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Thread: Which origin for Fisto in MOTUC

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    I voted other. I'd like it if he had an tie to Duncan, but I don't think they need to be brothers. Maybe they could be very close childhoodfriends and brothers-in-arms? I think Duncan could use someone who sees him as something else than an father-figure or a master of building techno-stuff.

    I liked the UK story about Fisto, where Fisto felt himself very uncomfortable at the queens birthday (because he didn't know how to act at formal parties). I could see something like that being between them, and also I could see Fisto being the one who questions MAA from time to time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    If thats true, then what a mistake! I can't imagine the Sorceress hooking up with an oaf like Fisto.

    Just curious as to where this info is? The DVD?
    Those powerful deities get walled up for too long and then go looking for trouble. I get the impression they only used the word husband because they were avoiding other more obvious ones.

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    I went for other, for pretty much the same reason's some of the others have, Duncan's brother, yes, Teela's dad, no, even tho it was a neat concept. {ducks}, rogue tendencies, but not fully bad, seems cool.
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    I don't want to see the MYP origin at all. I liked Fisto's personality there but hate most of the rest of it.

    Don't like the giant fist. Creepy and weird.

    Don't like MAA And Fisto as brothers. Doesn't seem right to me and everyone is related to everyone already. And MOTUC has only served to make MORE characters pointlessly related.

    And of course Fisto as Teela's father? I'd rather have her be a clone made by Skeletor than that.

    Oh wait..

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    hell yeah Fisto and the Sorceress hooked up and he rocked her Eternian world!!! After the fightings over they're both going to ride off into the sunset on his mechanical horse

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    Geez, why does everyone have such a problem with Fisto being teela's dad or MAA brother?

    Really, people, some people do have big families. I have relatives in just about every state, so it's not unrealistic for Eternians to have relatives. and for MAA to have a brother isn't far fetched, nor is it for Randor to have a brother.... seriously, does everyone here on the org come from single child familes? don't any of you have brothers & sisters? apparently not.... if you think it's 'wrong' for fictional characters to have brothers, sisters, dads, etc.
    why does everyone on a team have to be total strangers & unrelated to one another?
    to me that's dumb. no relationship to other characters, no reason for being, no motive for what they do, = dead end pointless story imo.

    is everybody supposed to be an only child, or have no parents or relatives of any kind? if so then where did they come from? common sense people, i know it's something that's lacking in today's world, apparently.

    and for a planet like Eternia where they can walk from one side to the other in minutes, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone was related to everyone.... the population can't be very big at all, not when he-man can travel to several parts of the planet all in one day to stop Two-bad from seperating the planet. or go to snake mountain on foot, unless Battlecat can run 10,000 miles per hour. Eternia can't be much bigger than a small city. I'm amazed they can call it a planet at all... same for Etheria.

    I HATE the idea of Teela being a clone, and totally disregard it as rubbish. I also HATE the idea of Teela's real dad being some random guy who isn't part of the mythos because he's DEAD and his identity is unknown..... a dead end story imo = crap.

    I'm also not fond of Fisto being yet another of Skeletor's lackeys who for some reason sees the light.... (yawn.... been done many times before...)

    I like stories/mythos where the characters have a relationship. it gives them a reason for being there. to have a random character just for the sake of having a character is dumb imo, and pointless. giving Fisto a relationship with MAA & Teela gives him a place in motu imo, rather than just being the 'good guy' counterpart to jitsu to sell a toy, which i'm sure is the reason the character was made to begin with, but they can certainly expand on that & give him a role & sense of belonging.

    so for me, he's Duncan's brother, and unknown to anyone is Teela's dad. to me it sets up alot of possible subplots & further character development for MAA, Fisto & Teela. otherwise, to me those characters are nothing more than dead ends and totally irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

    i liked his giant pre-metal fist... some people do have overgrown hands, limbs, etc, so it makes the motu world more real to me to have some characters with physical oddities. Not everybody is made perfect. nothing creepy or wierd about it, that's the way nature is. apparently some of you have never seen people with physical handicaps before....
    nobody complains about Clawful having a giant hand.... and jitsu has a giant hand too... the Filmation version clearly wasn't metal, like the figure's.

