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Thread: Profile on the Bubble Power She-Ra card

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    Profile on the Bubble Power She-Ra card

    On the card, it says that after the Horde is defeated on Eternia, Adam and Adora leave the planet to fight them in space and presumably to eradicate them from the entire galaxy.

    Now I've been thinking about this and I personally don't think it's Adam and Adora's job to chase them throughout the galaxy. If they've liberated their respective worlds from the Horde, shouldn't that be enough? Shouldn't they feel like they've done their bit for their corner of the universe and they've earned the right to enjoy their lives?

    What's everyone's thoughts on this? Is it in Adam and Adora's characters to continue to fight the Horde in space or just on their own planets? Is it an obligation for them or is their obligation solely to Eternia and Etheria?
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    It's like a weed, if you don't kill the roots, it'll just grow back.

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    If the twins stopped at their border, they wouldn't be heroes- they'd be policemen. In that case, He-Man would have no real relationship with Stratos or his people, Ram Man, the Kex, Buzz-Off or his people, and certainly would never have gone to someplace named Etheria to help out some girl who might or might not be his long-lost twin sister, regardless of who asked him to go.
    Oh, and if he was that selfish to begin with, I'm pretty sure he would never have been entrusted with the Power of Grayskull.

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    In fact, they chase after Skeletor, which leads them to the Horde Empire. Someone around here put together a lovely Bio-Narrative , editing all of the information together...
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    If He-Man(Adam) & She-Ra(Adora) just stopped them on Eternia & Etheria they could just come back later so it makes sense to chase them to the stars or wherever when the time is right and end the problem so they can't come back.
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    I said this over on your Matty poll, but I'll chime in here, too.
    Their power didn't originate on their home planets. It was intended to be used to protect the universe, and only came to Eternia as a result of a battle with the Horde. If these two beings are the custodians of the Power of the Universe, they have a responsibility to use it to protect everyone.

    Besides, true heroes wouldn't just chase evil away and then say, "Sorry, everyone else! They're your problem now!"
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    though i would side with an adam & adora who sat on their laurels, I cannot imagine them allowing the horde to build back up their copious forces and re-invade. The horde will just come back stronger. They gotta dismantle the evil at least.

    Hence why I think Ador as suggested in the newest minicomic takes over the horde. To turn it into a better, nice empire that can eventually either be benevolent or relinquish power over so much of the universe. That is her penance for being horde for so long. She understands it in the way no other hero does. She can steer it from the inside whereas they (bro & sis) would never destroy it.

    So they have to follow to take out the power at the top so she can do her job in redirecting/lessining/ changing it from the inside.

    Then Adam goes home. Her? She's got alot of work probably.

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    Where can I read these mini-comics? I'd like to read about Adora taking over the Horde.

    Well, I see the point. Yes, with great power comes great responsibility, so most likely they will go into outer space to quell the Horde once and for all.
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    I think Adam/He-Man should primarily remain on Eternia because there is still a lot of work to be done on his home planet. To my vague understanding, Adam's family is the main "ruling" family on Eternia, so Adam has responsibilities both as Prince/King Adam, the ruler of the planet (or a large part of it) and as He-Man, the protector of Castle Grayskull (located on Eternia) and the defender of the people of Eternia. It would be great to see Adam/He-Man working to increase tolerance and understanding of the Gar people and to try to re-integrate the Dark Hemisphere (and its various peoples) with the remainder of Eternia.

    Also, I suspect that Castle Grayskull (and the Power of Grayskull) would always be a target for various villains, so Adam/He-Man should be locally based to protect the castle.

    But, Adora/She-Ra has no real reason to remain on Etheria and she has a far greater connection to The Evil Horde since she served as a Force Captain with the Horde for many, many years. Queen Angella (and Glimmer) together with other members of The Great Rebellion (e.g. Castaspella, Frosta and Mermista) are capable of ruling Etheria and defending Etheria against any remaining threats (e.g. Scorpia or the remaining Horde members). Adora can therefore freely travel into space in pursuit of Hordak and The Evil Horde to stop them once and for all (and to find Queen Angella's husband). As others have noted, Adora could conceivably take Hordak's place within The Evil Horde and use the power and influence of her new position to try to turn The Evil Horde into a force for good or at the very least a force to try to make amends for some of the past wrongs committed by the Horde.

    So, in summary. Adam stays on Eternia, but Adora travels to the stars (with Sea Hawk)!

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    I'm a little torn... They strive to free Eternia and Etheria. That was their main purpose. So, I understand the notion of staying and protecting their home.

    But the prince and princess have always been a bit too "kind" and would go out of their way to make sure they don't enslave anyone/anywehre else.

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    They are Masters of the UNIVERSE not Masters of Eternia. I say go fight the Horde wherever they show their ugly faces

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