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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread--December 2010

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for December 2010!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like before, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    I'll create a new version of this thread every month. I tried doing it every season and the first page has this extreme slow down effect.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    Ghost Of Grayskull?

    Howdy, I was wondering if you would ever consider a Fully Glow in the dark 'King Grayskull'? with GITD weapons etc?

    I fully understand that the 'Spirit of Graysull' can never be re-issued or mass produced, as that would lesson the 'Uniqueness' of the two in existence, but I for one think an a-list variant 'Ghost Of Grayskull' would be a fantastic item!

    Always a possibility and one we haver talked about if we wanted to refresh Grayskull down the road. We just did a King Grayskull so if we did this it might not be for awhile.
    Why are you calling ...

    I have a simple question... Why are you calling the members of the Great Rebellion faction Princess of Power? Yes I know that was the was the name of the toy line from the 80's, but Matty acknowledges the Horde, Snake men and the other factions correctly. And POP refers really to She-ra not the rebellion.

    We could have gone in that direction but chose not to. POP has a great logo with vintage equity and fan recognition that we very much wanted to use in the Classics line. So yes, you can presume that characters with a POP logo are members of the "Great Rebellion" but we decided to go with the POP logo to maintain that "Classics" feel.
    MOTUC Re-Deco Master List !

    You've said that 2003 "Birth Of Skeletor" inspired Keldor is on the Master List of Re-Deco figures. Apart from this, can you tell us a few other characters who qualifies in the list ?

    Pretty much if you have seen it on a fan wish list, there is a pretty good chance it is on our list. We really have yet to see a figure suggested that is not already in our master pool of characters and character refreshes. It doesn't mean all are coming, but in time they could!
    Why will Vikor come with 2 SHORT CHAINS instead of 1 LONG CHAIN?

    This was one of the first things I noticed upon reviewing his recent reviews, and have now decided to start a thread on it over at and here, since no one else seemed to notice. (I don't think anyway.) But I am REALLY SAD to see this change, because one LONG chain makes for a much more efficient weapon than two short ones. PLUS, the idea that he would turn the chain that once enslaved him, into a weapon to beat his enslavers with, really adds to his savagery!

    The chains were corrected on the final figure to match the original art which had short chains.
    Clarification on January sale date

    Hi Matty, I noticed the sale date for January is listed as the 18th, but this is a Tuesday. Is this accurate? Normally the sale date is on a Monday if the 15th falls on a weekend. Can you please clarify whether the sale will be on Monday the 17th, or Tuesday the 18th? Thanks!!!

    Catra's Wrath: Sale day for January is on the 18th this time around, as the 15th falls on a public holiday.
    MOTU filmation rights - is it even possible?

    during 2009 SDCC, it was said during the panel that you're working on getting the rights for filmation characters. Is this something you are still working on or has it been abandoned? Is there hope, or can you put the issue to rest and confirm it's not going to happen with the current line please?

    We are always looking at new MOTU characters and rights but there are no plans for the Filmation characters at this time in the Classics line. We do not currently have the rights to these characters.
    Buzz Off Foot Holes

    HI TG, I thought I remembered reading that Buzz Off had the holes in his feet that Whip Lash Lacked, and yet my BO arrived this afternoon and has no peg holes.

    Is this an error?

    The first handful came back with the Whiplash feet but this was fixed as a running change for most of the production. But yes, a few were produced without holes. Luckily he stands just fine without a peg'd stand.
    Goddess & Orko Bio? 500 or 5000 Years?

    You've updated the Bio for the goddess, but what's with the bio from Orko.? Here you can also read that it is 500Years from Grayskulls Death to Adams Birth (500 Years that the sword was splitt into two halfes).

    Yup. We need to update Orko's bio too. Originally we had the time line at 500 years but this is indeed one of the few things we are doing a 180 on. In hindsight 500 years did not feel old enough for Castle Grayskull and the entertainment department decided last month that officially it is 5000 years so we will make this change on the bios going forward.
    Battle Ram/Skysled

    What are the odds of us getting one of these?

