View Poll Results: How much would you pay for 12'' Vintage-styled MOTU figures?

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  • Less than $50

    14 14.29%
  • $50

    11 11.22%
  • $60

    6 6.12%
  • $70

    6 6.12%
  • $80

    11 11.22%
  • $90

    2 2.04%
  • $100

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  • More than $100

    1 1.02%
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Thread: How much would you pay for 12'' Vintage-styled MOTU figures?

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    How much would you pay for 12'' Vintage-styled MOTU figures?

    How much would you pay for 12'' Vintage-styled MOTU figures?

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    Heroic Warrior Man-E-Toys's Avatar
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    I'd feel comfortable paying around $80 tops.

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    Heroic Warrior Lich Leech's Avatar
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    $50 or less - these things aren't detailed enough to justify more than that.

    Great idea though
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    Scott said that they probably would be something like 80$ like the Gentle Giant Star Wars figures. I really want those, so I voted 80$, that should be realistic. They can drop the waist-action to save some money. I even would be happy if only the head and arms would move. I REALLY hope that they will be released. In fact, I would pay even more, just bring`em on. MOTUC will soon be over for me, so these 12" figures would be something to look forward to.
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    Since i want a Large He-Man so very badly, i will be willing to pay $90 or less.

    OO-LARR i agree with you, this will be something to look forward too, i dont care if they only make He & Skelly

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    Eternian Pimp PIMPS ADAM's Avatar
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    I'll pay $70 to $80. Please just space them out through the year.
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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    currently uninterested. I have such a large collection of collections to begin with, for years I have been trying not to get everything under the sun.

    MOTUC is just perfect for me. Heck I want the minis but I am trying not to.

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    Somewhere between $70-$85. I REALLY want the top 8-12 vintage characters!
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    Plundor Promoter He-Dad's Avatar
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    I paid $25 for a 31" Superman and the same for a 31" Darth Vader. They both had the same amount of articulation as these....but are bigger. If they sell them for $15 they're worth it.

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    Heroic Warrior
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    I voted less than $50. As I mentioned in the other thread about them, you can get better figures that are the same size or larger for $35-40. Even Titus and Megator were only around $40 when they came out, and they are the same size, with better sculpts and better articulation. I really can't see any justification for making 12" 80s style figures cost so much. A 30" Darth Vader at Target is $30. 14" Thundercats are $35-40. MOTUC Giants are $40. The 18" Gypsy Danger by Neca is $85 at BBTS, which is a bit more, but then consider the articulation and features it has compared to the vintage Skeletor, and the fact is is 50% bigger, and it is still a bargain in comparison. I think the 18" Marvel Universe Galactus was $50-55. I think the retail version of Metroplex was around $120, but that thing is about 24" tall and is also a fully functioning triple-changing transformer.

    Yes, I know Gentle Giant charges $80 for their 12" vintage Star Wars figures; I don't know the economics of that company licensing Star Wars figures, but frankly, I'm inclined to think that those things are either produced in very small numbers (really, how many people would want figures that look like that when you can get far better constructed 4" and 6" SW figures?), or they are just grossly overpriced to take advantage of obsessive Star Wars fans. I kind of feel like someone at Mattel noticed this company was charging $80 for toys that should really be $20 at the very very most, and they just went, "Wow! We need to get in on that!"

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    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ironman's Avatar
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    You people know that the more you say you are willing to pay for these things the more they will jack up the price. I voted for $50.
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    NA mini-sub Supporter ! Arkangel's Avatar
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    i voted less than 50USD but then i saw the Not interested in these figures , and that would have been my choice

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    REMAINING MOTUC FOR 2015 synthalus's Avatar
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    MOTUC is the ultimate He-Man/She-Ra toy line for me
    Therefore I'm not interested in these. They would take up too much space at 12" anyway imho.
    The mini masters were tempting, but I didn't give in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    I paid $25 for a 31" Superman and the same for a 31" Darth Vader. They both had the same amount of articulation as these....but are bigger. If they sell them for $15 they're worth it.
    agree with this...

    im sure folks will pay more..but me personally more than 30 and that would be With accessories..

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    Heroic Warrior Danavas's Avatar
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    I'm not interested. We all have limits and I think an $80 figure that is going to take up a huge amount of space is mine. Now, if we were talking 3 3/4 inch, highly detailed and articulated, I'd be in.

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    Heroic Warrior Mythew's Avatar
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    You can get 31" Vader at walmart for $25. Matty selling a 12" figure for anything more than $12 is just another example of corporate greed and feeding off the fans.

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    Heroic Warrior InspectorZartan's Avatar
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    I'd say $50-60 if sold on Matty. Any higher and I'd have to really think about it and at most only get He-Man, Skeletor and Orko.

    But to be honest if these were yearly exclusives sold at SDCC I would go higher because a) I'm a bit more spend happy at comic con, and b) despite purchasing 100s of exclusives while attending comic con every year for the past 15+ years, each exclusive bought there is a fond memory of the convention and time spent with friends (despite the fact that getting these exclusives at the con is a pain they are still fond reminders of a fun week). Thus personally I'm willing to pay more for something that will have that fond memory attachment over what I will something that simply shows up in the mail.
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    I voted 60 bucks.

    NECA is releasing some high-quality 1/4 scale figures priced around the 80-90 dollar mark, so Mattel should be able to get these 12" figures out the door at a cheaper price.

    I know it's a smaller demographic, but just look at Tytus, Megator, and Procrustus. They are all 12 inches and sport decent articulation. Plus, the vintage buck was used by almost everyone in MOTU, another money saving feature...

    Regardless of what they end up costing, I will buy them!
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    Heroic Warrior RocketPunch's Avatar
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    I feel the same way about these as I do about the jumbo Star Wars figures. Not interested at all.

    However, if Mattel insists on making giant vintage MOTU figs, I would love to buy reissues of the vintage Tytus & Megator.

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    Heroic Warrior Orko's Magic Hat's Avatar
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    Between $70-$80.00.

    Hope these get made, I'd love the original 8 back!
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    I chose $60.00, but for me, quality and character selection would make what I'd be willing to pay vary greatly. If they are packaged in scaled reproductions of vintage packaging, like the Gentle Giant Jumbo Star Wars figures, I'd be willing to pay a bit more. I'd be willing to pay $100.00 for a well-done Scare Glow or King Randor, but only $50-$60 for characters like Stratos and Man-at-Arms, and $75.00 or so for classic He-Man and Skeletor.
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