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Thread: What is the most price increase you will accept before you call it quits?

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    What is the most price increase you will accept before you call it quits?

    Toyguru has stated from 2015 and beyond that there will be price increases from 2015 and beyond.My question is how much will you pay before you say that's it,I'm done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeledor View Post
    Toyguru has stated from 2015 and beyond that there will be price increases from 2015 and beyond.My question is how much will you pay before you say that's it,I'm done.
    I seriously think the figures could move to $30 per release before I accepted I could no longer afford them. But keeping tabs on inflation in the toy industry, that probably wouldn't happen until 2018 or so. We'll long run out of characters before that happens, if it happens.

    I'll accept the increase of around $1 per year, which is what we've been seeing in the past few increases. The line started in 2008 at $20, and now, 6 years later, they only cost $25. The day-of increase is more, but they're typically selling less than 10% of what they produce at that price. If 2015 sees an increase to $27 for sub-holders, and you cost-average back to 2008, that's still only an increase of a dollar per year.

    And that's still $3 less than my max-out price. So I'm here to stay.
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    Me personally, I would accept and also expect a $1 increase every year. I'd probably stop buying if they cost $33-35+, but I'm guessing we will have less desirable characters then - that is if the line is even running by then.
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    I'd do another dollar or two. Beyond that, I'm out.
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    I've had my one and only price increase.

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    $1....maybe $2 max. Then I'm out, because you know along with matty's increase, DR will jack us for another buck or two

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    Probably a dollar a year would be the max. Maybe 2 this year since we haven't had a increase in a while. On a side note. It sounds like the new Batman animated figures will cost around 21+ dollars so really motu is on par with them.
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    Once the combined cost per figure and shipping hit $50 for regular figures and $100 for special figures, I probably won't even bother anymore. I can justify purchases now because they cost about as much as a videogame.

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    I can understand the increase and probably can live with a $1 increase a year maybe even $2 up to a point but I think raising it to $30 a figure will kill the line because onec you factor in tax and then DR's rate for shipping and handling the cost is a lot to stomach.

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    They play games with figure cost and "shipping" to hide the real costs of these figures. At the moment, I can get 2 figures shipped to me for $62. That's a real current price of $31 each shipped for subbed figures with combined shipping.

    All other factors aside, I'll be out when the price goes above $35 shipped for a figure/ $70 for two.

    But I'm on the fence for 2015 as it is. There are no C-listers left. Evil Seed, Dree-El, and Uncle Montork will be the biggest missing figures for me at that point. They will have to A. Really knock my socks off to get me to sub for 2015, and B. Stop screwing up and insulting their customers.
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    Same here

    Quote Originally Posted by Orko's Magic Hat View Post
    Me personally, I would accept and also expect a $1 increase every year. I'd probably stop buying if they cost $33-35+, but I'm guessing we will have less desirable characters then - that is if the line is even running by then.
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    I don't know if I can give a decisive answer for that. I'm at the stage where my interest is waning because most of the characters I want have been made. I also don't think a dollar or two is a huge deal, but looking back to the days when these toys were $20 makes you realise how big a leap in prices we've already incurred. In real terms with shipping costs and taxes considered, we're probably talking about a 50% increase already. Will I keep buying? Probably. But I have already decided not to buy things like the Mini Masters which I might have otherwise bought if prices were fairer. I think the real test for me will take place over the next two years. We know the vintage stuff will be completed, but if I don't see some signs of pre-Filmation soon, I'll re-evaluate.
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    Quitters never prosper. I'm in till the death. We only technically have one year left before "the end" so how much could the price increase in that time? Beyond 2015 (if we get that far), it's too hard to say as we don't know what direction it'll go figure-wise.
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    Given that I go through a secondary e-tailer, the question has already been answered for me. I'm willing to pay the price from Big Bad to get the figures (and to deal with a company that actually knows what it is doing) to get the figures. I save a bunch on shipping compared with Matty's inflated charges thanks to the pile of loot, and the rest of the difference saves me stress and ulcer medicine costs by not having to deal with DR.

    The figures are part of a line I've waited for lo these past 30+ years based on one of my two favorite properties of all time; they'd have to jack up the price pretty high for me to pass on them.
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    it's hard to say what my 'max' is, but it's getting there. the price is slowly starting to outweigh the value, and trying to sell off the unwanted figs is getting harder to do
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    I've paid what..$4000 dollars for everything that has been released previously. I'm gonna quit because it will cost an extra $40.00 or so a year? Not likely.

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    Pretty much anything reasonable (so $500 a piece is out of the question), but the more the price goes up beyond, say, $30, the less number of subs I will be able to buy.
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    I'm expecting prices to go up to $27 for a basic figure in the sub next year, but with Quarterly shipping that increase is offset just enough for me to stay in for my 2 subs (I had 3 in '13 mind you). Out of sub items however are becoming more and more frustrating, especially chase BS like SoH.

    The "All-In" option would completely negate the price increase for me. Let me combine the Chase, Convention and SDCC items with the rest of my shipping Matty!

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    I'm in til the line ends. So for me the price can go up to about 35 or so before I call it quits.
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    that's the million dollar question, all i can say is that price increase will most likely make me cherry pick, spend money occasionally whenever i want \ can

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    Anything over $30 is too much for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NinjaTactics420 View Post
    Anything over $30 is too much for me.
    Same here. I think $30 is as much as I'm willing to pay.

    Unless it's only like four figures a year or so, then I would pay up to $35
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    $25 was my limit, but fortunately for me, Matty/DR screwed up my card info that is attached to my 2014 club Eternia, so now I am officially off the hook for this years sub. Sure I won't get Modulok and Rio, but that's OK by me.

    I even think $25 is a bit steep for these figures. Heck, I bought the TMNT classics for $15.99 each and they are twice as cool as MOTUC for almost half the price.

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    $1-1.50 per year and I'm fine. As long as the jump isn't above $2 per year I'm not going to raise an eyebrow. A buck or so per year would be in line with inflation as regards action figure costs and I'm willing to absorb this increase as the cost involved in getting these excellent figures.

    The problem will be if they increase our cost and yet still start cost cutting paint apps or accessories again. I realize in 2014 they have been cost cutting because production costs are so liquid that they increase even during a given production year, but it feels like a slap in the face when they increase our cost and yet STILL drop things. Feels like false advertising, especially when Scott said part of the reason for the increase was to halt the need for cost cutting measures.

    Get your production costs vs. end consumer cost formula locked in properly for the year- regardless of how the manufacturer may be shafting Mattel on the back end- and do it right from the start. This will go a long way in encouraging fans to keep their faith in this brand.
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    I can handle $1 here and a $1 there, but if it starts jumping up $5 each year, then it'll eventually get rough.

    Regardless MOTUC is well worth it to me.

    -The best figures on the market in my opinion of course, but we can argue if you want.
    -shipped to my lazy ass on a monthly basis. I go to Toys Я Us more frequently than monthly and usually find NOTHING good.
    -Paying for shipping sucks, but look at it in price of gas. Most likely cheaper to NOT drive to the store and have things shipped instead.

    The sculpts, paint, and plastic in MOTUC is superior and I can really feel that when I have them in hand compared to any other figure I buy at retail.

    It's DEFINITELY not perfect (nothing is) and sometimes Mattel has to cut costs on things, but I wouldn't want to be this hardcore of a fan for ANY other 80s toy/cartoon franchise. I feel like we are super spoiled. That's why I am an Apologist™ when I see a bunch of *****ing and crying over what I classify as insignificant things.
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