In the Filmation cartoon, he didn't have the playing card suits for arrowheads and he had many types of different arrows for different tasks. I'm pretty sure he had the playing card arrowheads in comics but I'm really out of touch in that department. So does anyone know what each of the playing card suits arrowheads do? Give me your best guesses.

My assumptions:

Spades: Perhaps extends out into some sort of a grappling hook arrowhead?
Clubs: Smokescreen arrow tips?
Diamonds: Horde Trooper armor piercing arrowheads?
Hearts: Sticky arrows?

These are just my guesses and are mostly based off of the Filmation cartoon because that's what I know best. Anyone got any other insight?

This is why we need some sort of media entertainment, be it mini comics or cartoons to see such MOTUC canon things in action.