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Thread: MOTUC: Some WIPs

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    I've had 3 Battle Blade Bumblebees WIP, (One for a more screen accurate BBB, one to turn into a movie Smokescreen with G1 accurate paint, and one re-sculpted into a Firebird Concept to turn into either Bluestreak or Rad) for about a year now, and still no plans to get to them, as well as a Rad or Stepper from an RTS Jazz....and a Universe Ratchet going on 3 years now....maybe someday I'll get back to them....someday, when the non commission TF custom bug bites me again.

    I just finished my 4th MOTUC custom, I'd honestly prefer to do MOTUC figures right now than Transformers, more fun, and less headaches.... I still have a modified Khan into a generic Snake Man WIP I am still deciding how to paint him. I get how WIPS get away from you, especially with other life things....

    But any word on if you're still working on them, or have they been back burnered?
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    Oh man, did I forget to use these [sarcasm][/sarcasm] again? Sorry....

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    like what you are doing to webstor & the snakeman with the 200x squeeze hand/head. cool.
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