guys need something.

    I actually think doing three towers at different times might work better than snake mountain.

    But honestly,castle grayskull is so massive,I am good with play sets. I would still buy any released,but if no more happen,I will be fine.
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    1. Point Dread and the Talon Fighter
    2. Back half of the Battle Ram
    3. Roton

    After that, I'm good.
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    I'm good now. Ask me in a year.
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    -Filmation/200x Snake Mountain playset

    - PoP mini-sub
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Waters:3380922
    1. Point Dread and the Talon Fighter
    2. Back half of the Battle Ram
    3. Roton

    After that, I'm good.
    I second this list.
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    I highly doubt we'll get anymore play sets.
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    Granita. And Hunga. And Granita. GRANITA.

    Did I mention Granita?
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    TG has all but poo-pooed the option of another large playset, so I'll limit my reaching for the sky to the back half of Battle Ram.
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    Snake Mountain
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    I think Snake Mountain is the natural choice, but I also think from a marketing, production, and sales stand point, too much could go wrong. I think Point Dread leading to the Talon Fighter, and back half of Battle Ram would be awesome.

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    Snake Mountain, Battle Ram, Roton, and stick a fork in me cuz I'm done....unless they make something else.

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    • Snake Mountain (I didn't get one as a kid )
    • Point Dread and Talon Fighter
    • Attak Trak
    • Battle Ram
    • Roton
    • Stridor
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    I would like to see the Battle Ram completed.

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    The main thing that I am interested in at this point is wrapping MOTU and POP, and getting major NA characters.

    The main character that I want that I don't know if fits into the NA essential category is Crita. That would be my "triumph" figure.

    I am really not that interested in another playset. Cost and space are both an issue. I would want a Filmation inspired Crystal Castle before a Snake Mountain though.

    Otherwise, Point Dread could be neat, and it doesn't hurt that it would utilize the Castle I already have.

    I'm really not that interested in the back half of the Battle Ram, I would rather see the Roton or Land Shark.

    But in the end, my main priority is more POP characters.
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