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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC news thread--January 2011

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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread--January 2011

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for January 2011!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    MOTUC females with bare midriffs

    First, thanks again for all the great work on the line! Love everything that's been released and revealed so far!!

    I had a question with regards to characters like "bikini Teela" who have bare midriffs... would figures like this use a new female buck designed to show the midriff or would the midriff be part of a sculpted "dress" covering the current buck?

    I believe the current "under the dress" buck is more functional than displayable... And with the extra thickness a "dress" adds to the form, I assume that, if a sculpted "dress" were used on these characters, the plastic used in that area would be thinner.

    Not looking for any specific character design or release answers, but rather a little bit about what the 4H and Mattel have in mind from an "engineering" standpoint on these characters.

    Yes, if we did Teela in her outfit from the DC Comic mini series she woudl clearly need some new tooling parts to make her accurate. She would not work for the current buck.
    Toyfares cancellation

    Hi, A lot of collectors love the print ads for new MOTUC figs that were in the monthly Toyfare Magazine, now that the printed version of the mag has folded will you be publishing the ads elsewhere? or are the ads now a thing of the past?

    Same go's for the TF exclusive reveals -Evil Lyn,Webstor Sy Klone etc- will they now solely appear on Mattys FB page?

    Sadly the ads will likely go away and reveals will move more towards conventions, trade shows and Toy Fair was a fantastic partner and we look forward to working with the staff on their new online venture to the extend this does not double the efforts we have on which is and will remain our main online presence for news and reveals.
    Toy Fair - where/when will MOTUC be shown?

    Question about Toy Fair. I went last year for work, but was hoping to see a full-on Matty booth with the new MOTUC reveals I was anticipating, and was disappointed to find out it was only shown on some "collector's night" or something before the fair actually opened. This year, is there any way to get into that MOTUC preview? I will be attending the main fair again for work.

    MOTUC along with most of our collector items will only be shown at our collector night on Sunday Feb 13th from 3-6. Toy Fair is a trade show for retailers. As lines are not available for retail it is not something we display in our main booth throughout the show.
    Panthor Flocked?

    I read somewhere (can't remember where) that Panthor would NOT be flocked, but then I heard that SOME Panthor's will be flocked & others won't be; would that be like a chase variant? Like 1 in 20 would be flocked?

    Any chance on getting some info on this?

    Per the vote at SDCC 2009, Panthor is not flocked. We may do a flocked version down the road (but honestly, that would kill all the wonderful sculpting detail the Horsemen put into the figure and they for one are glad the fans voted for non flocked. Cornboy mentioned to me at NYTF last year how disappointed he was that the 200X Panthor was flocked as the flocking covered all of their details).

    But in the end we let fans at SDCC vote on this one and they voted no flocking. And this made the Horsemen very happy.
    motuclassics body types

    i've heard something about leech and ram man possibly sharing a larger body it makes me think about guys like modulok multibot mantenna and the young prince adam who all should share a thin body type

    Is it something your team has already discussed with the horsemen or is it too early to think about it?

    All characters will be in the same scale as the vintage figures were (that is to each other). So while Leech and Ram Man may stand a bit taller, both will be close to (if not completely) a unique sculpts. I doubt Leech and Ram Man will share many parts. Just look at the vintage toys and use that as a base line when thinking about who would share parts with whom.
    Removeable Helmets?

    Have the 4HM or you ever pushed for the idea of removeable helmets for certain figures such as Man-at-Arms or wait for it - New Adventures He-Man?

    Actually, quite the opposite. They, along with Bill and Terry from design, have pushed against doing this as it tends to throw off the head proportion too much.
    Can we get POG stickers for previously purchased figures?

    For those of us that have previously purchased Tytus and He-Ro, Is there anyway that we could get POG stickers to put on our MOC figures?

