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Thread: Do you consider yourself a completist?

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    Do you consider yourself a completist?

    Do you consider yourself a completest when collecting Masters of the Universe Classics figures?

    I've been looking back at all of the money I spend on Classics toys, and between the money, the hassle of chasing after exclusives, and Mattel dumping the line in the lap of Super7 with no explanation given, I have lost interest in the line enough to start sifting through and selling toys I just don't care a great deal about. After I finish an upcoming sale, I will have about 2.5 totes worth of figures left. I'm a cherry picker from here on! No more subscriptions.
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    In 99% of the cases i am!
    My own vision of Motu is quite wide,
    except maybe for total outsiders such as Standor & Mo-Larr
    never seen in any Motu fiction since they were made by the way...
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    No. I only buy the chatracters I actually want, which to be fair is most of them. But I skip most pointless variants where it's nothing but a change of top such as Battle Armor and Dragon Blaster. I also skipped the POP sub and would have skipped Star Sisters and Farting Foe Men had they not been in the sub. Haven't bought any of the Filmation sub either.

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    This is exactly why having such a long period of no communication followed up with no new information or sneak peaks of upcoming products has hurt the MOTUC brand. AdultCollector, if YOU are not all in, this does not bode well. Super-7 needs to let the Horsemen show Prototypes (even with caveats) sooner rather than later to get people interested before it is too late.

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    Yes, but only for Classics. I couldn't care much less about the Toon Line. Give me all the obscure, Classics-Style characters you can, but you can keep your animated-style redos.
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    I am a MOTUC completist, but it is surprising to hear that someone like AdultCollector is becoming a cherry picker. There are regrettable figures that I don't like in MOTUC like the Mighty Spector, Sir Laser-Lot, and Standor. I mainly have kept them hoping I can use the bodies for customizing down the road. That Laser-Lot overpowering monotonous blue and red is just hard to make useful. Classics is almost flawless in character array except for those types of figures. As long as we get good figures in the future, I will remain a completist.

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    Basically yes. Technically I am not. I voted yes. Ideally I want one of everything but I make exceptions for certain things based on availability and repetition. I dont need things like production accidental variants like the really extreme collector.

    For MOTUC for instance I dont feel the need to track down the original Grayskull. Alternately though I do not expect to be able to find a Battle Armour Faker at a price I am willing to pay I do want one. I actively do not want Preternia He Man but eventually if the price is right and I have the spare cash I'll probably end up picking one up. Still on the fence about TRU 2 Pack Merman. I'll never need the chrome She Ra.

    So I like to have basically everything in MOTUC but there are exceptions. If I just do not like a character I'll still get it for completions sake. I dont like holes of characters but I could see skipping variants I dont need like most of the FIlmation Club Grayskull figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkmoon766 View Post
    This is exactly why having such a long period of no communication followed up with no new information or sneak peaks of upcoming products has hurt the MOTUC brand. AdultCollector, if YOU are not all in, this does not bode well. Super-7 needs to let the Horsemen show Prototypes (even with caveats) sooner rather than later to get people interested before it is too late.
    I agree with this.

    At the very least, let the fans know some idea of the character selection for 2017(?) and a rough time-line on when they can be expected (2018?)...

    I'm of a same mind as Adult Collector... I think I may have to go the cherry-picking route, if it's an option, especially if the prices are going to go up.
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    No, I am not a completist.
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    No, but I'm a late starter. Being a completest at this point may not be financially feasible. So I'm buying stuff I get cheap and things I like. I may subscribe with Super 7 if that's the model they go with and I like the line-up. But right now I'm a cherry picker.

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    I want to be, but spirit of Grayskull (blue), Bronze, flocked ears Mossman, Imp Box, and some others I'm missing are just too far outside my price range.

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    No. That's just silly. Buy what you like, that inspires you, things you find beautiful and no more.

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    I have been a MOTU fan since I first saw HE-MAN hanging on the pegs back in '81.

    That said, I am a Cherry Picker out of financial necessity. I don't actually want every single figure in this line, or any line for that matter. I have limited space and other lines I collect, not to mention I like to eat and I have bills to pay.

