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Thread: What panels would you like to see at the next Power-Con (if there is one)?

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    What panels would you like to see at the next Power-Con (if there is one)?

    What Panels would you like to see at the next Power-Con (if there is one)?

    Here are a couple I think would be cool to see:

    1987 Movie Panel: With the 30th Anniversary coming in 2017, it would be cool to have an 87 movie panel. It could be a mixture of people that have came before (ie: Goddard, Foster, and De Longis) and some that haven't been there before (ie: Fields, McNeill, Mar, Cypher, and Tolkan). Of course, the bigger names like Lundgren and Langella would be cool, but I assume they'd be too expensive or likely not to come.

    Filmation Creative Panel: This year's con had a panel featuring a couple of voice actors and a remembering Lou panel, but not one with the creative team. It would be nice to see a creative one again with the likes of Larry DiTillio, Marc Scott Zicree, Bob Forward, and others.

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    I would love a New Adventures panel with Jack Olesker! And possibly anyone else who worked on that show.

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    A panel again with Rob David, and the new creative team from the upcoming comic books series, whoever this going to be, discussing the developments of new MOTU stories, and the modern comic mythology and celebrating the 5th year of the MOTU comic.

    A panel with Axel Gimenez, Nate Baertsch, Simon Soltau, Kevin Sharpe, Dave Wilkins, Ryan Barger, Diana Egea, Stjepan Sejic, Simon Eckert, Greg Semkow, etc discussing the modern and the future of MOTU artwork and designs.

    A panel about the 200X cartoon series and the comics from that Era, for the 15 years old anniversary of the show.

    A panel about the 87's movie for its 30th birthday (a lot of important anniversaries next year for MOTU, especially if we count also the 35th birthday of the entire MOTU franchise).

    A panel with the 4H and TG about the Classics line development, and hopefully the plan of the 4H ahout its future (if it survives this year of course).
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