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Thread: Horde Prime & Horde Supreme Speculation and Discussion

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    Horde Prime & Horde Supreme Speculation and Discussion

    Do you think that Mattel will make a Horde Supreme figure, and what would he look like. The only images we have is of the UK Magazine of Horde Prime, which i'm preatty sure is off limits and i know alot of people are 50/50 on, and the Filmation one, which really can't be made into a figure. But yet he is an important part of MOTU lore and possibly the most evil being in the universe. The other question is that are they the same people. I see Horde Prime as the UK version, but almost like the wizard of oz, in that he has the two headed Filmation version that he uses to strike fear into the hearts of all who are under him. He posseses the third sword of power, the sword of evil (UK Mag). I cant even picture what horde Supreme would look like. Overlord of the whole Empire, while Horde Prime is his underling, the real muscle behind him, then he controls Hordak. I see them as 2 different people. Whats your take on it?
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