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Thread: Still hope for FILMation characters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swanmarsh View Post
    I didn't mean his face. Of course the toy Skeletor looks nothing like Filmation skeletor head.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swanmarsh View Post
    Just put TRU Skeletor's head on Keldor's body and you pretty much have Filmation Skeletor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swanmarsh View Post
    I think of all the variant heads fans could universally agree on, if you had to pick only 2, it would be a Filmation Skeletor head and an Alcala Skeletor head.
    No Alcala for me thanks - my two'd be Filmation-Skeletor & MYPtoon-Skeletor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morningstar View Post
    Thank you!! I just did it!
    It IS amazing!!!

    You forgot Darkdream too He's one of my favorites!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Shokoti View Post
    Except for the JLU toyline(although that has more to due with the angles on the characters' designs than their lack of detail), I agree with this. I love the Ghostbusters movies but I really wish we were getting the animated series in toy form over the movies(although I'd love to get a Dana Barrett toy).
    i'm the opposite.... i'm glad to finally have the 'true' Ghostbusters in toy form. the cartoon GB toys never appealed to me & still don't.
    back in the day they were the only GB toys avalible, but i always wanted toys based on the movies more than anything. so to finally have that is kind of a dream come true. I only wish that NECA would have had the license to have made them when they were making their GB line. their version of slimer is miles above Mattel's version in terms of sculpting, accessories, paint apps, and it glows in the dark.

    btw they are making 'cartoon' based GB toys.

    I like cartoon based toys if the toys are more detailed than their toon versions. like the original Transformers, TMNT, GI joe, MOTU, etc. all were more detailed than their tv versions. less detailed toys imo are crap, which is why i don't collect the toon looking star wars figures.
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    You know, it's occured to me that Filmation and Mattel have more in common than I thought... Mattel love to reuse parts and Filmation had the stock footage system; both of which are about recycling previously-used material...

    Characters like Strongarm, Vultak, Melaktha and Sea Hawk would be easy to make in MOTUC because they all use similar bodies, arms, legs, boots and hands to those already available in the line. Another reason to get those rights!!
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    I am confused.. if Mattel doesnt have the rights to FILMATION characters why is Bow released? Adora even, or She-ra? Aren't these FILMATION characters also?

    MOTU filmation rights - is it even possible?

    during 2009 SDCC, it was said during the panel that you're working on getting the rights for filmation characters. Is this something you are still working on or has it been abandoned? Is there hope, or can you put the issue to rest and confirm it's not going to happen with the current line please?

    We are always looking at new MOTU characters and rights but there are no plans for the Filmation characters at this time in the Classics line. We do not currently have the rights to these characters.

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    Bow and She-Ra were toys too, though, and Adora works because of the Style Guide.
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