    Actually yes. We'll have more to announce on this at NYTF (who says we don't aim to please!)
    Anniversaries Update

    So we've gone to Barbie's collector site, and she's kind of snobby. Very hard to leave posts, but we tracked her down on FaceBook, and left messages there. Someone else found Mailing Addresses to let us leave good old fashioned mail (People under 20 might not know what that is). Hopefully that will help get us some cool MOTU Barbie Dolls in the future...

    That being said if Barbie is being too much of a snob, what about talking to the Monster High People? The rumor mill has turned out that they are working on a set of Dolls in Costumes... Maybe you could suggest a couple of Princess of Power Costumes...

    Cleo De Nile as She-Ra
    Clawdeen as Catra

    Ha! Cool ideas. We'll be sure to pass this to the Monster High folks.
    playing us

    funny how all the etailers were able to get there orders. seems like to ensure they do, they set a glitch just long enough so that they do.

    We filled all Club Eternia orders for Vikor with the stock we had. Some etailers clearly have Club memberships. What each individual chooses to do with his or her figures is not something Mattel controls.
    Big thanks on the Palace Guards numbers!!

    I'd just like to thank everyone at Matty for making more than enough on the Palace Guards.

    Being an army builder pack, it's nice to know that Matty upped the production number knowing many fans would be buying several. THANK YOU!!!!

    I just hope this so-called "slow" sellout, doesn't mean that Matty will lower the production on army builder packs in the the Horde Troopers.

    We are constantly adjusting quotas, but we are glad to put fan fears to rest and there are plenty of Guards (but they are selling out so if you still want some now is the time!)
    Big Bad Vikor

    How come Big Bad Toy Store was able to get their hands on Vikor stock before your loyal (albeit whiney) fanboys? This was a Club Eternia release, no?

    We filled all Club Eternia orders with the stock we had on hand. A few online retailers have Club Eternia memberships and clearly have chosen to resell their figures.

    Remaining Vikor stock should be here in a day or so. Hoping to have him back on sale by early next week!
    Re-issues of Keldor, Mossman, & Tytus

    Since there where some changes in the Tytus re-issue like the PoG sticker (& a new BIO I think?)

    And are there any other changes to Tytus, like paint color or weapon?
    Also, are there any differences for Keldor & Mossman's upcoming Re-issue from there original sale? So I can prepare and save money ahead.

    No, there won't be any changes to the physical toys for any of the re-releases.
    The Sorceress Zoar

    If and when the Sorceress is released, I know the Zoar will have the blue accents, but can the face be painted like the original toy too? The Teela Zoar doesn't have the white cap or throat, just a white beak.

    Most likely when and if we release an orange Zoar it will be in classic colors. The version with Teela is based on the vintage cross sell image of Zoar and the early Talon Fighter record book/mini comic appearances.
    Potential Goddess Refresh question for Toyguru

    Hey Toyguru,

    Thanks again for your work on this AMAZING line!

    Just wondering if it would be possible to have the Goddess refresh done in the solid green paint(like the prototype) and solid white eyes.

    I think that gives her a great/magical look. What do you think?

    It is always possible, but I can confirm we do not have any re-release version of the Goddess planned right now. The current sale of remaining stock may be the best way for you to pick her up.

    It is always possible we will do a re-issue far in the future, but it is not guaranteed.
    why so long?

    Recently TG asked what fans are looking for to increase fan relations? I think today is a perfect example. Why did it take so long to let the fans know what is going on? I'm sure someone knew before the sale that all Vikors weren't there yet? Why not say something before the sale, instead of just upsetting everyone? Same with the stands issue? Why no statement until long after everyone's upset?

    Honestly; due to an inventory error on our end, we thought the full inventory was at Digital River. It was an actual mistake on our part. We corrected the issue in our system so it won't happen again. We didn't learn about the issue until it was too late and Vikor already went on sale.

    Luckily more Vikors are coming soon when our full quota arrives. I know that doesn't fix everything, but hopefully it helps!
    Catras's masks

    are the two masks made with two different molds or with the same mold and different colours?

    They are two different molds. There is the style guide mask shown in Toy Fare magazine and the vintage mask that will be shown at NYTF.
    Snake Mountain bases

    Have you thought about doing the green Greyskull bases in purple for the villains?

