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This thread is for us who play the game and want to discuss our achievements, show off our loot, discuss upcoming content, changes, story lines, links to the armory, etc.

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Moving on

Now that WotLK is behind us, and the Cataclysm has hit, what are your all's thoughts so far?

If you haven't read The Shattering, I suggest you do. It is a really great story of why Thrall left, Garrosh took over, and why Baine Bloodhoof is now High Chieftan. If you read Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, and you liked it...The Shattering is much better.

Speaking of Arthas, I still haven't killed him. I haven't been able to hard core raid in a long time. Just when I would find a guild that was progressing through ICC well enough they would fall apart. Me and a few friends in and out of game have decided to form a 10 man guild so we can get it done, plus use the new guild leveling system.

In hindsight I thought they did a great job with WotLK. The story was great, the in game cinematics were epic, the music IS legedary, so going forwarded I'm really excited.

As for Cata I don't have many complaints so far. Flying in Azeroth is great! Ogrimmar looks great (I'm pro-Horde by the way), I LOVE the new Battle.Net Real ID, of course I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff to do

The Goblin starting zone is fun. Really great quest line regarding Thrall. I don't want to spoil it, but even if you don't plan on rolling a Goblin (ie paid race change), just like the DK starting zone it is worth it

I can go on and on about this with a 'wall of text that crits for 100K', so I'll stop here and let someone else jump in.