    We do have a vehicle planned for 2011 and if it does well we will likely do another in 2012. Which one remains to be seen!
    200X Variants of Secondary Characters

    Are 200X variants for secondary characters planned for future inclusion into MOTUC? Such as Trap and Smash Orko, Sky Strike Stratos, Serpent Track Mekaneck, Serpent Claw Man-at-Arms, etc.

    I understand that they are probably "on the table", but is it very likely that we'll see these sorts of variants down the road? I hope so - specifically the Orko variant. This figure was/is hard to find in the US and would be a nice addition, IMO. It would provide an opportunity to flesh out his bio even more since he's becoming more important to the mythos.

    These are characters we have considered and if we do them they will be in "Classics" style. All good ideas, but on one to confirm right now. In the long term, we do have 200X variants slotted into the line.
    May Figure

    Will we see the May figure before Toy Fair in New York or will that be the time of the next reveal/s?

    Yes. The May figure will be revealed in the Jan shipping issue of Toy Fare. She is pretty awesome.
    Songster doesn't have to be a joke character.

    Recently Songster was referred as "to be used as a joke character."
    I disagree. Orko was a "Joke character" yet made "serious and relevant" to the MOTUC lore.

    Why this can't be done to Songster?
    Yes he's a Spoony Bard that dresses funny, but he's a Bard!
    A Bard is the most suited to spread the exploits of heroes and villains past and present.

    He could have musical instrument themed weapons... Guitar/Axe is kinda obvious.

    With an awesome bio, cool accessories and a cool figure, Songster COULD be awesome... P.S. Songster IS more MOTU than Mo-Larr (Who I own and enjoy!)

    Is it possible to treat SOngster seriously and made as an awesome character... He isn't as ridiculous as Snout Spout, or the Energy Zoids.

    No, we totally get it. And "joke" character was prob not the best description. Hey a MOTU bard is actually a really cool idea. What say you fans, should Songster make it into MOTUC? I will tell you right now he is not planned, but we do have rights to him. I'll leave it up to the fans. Lets us know if you'd like to see him on the line!
    He-man cartoon question

    Even though matty can't make original characters from the show, what's your opinion of the filmation He-man cartoon? just wondering if you're a fan of the old show.

    Huge fan. Was a fan when I was young and a fan now. I still sing that song all the time.
    During those 5000 years...

    Was there a He-Man active through all 5000 years until Adam (Sorta like when a He-Man perishes, the Goddess seeks out a new replacement and did this continuously until Adam was born) or were there these little gaps of these peaceful ages where a He-Man wasn't needed and the Power Sword halves went undisturbed?

    I'm asking this because with 5000 years, that's alot of He-Men. Unless a He-Man was only chosen because of the most extreme threats to Eternia.

    Yes, the idea is there was always someone guarding the sword of He. But that warrior wasn't always known. In some generations the guardian warrior kept to him or herself.

    But this is how the "legend of the He-Man" spread around Eternia until Adam used the Power of Grayskull to transform into the one true He-Man.
    What's your favorite Motu Classics figure so far?

    As one of the first people to see every Motu Classics figure what's your favorite figure so far?

    It's like picking your favorite children!

    Carnivus and Trap Jaw are big favorites, but if I had to pick one, I can't stop playing with Vikor. He is just awesome! Ever since I found the actual original Taylor art in the archives a few years back I was determined to see it translated into a toy. So this figure really was a dream come true!
    Shipping Question

    How did my subscription items ship after the items I bought on the 15th? It seems bass-ackwards.

    Catra's Wrath: With so many orders to fulfill (we're talking a huge operation here) as it's not just the MOTUC items on sale, there's all the other lines (DCU, Ghostubusters etc) to ship, that items may be put together by territory or location in order to make things swifter (in other words if you have 500 parcels for Canada, it makes more sense to ship those out in one go than for them to go through in dribs and drabs - as it will just hold things up even longer once they hit the parcel office).

