View Poll Results: How much Non-Vintage influence would you prefer?

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  • Little or no non-vintage influence, I'd prefer recreations of the original toys.

    30 20.69%
  • I'd prefer Filmation/style guide elements for any non-vintage influence.

    25 17.24%
  • I'd prefer 200x elements for any non-vintage influence.

    12 8.28%
  • I'd prefer whatever the 4H see fit from any influence to create the most iconic version possible.

    59 40.69%
  • Whatever non-vintage elements should be included in a separate release only.

    2 1.38%
  • I'd prefer the figures NOT be recreations of the originals, but as much modernizing as possible.

    9 6.21%
  • I will buy MOTUC figures no matter what.

    8 5.52%
  • I do not buy MOTUC figures.

    0 0%
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Thread: How much Non-Vintage influence would you prefer?

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    I like how it's going so far. I want the 4H on it freely!
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    I've been quite happy with what the FH have done thus far. I like the fact that it's based mainly on vintage but borrows from other areas when applicable depending on which figure is in the works. Sure there are some things i don't agree with but as a whole, the pros far outweigh those easily.

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    MORE MORE MORE. Some of the head sculpts really needed this. They just look too cartoony. I like the more detailed and realistic look that comes with more detail. This is an adult line. I want it to look like an adult line.
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    I like the Vintage influence. Which is why Clawful is may favorite figure to date.
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    I like the vintage influence as well. but it's too bad they couldn't do some extra heads.....for some.....

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    I'm happy with having the 4H use their best judgement in the execution of these awesome figures- I have yet to be disappointed!

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