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Thread: Flight stand clips for Swiftwind, Battle Cat, Panthor?

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    Flight stand clips for Swiftwind, Battle Cat, Panthor?

    You can do some amazing things with the flight stands Matty offers on its Web site. You can display MOTUC figures flying (BuzzOff, 200x Zodac, etc.) or create other effects such as Webstor propelling downward, Beastman leaping forward (or being knocked backward by a powerful punch!), or Mer-Man swimming and exploring the depths of your display case, bookshelf or computer desk.
    The flight stands come with three clips, each larger than the last, to give you versatility in the number of figures you can use these with. But what about Battle Cat, Panthor, Swiftwind and other beasts? I personally would like to display Battle Cat leaping, or Swiftwind flying in the air.
    Therefore, I recommend we make a strong suggestion to Mattel to include beast-sized flight clips with Panthor and Swiftwind, and future releases of Battle Cat and other "beast" MOTUC products. Either this or offer the clips as a separate product on its site. This would be a benefit not only to the customer but also to the company, as it would provide an added value to the product, as well as an incentive for consumers to go online and purchase their own flight stands.

    I'd love to hear your feedback on this subject!

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