    Nope. If we did Snake Mountain bases they would be a new sculpt.
    Stratos wings follow-up


    Ok, so you are now saying that it's not "logistically possible" to make a change to the production of Stratos in order to just leave off the glue so his wings will be able to rotate....whatever.

    If it isn't "logistically possible", why oh why did you say on two separate occasions that the "next" time Stratos was offered that the issues with his wings being glued in place would be corrected?

    Just as I said in my last post, I'll say again that I distinctly remember that right after the first release of Stratos reading you saying that it was a mistake to have his wings glued in place and that it wouldn't happen again when it was reissued.

    So the the reissue happened last year, and A LOT of fans repurchased Stratos thinking they were going to get a corrected figure, only to discover that the problem wasn't fixed on the second batch either. After that, you answered fan questions about it and AGAIN said that you and Mattel completely forgot about the problem the first time around, but the THRID time Stratos was released, it would FINALLY be fixed.

    Well here we are again, with Stratos pending in a few months, and now your story is that it would mean that Stratos would need to be a "development sku" in order to tell the factory to just leave off the glue...

    Why not just fess up and admit that you forgot AGAIN, it's too late to change it because they are already in production and/or on the boat on the way over here, apologize to fans, and write in LARGE LETTERS in a bright post-it note..."FIX STRATOS WINGS: DO NOT GLUE IN PLACE!", then tape that post-it note in your office (or cubicle) right in front of your face so you don't forget again....

    Come on man, how hard can it be to just NOT GLUE THE WINGS IN PLACE? Jeeze!

    No one forgot. We just didn't have a development slot available to make a change. Reissues are just that. Straight reissues with us asking the factory to turn the machine on again. If we need to make a change to a toy, any change from the original, it requires a development slot and we only have a limited number of those slots for MOTUC. We tend to use them for the all new figures.

    Honestly, this is why I try to avoid promising things because factors that are beyond my control can make it look like I am breaking a promise. We do our best but not everything is always possible all the time despite fan demand or our own intentions!
    Why more Heroic Characters than Evil at this point in MOTUC?

    There is a signficant difference in number when it comes to Heroic Warriors compared to Evil Warriors in this line. The Heroirc Warriors far outnumber the Evil Warriors. Has this been noted by Mattel?

    There are 26 Heroic Warriors(He-Man/B.A.He-Man/Prince Adam/Preternia He-Man, Stratos, Zodac, Man-at-Arms, He-Ro, Teela, Zodak, King Randor, Goddess, Adora/She-Ra, Battle Cat, Moss Man, Wun-Dar, Tytus, Orko, Chief Carnivus, Roboto, King Grayskull, Buzz-Off, Palace Guards (x4), Vikor, Bow, and Sy-Klone).

    There are 20 Evil Warriors (Skeletor/B.A.Skeletor/Keldor, Beast Man, Faker, Mer-Man, Hordak, Tri-Klops, Webstor, Scareglow, Trap-Jaw/Kronis, Evil Lyn, Optikk, Count Marzo, Whiplash, Gy-Gor, Grizzlor, Shadowbeast (x?), King Hsss, Panthor, and Catra.

    As it stands, individual character for individual character, the Heroic Warriors still outnumber by six. Even if we added a couple of Shadowbeasts to the Evil Warriors' ranks, the Heroic Warriors would still outnumber the Evil Warriors.

    In time, our plan is to get to all the vintage figures in the MOTUC line. We intentionally spread out characters to ensure each year has a robust offering. Things will even out over time if one or more faction has more figures right now.

    One thing we have found is that fans tend to want "whatever is not our right now". If we have a few Evil Warriors announced, fans want more POP. When we announce New Adventures they want more Horde. In other words, every faction and vintage line has its fans and in time we plan to hit them all.

    Just because you are not seeing your favorite character or your favorite faction our right now doesn't mean he she or it is not around the corner or at least planned out for the long run for release in time!
    the wings, the wings, the wings ...

