View Poll Results: Is There Too Much "Vintage" In MOTUC?

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  • I Think MOTUC Is Perfect Just The Way It Is!

    86 59.72%
  • I Wish The Line Was Even More "Vintage" In Design!

    17 11.81%
  • I Wish The Line Was Even More "2002" In Design!

    26 18.06%
  • I Wish The Line Featured New Designs That Weren't "Vintage" Or "2002"!

    10 6.94%
  • I'm Quitting The Line If Things Don't Change Soon!

    0 0%
  • Other(Please Explain)!

    5 3.47%
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Thread: Is MOTUC Too Vintage Or Just Right?

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    i think it's fine as is. sy-klone is the first fig i've felt underwhelmed about...BUT that said, all i've seen is what is likely just a proto. not the final fig. i've loved the sculpt and paint apps for all the other figs. most of my nitpicks have to do with things like articulation (for example, tytus's lack of articulation).

    ETA: the number of people who love EVERYTHING about any single toy line is probably very small. most people will be able to find SOMETHING they don't like about a toy line.
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