    We do ask that people allow 10 days for their shipping confirmations, and as sale day was only 3 days ago, and subs shipped 4 days ago, the shipments are well within that time scale.
    Where's our shipping notices / confirmations

    What's going on this month.. why are NON-Subscribers of the MOTUC line getting thier notice and figures before subscribers to your services??

    Wasnt it said a few months back that sub holders would be shipped first or at least confirmation as you already have our money?

    I have yet to get shipping notice on my 10 subscriptions and yet non-subscriptors have received their product..

    and still nothing on the PKE Meter too..

    Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery?? I mean Customer Care sorry.

    Catra's Wrath: We do ask (and always have done) that people allow up to 10 days for their shipping confirmations. People forget the sheer number or orders that have to be fulfilled. We're not just talking about one toy line, we're talking about several, and they're all shipping to customers worldwide - there's no way that can be achieved in a few days.

    Postal services tend to collate parcels by destination and territory, so some locations will recieve their items before others. It's not a personal thing, everyone's order is fulfilled as quickly as possible.

    If you haven't had a shipping confirmation after the 10 day period then do let us know, but that is the standard time we have always asked to allow for.
    Buzz Off sellout

    I noticed that Buzz Off sold out abruptly without the typical "Almost Gone" warning. Was the remaining stock pulled or did they actually sell out?

    He sold out. ;-)
    Classic MOTU had mini-comics...Why not MOTUC? (Especially since "no more 2nd heads")

    I'm not sure why you haven't addressed the recent questions regarding mini-comics, since obviously I'm not the sole fan interested in them. They are very much apart of the "classic MOTU" line, and to be honest, they are something that the current "Classics" line is sorely missing. Is it because they are technically not "toys" that you are unable to comment?

    I realize that there was a vote of "heads vs. mini-comics" at SDCC, but that was a long time ago, and fans feelings do change, plus that vote was from such a small pool anyway. I would simply like to know what the CURRENT status of where Mattel stands on including mini-comics to accompany the MOTUC line, especially since there isn't ANY new media to support the brand.

    Also, it just seems logical for Mattel to utilize its current relationship/partnership with DC to commission some new mini-comics – maybe even beginning with a brand new MOTU/DC crossover comic to accompany the MOTU/DC 2-packs, in order to "test the waters" for a purely MOTU mini-comic.

    Is this not a valid question re: the MOTUC line? I can assure that I am not the only fan dying for new MOTU media, especially mini-comics. Thank You.

    There will still be plenty of second heads in MOTUC when called for. We just are not going to be doing a second head purely as a nod to 200X re-designs because that style is retired.

    AS for mini comics, it is something we continue to look into but it is just not logistically possible at this time. Maybe one day, but not right now.
    Battle Ram wheels

    could the wheels for a possible Battle Ram be made of rubber instead of stiff platic, cos that always looks cheap and makes funny noises?

    We have not announced a Battle Ram at this time so we really can't comment on design specifics!
    americans fans vs internatinal fans

    toyguru you said there is still no sufficient support to justify an international platform for motuc.
    I would like to know the difference in percentages between international fans and American fans.

    What is the closest number approximately? 70% 30%, 80% 20% ,90% 10%.

    Sorry, this is not information we make available to the public. But we can say the largest international base (at least for MOTUC) is Germany. But still not even close to large enough to justify a second distribution center at this time. Maybe one day. German fans, keep spreading the word!
    Techno Sword of Protection (streamlined)

    Is it possible to have a Techno Sword of Protection

    but a bit more streamlined (Reducing the excessive detailing) like it was done with her brother's Techno Sword... For those fans who prefer the Techno Swords. (Tossing one in as a pack in surprise on a certain winged pony would be cool.)
    Storywise reason? Something something Real sword of protection was suffering from Clone Degeneration. Techno elements are stabilizing the sword until it heals completely.