    If a won a million bucks, I would definitely buy more, but not everything. Why buy things that don't mean anything to me?
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    I am a completest but only with this toy line (not that I have a complete set). I am about a dozen or so figures shy of that goal but there are a couple of figures that I cannot bring myself to purchase. I'm sure as that gap narrows the pull of completion will bring me to finish the list. Time will tell.

    I was a ME Joe completest but after a few undesired Joe con sets left a hole in my collection it was easy to break that spell. With MP Transformers it's always been season 1 characters only (due to cost). Any other line that I collect has been cherry picking.

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    Yes, I'm a totally completist when it comes to items that have had a wide general release. I have everything that's been released so far baring minimal production variants such as the first release of He-Man with the reddish eyes or the early Skeletor with a wider left hand grip. I do have other variants like all three of He-Ro's staves, a flocked ears Moss Man, fused Keldor Swords, and the Gold Power Sword from the DVD boxset. As a kid I've always wanted to have a complete expansive toy line completed and it makes me happy that I have that with MOTUC. I do not have a Blue Spirit of Grayskull, but considering that it was not a figure that had a general release, I do not feel like my collection is incomplete w/o it. It would be nice someday but I'm not overly concerned with it.

    I started pretty late in the line, circa August of 2011. Luckily I've been able to pick up a vast majority of backlogged figures from Matty sales. I've only had to pay a premium on a couple of exclusives. Even some of the harder to find figures that never popped back up on Matty I was able to get a good deal on by buying in large lots.

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    Snappy Threader
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    I want to be a completest. I got in the game a year late, then some struggles kept me from subbing for 2014 and 2015 but I'm slowly catching up but it is so expensive that I am having to leave some out.

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    Let me ask my wallet,........."NO YOU ARE NOT A COMPLETEST!"........ he didnt have to yell, geez..........

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    Yes, and I feel this line deserves quite a few more figures til we call it quits
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    In the very beginning I wanted everything. Then Mo-Lar came out and knocked me out of that. After that, I just wanted all vintage figures. Then Hurricane Hordak had the gold paint chip issue. So then I just needed all vintage characters, not necessarily every variant. Then I missed out on Twistoid and Rotar and realized I didn't care. So I just have what I want, which is mostly vintage MOTU with a sprinkle of POP, Filmation, 200X, and NA. I never thought this would happen, but I like some variants so much that they are my definitive version of the character. Once I got 200X King Hsss, the vintage version didn't exist to me anymore. Camo Khan has replaced Kobra Khan as my definitive Khan. It's very freeing to not feel tied to having to get something just to have it.
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    When it comes to MOTU Definitely. Other lines... mostly. So, yes.

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    Nope. Had about 40 MOTUC at peak, down to about 20 now. Have all Club Grayskull though.

    Completionism has always just felt like an abrogation of free will, judgment and discernment. Mattel gets to decide for you. I don't like handing over that power. It also means that you can't really complain about lackluster or crappy product, though you probably have more occasion to do so, because you have to experience more crappy product because you're buying everything because of Completionism. Just seems like an endless font of frustration to me.
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    For most toylines, I am not a line completionist but I am a group/factions completionist if I like them enough; or all unique characters with only the variants I like.
    For MOTUC, I am mostly a completionist because the line is very nostalgic to me and the characters are very unique in their own way. I am however not a 100% completionist and wouldn't want to be. I buy what I like and sell what I don't like. I don't have much problems with replacing older releases for newer, more detailed and accurate true to character versions.
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    Yes. I have everything (sometimes double and triple) and a whole bunch of test shots too.

    The only figures I draw the line at are Spirit of Grayskull (Blue) and Silver Cake Topper She-Ra.

    Oh, and I agree with what you said about the above SOG too, revelat10n!

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    I USED to be a completist. Since there are more optional purchases that you don't have to buy a subscription for, I'm alot pickier nowadays. My collection features MOST of the characters with no glaring omissions.

    I recently sold off Mighty Spector, Fighting Foe Men, Sir Laser-Lot, Horde Prime and Cy-Chop, all characters that were unopened and gathering dust.

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