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Thread: Transformers: Jazz, Tracks & Red Alert

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    Transformers: Jazz, Tracks & Red Alert


    Hello fellow Orger's, I am just letting everyone know that I went to Kohl's today and purchased several Transformers Reveal The Shield Tracks and Jazz and a few Generations Red Alert figures.

    They were regular $14.99 on sale for $11.99.
    I know that is still higher then Wal-Mart or Target prices, But today is the first time I have seen either one of them,
    and I know that others have had a hard time finding these as well!

    Not looking to scalp anyone, just trying to help out any who are in need of them. Would prefer to only sell and ship within the U.S. "PayPal Only"

    If any are interested PM me with your zip code for a quote.
    Also let me know if you would like them shipped MOC or loose to save on shipping charges.

    And if any are leery in dealing with me, I can provide Feedback for your piece of mind.
    Feel free to look me up under the user name V2MToys on eBay, Pro Customizers and here.

    Best Regards to all, Mark
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    If you get no takers and you are willing to ship to Australia I am interested

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