    Sorry to say it that clearly: but it's not wise to throw good old 'Strratos' on the market again without having fixed that issue. The first two releases haven't been kind of a fast sellout, have they? So why are you that much in a hurry to get him back again?

    And just to talk eye-to-eye: How complicated can it be to tell a production company - even one in China - just to save on the glue for the wings before the production starts? You could (more or less) easily do it with 'Moss Man' and he was being produced already. It's even more irritating because of the twopack figure. It's just colours that differ, but it still is the SAME figure. Same parts and stuff.

    In my eyes it would have been much wiser to either get that glue-issue fixed or not to offer him right now. I don't think he'll sell well and this will mean, people will never get the fixed version.

    It is more complicated then you may realize but due to legal issues I can't go into details with the public. Neadless to say if it was a simple thing we would do it. I understand the frustration being on the other side of the buying aisle. The best I can offer is that when it is possible to release a Stratos with articulated wings in original colors we will. This time it was not possible. We are not intentionally trying not to do this, we just did not have the resources at this time.

    You have to also take into consideration, that while there are some very passionate and loud fans online, in the end MOTUC is a VERY small line for Mattel overall. We love it, you love it, but it doesn't exactly move the bottom numbers for the company.

    When we have the resources to make these type of changes we will. Right now we do not have them. Simple as that.
    Moss Man Reissue - Flocked, Unflocked or both?

    Back when Moss Man sold out super-fast on his original run, ToyGuru stated that both versions would see a reissue "down the road."

    For the upcoming reissue, will it be the flocked or unflocked version, or will we see both?

    And if only one is scheduled this time, when are we likely to see the other?

    This run is unflocked. Likely in time we will do a flocked. But for logistic reasons we are doing one at a time.
    Stratos wings


    You have said more than once that Mattel was going to correct the wings on Stratos the "next" time it is released. Right after it was released the first time, you said that the re-release would have the wings corrected so that they could rotate and wouldn't be glued into the fixed postion like they are.

    Then when the first reissue actually was released, the problem still wasn't corrected, but again you said that you and Mattel totally forgot about this problem, but for sure it would be corrected if he was re-released again.

    Well now I've read that one the upcoming re-release that Stratos's wings will AGAIN be glued in place and won't be able to rotate. Why have you said twice that it will be corrected and yet it never is? How many releases of Stratos do people have to buy in order to get one that is manufactured properly?

    Oh, and before you suggest that I buy the two pack with Hawkman, I'll note that...

    1: I don't want to spend extra on a pack to get a DCUC figure that I already have just to get a Stratos with wings that will rotate

    2: I don't want a Stratos with reversed colors on the wings and jetpack...I want one that has the colors of the Mattycollector release, that is assembled properly and how it was intended to be released all along.

    Eventually we will try to get to the original colors with adjustable wings. We just did not have a development slot for him at this time.

    Hi Toyguru !!
    Please , which one do you love the most N why ?

    Blade or saurod?

    I never actually owned either of these guys as kids, but playing with them now, I'd say Blade is my favorite of the two (but that doesn't mean he necessarily is coming first of the 3 "movie" figures in MOTUC!)
    Is improving re-issue figures possible?

    Can a Re-issue figure have something more then how he was originally released in MOTUC?

    I mean can we see a re-issue of ROBOTO with the supposed planned interchangeable left arm or a Stratos with the movable wings?

    Because small improvements like these are enough to warrant some collectors to buy them again, so I hope this is a possibility.

    Not for a straight reissue. A reissue is just that. It means we can call the factory and tell them to just turn the machine on again. To make a change, even a small one requires development against the sku and that requires a development sku to be assigned. It is much easier logistically to just reissue a figure as is.

    While we do want to make changes as the ones you suggest, they are not possible on a direct reissue. It doesn't mean we won't work hard to find development skus to use for these characters and make these corrections in time, it just means these changes or corrections won't happen on a straight reissue.
    Wun Dar's Time Line: 100 or 1000 years before Adam?