    I suppose it is always possible, but this really isn't on our "to do" list right now. Besides, if you look at the "shape" of the 200X She-Ra sword, without the "techno" hyper detail anime parts it really is a gold version of the vintage sword. (compared to the He-Man sword that was a totally unique sword).
    Motu Connect a Castle Grayskull

    First off thank you inadvance for looking at this. I have a far fetch idea that the MOTUC figures should come with pieces of castle grayskull. That can be assembled to a larger piece, purchased down the road. Larger scale figures can come with bigger pieces and so forth. Since DCUC have this method I thought why not go bigger. The line is stated to go until 2016 I believe that is a lot of connect pieces to help form the castle. Well just a thought. Thank you for your time and thank your the wonderful job being done.

    Doing a "connect and collect" Castle Grayskull would make a difficult project that much more difficult. If we ever did a Castle it would be as one toy (we are really not interested in doing a "front" only either) and would have to wait for a movie year or new entertainment in order to gain enough customers. Even if we could sell a Castle to every current Club Eternia member that is not even close to enough customers to justify the tooling and logistics it would take to do this!

    We know there is a lot of demand for a Castle, I'd personally love one too, but there is a reason large playsets are not out for even mainline retail lines these days. They are simply too expensive to tool and do not sell as well. It is on my personal wish list, but to manage expectations, Castle Grayskull in Classics scale is a long way off and not in any plans anytime soon.
    dc and masters of the universe

    I Have a question:
    Which Characters will be in the third and fourth
    dc universe classics versus masters of the universe waves?

    We'll be announcing the next pack in the Jan shipping issue of Toy Fare magazine and likely a few more at NYTF in Feb.
    Skeletor with white skull face

    Is it possible for the next Skeletor variant to have a white skull face?

    ...for Dragon Blaster or 200x or whichever...? I love the original MOTUC face, but after Battle Armor Skeletor we will have 3 like that if you count the Mo-Larr 2-pack. The TRU yellow face was great, too, but... please being on the white skull!


    It is possible but we don't have plans right now.
    DCUC / MOTUC Two-Packs

    Well are the new 2-packs coming out?

    Because I began seeing some photos on them, online, already.

    The next wave with Hawkman/Stratos and Mer-Man/Aquaman are shipping to TRU now. It is up to TRU to distribute them to stores. This is not something Mattel controls.

    The next pack will be revealed in the Jan shipping issue of Toy Fare magazine!
    motuc sy-klone .about his arms's articulation

    is limited the articulation of half of the arms with those blue reliefs?

    No, the "wings" are only attached to the top part of the arm so he has movement on the lower arms!
    Celebrating the 30th anniv. of MOTU

    What is Mattel, if anything, doing to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of MOTU?

    IS Mattel going to do anything? They didn't do anything for POPs 25th anniversary(and figures that were released in MOTUC don't count as they were already on the books)

    Yes! We do have plans to celebrate in 2012. We'll have more to announce at SDCC 2011 about our 2012 plans.
    Possibility of mini-playsets in MOTUC

    I know we're a long way from getting full fledge playsets like Castle Grayskull or Snake Moutain? But what about mini-playsets, like the Evil Horde Slime Pit, the 200X Mutant Slime Pit, the 200X Battle Station, or Crystal Falls (lol)? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall these minn-playsets being any more expensive than vehicles and they would still serve as good back drops for dsplays. Is there a better chance that we'll see these mini playsets in MOTUC before full fledge playsets?

    Catra's Wrath: It's possible but nothing to report right now. The line will include it's firts diorama 'mini playset' next year with the release of the Weapons Rack. If this is a success then who knows what the future holds!
    Would It be possible to make the palace guards sub fig

    I signed up for the club subscription to avoid having to risk not getting a figure. I am not sure but are the palace guards part of the club subscription and if not would it be possible to make them so. Please let me know if can answer this thank you.

    Catra's Wrath: I'm afraid the Palace Guards are not part of the Club Eternia subscription, It's also too late to include them in the subs I'm afraid as the number of items, and therefore the final price of the year's subscription was determined way back in June this year.

    They will be available for purchase right here on on sale day in January however, so we hope to see you then.
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