    IMHO, the myp origin is the only origin, since there wasn't really an origin for fisto to speak of, to begin with, anyway.

    and don't even get me started on the idea of Skeletor being responsible for creating Teela....stupidest idea ever imo. Who writes that crap? What's this? Skeletor is Gargamel now? and Teela is smurfette? Garbage........... crap.... flush it down the toilet with the rest of the sewage....

    why does everything nowadays have to involve cloning? it goes to show that there is a total lack of ideas and zero creativity for story writers these days....just look at the crap movies that come out lately. nothing more than rehashed ideas. Even avatar, as cool as it is, is merely 3 or 4 movies combined into one. (Aliens, Dances with wolves, matrix & Surrogates)

    to me Teela will always be just a regular person, who has birth parents. like normal people. nobody can relate to someone who's a clone, unless you're a clone. bad move on Mattel's part imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulkhide View Post
    This is my thoughts as well. I don't want him as Teela's father either.

    In my Personal Canon, Fisto is MAA's brother who was once a highwayman/brigand who both bullied and stole what he wanted from travelers. He was very much like how Gaston is in Beauty and the Beast - a braggart who always tried to show he was better than everyone around him. He believed others owed him something. He eventually went to jail for it, but was released. And now he's become more approachable and less of a total jerkhole. He has a lot of tension with Duncan and that doesn't go anywhere.
    like both of these ideas, definately not teelas dad though
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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1592 View Post
    Not a good Poll

    Personally I HATE when bad guys turn good... Always ruins a good bad guy. So I HAD to pick MYP.

    However you chose to highlight to the two WORST things about MYP!!!! I liked him being a soldier who was injured. I liked MAA and others thinking he was coward and Deserter, but that it wasn't his fault...

    Honestly, I can EVEN tolerate MAA brother... but JUST barely...

    Teela's Dad is horrible though.

    I choose 'MYP with explaination' for any Mattel reps who read these to get ideas
    Very Much agreed. I chose other though, because if he had a minicomics origin, I dont know it. But Filmation's wasnt great, and MYP wasnt great. I like evil turned good, but I dont see that for Fisto.

    MYP is the better one. But I cannot accept anything about Teela being his daughter. I wont complain much, but it will never be true to me.

    Of Course I believe and always will that Teela is Duncan and Sorceress's biological daughter.

    At any rate, Fisto to me is a great warrior, possibly the best hero next to He-Man on Eternia.

    However he has been protecting the Gauntlet he wears, which is a magical artifact, and keeping it from Jitsu, who has the other one. I know that they're on the same hands, but it's magic, it could change. Think the One Ring fitting everyone in LotR. And these gauntlets were forged and worn together by some long dead ancient evil, and to unite them would be to bring it back, or something. Corrupt the wearer of both into a new big bad version of the old big bad. whatever.

    If they united the gloves, there would be major crap going down, ect ect.

    This is how I always thought of Fisto. Not as important to the major story arc of Eternia, but a neat little substory in the background of major continuity.

    I'd want to see something more like that, and dont make him Duncan's brother. That's lazy, though I'd accept it. I'd rather him come from wherever "north" Vikor came from.

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    Definitely MAA's brother/Teela's father.
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    I suspect we will see a blending of these origins in the bios, him being Duncan's brother and working with Keldor at some point.

    If you really think about it, it would make sense. Keldor and Fisto share common ground in that both could feel like the "black sheep" of their respective families. Sensing this, maybe Keldor maniuplated Fisto into joining his cause by using his estrangement from Duncan to develop sort of kinship. Maybe Fisto acted as Keldor's own "Man at arms", developing crude weapons that were effective in battle. As time went on, maybe Fisto became disenchanted with working with Keldor's forces when he witnessed the cruelty with which Keldor operated. Perhaps Fisto turned himself in to King Randor's forces, and was jailed for his crimes. That would then leave that master of weapons spot open, to where Kronis took his place.

