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Glad you dig it, but with my mock-ups I'm just borrowing from what the Horsemen have already done.

And although I do really like Sy-Klone as is, I do think the extra rings and fins would've gone a long way to spice him up from his current more formaldehyde/amber status.
I know it's not "100% never before seen stuff" you did, but you "classicized" 200X elements that would have made him look real snazzy.

What I will never understand though, is why anything non-vintage must be made removable, or be able to be hidden out of view in the package, like anything new is something to be ashamed of.
I don't really look at it that way. I LOVE removeable...anything really. It gives a lot of different display/look possibilities. I have always, always loved and treasured my action figures that have:

1) Removeable armour, helmets, clothes, faces (human robots), extra hands, heads, etc.
2) Translucent pieces (accessories, ghosts from Ghostbusters, etc.).
3) Glow in the dark anything.

trying to duplicate the vintage MOC look so specifically on the one hand, but on the other use an infinitely inferior package design.

If they were wanting to replicate the vintage MOC's so slavishly, you'd think they'd go with the best aspects of the vintage MOC look, right?
Oh...don't even get me started on that one. They recreated a "bellybutton" but not the red and blue POWER colours (most people's favourite colours) which are THE epitome of classic when it comes to MOTU.

I...I just can't talk about it.