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Thread: How does MOTUC Buzz-Off compare to his other versions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Actually it is fair. Mattel wouldn't make the best Buzz-Off that they could possibly make in order to re-sell him again with a new head. It's like selling an unflocked Panthor only to sell a "better" flocked version a year or two later.
    I think that's exactly what they are doing...

    I do NOT buy the "morbid" excuse

    Quote Originally Posted by EldestSon View Post
    you really think motu is a "cash cow"? sorry, but barbie and hot wheels are their cash cows. even matchbox, wwe, cars, disney princess, and toy story are bigger names. and not saying they sell more because they are in retail and motuc isn't (even tho it is). they just have bigger audiences than motu. ie, kids.

    motu is more a side project.
    Quote Originally Posted by EldestSon View Post
    motuc does NOT generate unusally high profit margins. if it did, mattel would absolutely start advertising, making movies, cartoons, etc.

    i'm almost positive matty has said that it doesn't make that much profit.

    If you think that MOTUC isn't a cash-cow for, then I don't know how to convince you.

    No, it's not a cash-cow for Mattel in general... but it is for the site, and they HAVE to have an online presence from here on out. If they don't, they would be a laughing stock. is most definitely its own entity within Mattel, just like Barbie is and Hot Wheels are... It likely functions as its own entity, answering to the occasional fiscal reviewer.

    THAT is why I am always SO critical of TG. He is the manager of the whole matty set-up. He calls the shots.

    His comments about "Upper Management," I believe, are horse-pucky. As if ANYONE in upper management gives a turd about 200X heads. As if they even KNOW what that means. Please.

    They are holding back 200X heads so they can rip us off some more... just like they do with their EXTREMELY LARGE PROFIT MARGINS.

    How much do you think they spend on each figure? $12?? $15?? Try $1 - $5 AT MOST. MOTUC items yield a HUGE profit margin for Mattel.

    Profit Margin has more to do with the ratio of money made on the item to money spent on the item. Sure, MOTUC isn't making Mattel millions, but the profit margin is still extremely high. They also benefit because MOTUC is a great investment in the future of the property.

    Mattel cries poor house all the time to maintain the illusion that it's "doing this for the fans," and "that tooling costs a billion dollars," etc.

    Whatever... people will believe what they want to believe. I don't trust corporations based on their "word." I trust what they do if it's based in sound, capitalist fiscal policy.

    The idea that they aren't making money, hand over fist, on this line is LUDICROUS.
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    He was talking about in general. is devoted to MOTUC. All other lines on matty are in retail.

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    i see no reason to differenciate the two other than directing people to the proper website for ordering motuc or ghostbusters figs.

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    MOTU Buzz-Off was a friggin' beast! He was bigger than most of the other figs.. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing 200x in person, yet.. I actually just won an auction that had EVERY 200x fig

    so far MOTUC Buzz-Off takes the vote for me..

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    Vintage Buzz-Off was one of my favourite originals. MOTUC Buzz-Off arrived yesterday and the first thing I thought was 'superb'. One of the best Classics so far, and a great reworking of the character.
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    I received a huge batch of MOTUC today thanks to a friend in the states: Grizzlor, King Grayskull (refresh), Buzz-Off, and the newest DCUCvsMOTUC two-packs.

    Everything was fantastic. But since this thread is about Buzz-Off, I'll just say that I love him. He got a bum rap online, and even I thought he looked a little lame in the reviews. In person, though, he's amazing. Totally passed my bf's acid test, too. He doesn't collect or enjoy MOTU anymore, but he always shows a passing interest in my newest deliveries. He took one look at Buzz-Off and said "Top quality. Way better than the old one."
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    The more I see of 200x buzz off the less I like him. I never actually SAW the figure before... Only the cartoon....

    I think the vintage one looks goofy.

    I think the 200x looks creepy and gangly...

    I think MOTUC looks... Heroic and Noble.

    Honestly that's one of the things I love the most of Classics versions... the whole bowed leg hunched over thing the originals had added to the goofyness.. along with the wide 'give me a hug' pose they were forced into...

    The new ones... they just seem to stand tall and proud and I LOVE it

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