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    I prefer the Filmation origin.

    Fisto's not a character who needs a whole lot of development or depth, IMHO. It's enough for me that he's a warrior with a giant fist. :b

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    i prefer fisto being the uncle rather than the father to teela. as for dunncan it would be great to find out that he is in fact teelas real father.

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    I'm not opposed to him being MAA's brother. I think the way they should probably approach him as a bad guy is something like a misunderstanding between him and Duncan. Maybe they were in battle and Duncan's always had a feeling Fisto deserted him and possibly aided their enemies. This could possibly happen during the Marzo uprisings.

    He could've gone into hiding knowing his former allies wouldn't understand or readily allow him a chance to explain himself. When the heroic warriors, possibly Oo-Lar as well, did happen to encounter him they would've engaged him as an enemy for committing treason.

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    I voted bad guy turned good but in hindsight I think 'Other' would have been more accurate. I like him being a mercenary who didn't really have any epic pull towards Castle Grayskull or spreading order. Just a mean dog who worked for coin for grog and women- but then again I'm big on the Conan type adventurers. Something happens during one of the conflicts that makes him re-evaluate where he stands (maybe he realizes there's bigger things going on then just grinding out a living and there won't be grog or women if Skeletor wins) and he throws his lot in with He-man.

    I didn't mind him being a brother of MAA and I definitely prefer him being the father of Teela rather than the Clone storyline but in the end I'd rather have an 'other' storyline.
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    As long as he's not Teela's father, I could care less.
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    I say he's MAA brother who originally adopted Teela and turned "evil" because he believed he was more qualified to be the next MAA over Duncan. While he never created for the likes of Keldor or Marzo, the stuff he created didn't benefit anyone but his own pockets. He then abandoned Teela and Duncan raised her. While making one particular nasty weapon his ego got in the way and he lost his hand, and of course in order to save his own life he had to go to Duncan. He knew it'd cost him jail time, but in his opinion that was better than death. Once his sentence was up he was leaving Eternos and saw Teela injured badly. This of course gave him an epiphany. So he created the huge metal fist and went to avenge his daughter thus insuring his name as Fisto and being a heroic warrior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    This times a million. I hate unnecessary relationships and this one involving Fisto is like Maury Povich territory. Ugh!

    I voted for Filmation but it's not gonna happen so yeah...might as well make him a clone, have Evil-Lyn free him from somewhere, or just make him He-Man's weird uncle or something. I mean why not, the more stupid family ties the better right?

    Uncle Skeletor being the worst of them all.
    Even though I love the filmation era the good turning evil was OVERDONE to death! This gives both characters a great backstory not only Teela but what really did happen to Fisto?? Loose his memory and become evil?

    I love how people tend to stick to the same things are played to death and HATE when something new comes along...

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    I hate the idea that he is Teela's father, that is stupid. Duncan's brother....I could possibly live with that....after being injured in a battle, trauma left him scarred and turned him bad, not knowing Dunacn was his brother in the first place made it simple for him to do whatever he wanted and battle the Masters like he did in Filmation....but the voice effects in Filmation, never made sense to me....
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    Oh, good. For a second, I thought it was just me...
    And the Filmation 'echo-voice' for Fisto? More like 'Fisto's Washroom...'
    Quote Originally Posted by Spacedust View Post
    Personally, I've never liked either of Fisto's origins.

    Dunno why, but I hated "Fisto's Forest" as a kid, and don't like it much now. It seemed like a re-hash of the (great) "He-Man Meets Ram Man!" mini-comic, and I wish they had made that story instead.

    As for the 200x origin... well in fairness, I'm not 200x's biggest fan (though I do like some elements of it), but I just never cared for the whole MAA-brother / Teela's father thing. Can't put my finger on why exactly, but I just felt... wrong.

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