    Hi Toy Guru/Catra's Wraith, I was wondering with the Preternian era being adjusted from 500 to 5000 years, does this automatically change Wun-Dar's time line from 100 to 1000 years ago?

    No. Wun-Dar is still 100 years before Prince Adam. There is just more time between him and King Grayskull.
    Chest plates in future weapons packs?

    In a future weapons pack, can we expect to get Battle Armor He-Man's chest plates in orange and the guards' chest plates in silver?

    Nothing planned for that right now, but a cool idea!
    inspiration for DCUC MOTUC 2 packs

    I was wondering if the inspiration for the DCUC MOTUC 2 packs was the original He-man card 8 back..Will we get to see characters other than the ones on the 8 back? The following 2 packs will really be awesome...

    1. "menace of trap jaw" mini comics trap jaw v/s cyborg superman
    2. scareglow v/s scarecrow
    3. beastman v/s man bat

    We are indeed looking at mini comic renditions of characters as possibilities for MOTU vs DCU 2 packs. This would be a great avenue for this versions of characters but nothing to announce right now.
    Going retail

    In one of the las Ask Matty rounds on the web, there was an answer about 200X rereleases and the answer was something like "it would be a good refresher when the line goes to retail". I know you can't say definitively for several reasons, but is it a matter of when, not if, MOTUC is going retail? I'm sure it's been talked about, but IF it happens, would we see an end to monthly online releases in favor of waves in stores?

    Ideally not. If MOTUC went to retail (like in a movie year) we might re-release older figures scaled down (i.e. one head, one accessory) at retail and keep the plus'd up new figurtes on Likely the only change to online we potentially would cut back on the re-releases if the line was also at retail.

    200X heads and modern packs outs are also something that could potentially wind up in a retail line to keep it fresh.

    But for the record, this are only thoughts on paper. We have no retail line for MOTUC planned at this time, we just like to think ahead to ensure if we ever do bring the line to retail we have some meaningful way of doing it while keeping the online line going strong with new characters.
    Ladies Two Pack

    With a 5th two pack for MOTUC vs DC now being shown, might we see a 2 pack with a couple of ladies...

    I don't think Wonder Woman or Bat Girl has had a reissue yet.... Nor has Teela or She-Ra.

    You'll just need to wait for NYTF to find out!
    Stratos comes in Mai. With rotating Wings?

    Stratos is a favorite of mine! Or would! I dont like the Position of his Wings! The new Stratos from TRU have rotating Wings! That's much better!

    The figure in May does not have the rotating wings. We'd love to make this change when logistics permit, but it wasn't done for the upcoming release.
    Goddess for real ?

    Hey I love that Green Goddess is coming back but is she a true re-issue or left over customer service stock. I, and many others, need to know before buying her. If she is a true re-release and not left over customer stock I will be buying her. If she is for sure left-over customer stoc I will not buy her. Please let us now which one it is. I think there is alot of confusion maybe you should say re-release for figures that where set aside and say re-issue for figures that got remade .

    Evil Lynn was running late and was not available for the Jan sale. Since we still have a small quantity of Goddess figures from the first run, we are going to make her the Jan reissue figure and will bring back Evil Lynn as soon as she is ready.

    And yes, this is not a reissue of Goddess, this is the remaining customer service stock from the first sale.
    Suggestion - Catra's cat form

    First I would like to thank Toyguru and everyone else on these forums for answering our questions and keeping us informed and happy buyers.

    Now on to the suggestion. I would like to see Catra's cat form at some point. If you made this could you also use the buck for a possible Cringer? It could be smaller and slimmer than say Battle Cat. Just a thought.

    Thanks again everyone!

    It is always possible we could do her cat form one day. Cost wise we just could not afford that with a standard figure. But the nice thing about an online toy line is you can change things around as needed to fit the product. Maybe one day.
    Zodac's feet- from the 2 pack

    I thought TG said that figures in the 2-pack can not have tooling/part swap changes yet Zodac has different feet that his original release?

    So does this mean we could get a mini-comics trapjaw?

    Figures in the 2 packs can have changes if a "development slot" is available. For this pack we had one development slot and one carry over slot. We used the development slot to make changes to Zodac and gave the carry over slot to Green Lantern.

    Some packs will have different ratios of development slots to carryover. But we can only make changes to a figure if we have a development slot.
    MOTUV Catra

    Is she going to come with a removable fur skirt & tail like the original figure?

    This version is based on the 1987 style guide. It is clearly possible we will do the classic toy version as well one day. But not this go around.
    both flocked and un-flocked ???

    In April Moss Man will be reissue which one are we getting or are we getting both flocked and un-flocked?

    Unflocked ears only. Doing both was a logistical nightmare the first time. We might do flocked ears as a re-release one day but this time will be unflocked.
    Why no Battle Armor Skeletor on schedule?

    CW, the link you posted to a schedule of upcoming figures as it is known right now doesn't show Battle Armor Skeletor. Is he still coming in Feb or is his release up in the air in light of Shadow Beast being pushed to Feb?

    Here is the most up to date schedule for MOTUC Classics release. We are trying to get this up on the product pages as well, it is just taking some time. Things may always change, but here is what we plan to release:

    Vikor(Club Eternia figure)
    Palace Guards (2010 product shipping late, not part of the club)
    Evil Lynn reissue (not part of the club)
    Castle Grayskull Stands (not part of the club)

    Bow (Club Eternia figure)
    Preternia He-Man (not for sale but will ship to Club members)
    Etheria Map (not for sale but will ship to Club members)
    Shadow Beast (Club Eternia oversized figure)
    Keldor (reissue, not part of the club)
    Tytus (reissue, not part of the club)

    King Hssss (Club Eternia Figure)
    Battle Armor Skeletor (Club Eternia Quartlery figure)
    Princess Adora (reissue)
    Count Marzo (reissue)

    Sy-Klone (Club Eternia figure)
    Panthor (Club Eternia oversized beast)
    Weapons Rack (new item, not part of the club)
    Moss Man (reissue)

    Catra (Clue Eternia Figure, revealed in Toy Fare magaizne, on sale now!)
    Whiplash (reissue)
    Stratos (reissue)

    New Figure (Club Eternia figure)
    New Quarterly figure (Club Eternia figure)
    Reissue figure

    The June figures will be announced at NYTF on Feb 13th at our collector even from 3 to 6pm.

    Zodac's gloves and helmut

    I know usually once we see pictures of the new figures it is too late to make changes...however, sometimes bash kits are also wrong (like with the palace guards), I have to ask: is it possible for the DC vs. MOTU Zodac to get white gloves like Zodak instead of merely white paint on his original forearms?

    Also, in the costume variant fans are familiar with where Zodac wears white gloves, Zodac's helmut also has a dark stripe down the center instead of red. Any chance we can see that paint app change?

    The pack is done and in production so there won't be any changes to it at this time.
    MOTUC Catra

    Now, we know that Catra is the May figure, can you tell us, how the masks work on her head?

    Do they snap on, or does she have 2 heads?

    We found a way to get them to snap on! So both the red maks and the vintage silver cat mask snap on to her head with no pegs or extra tabs. Our designers worked overtime on this one! The masks are interchangable.
    Mini-Comics King Randor

    Is this version possible or "on the table" to make into an action figure? Many fans would love this iconic version.

    You mean Randor with a white beard and robes? Sure why not. That would be a legitimate version of Randor much as a 200X outfit/armor one would be (but in Classics style).
    Toyguru, can you explain why I needed to order equal quantities of Club Eternia &Ecto

    5 months after placing my order, I'm told to call customer service. They said I couldn't place an order for 3 Club Eternia and 1 Club Ecto in the same cart, only as the bundle. A couple of questions come to mind (please treat them as 1 when answering because they involve the same issue).

    1)I can put Vikor, Palace Guards, Peter and whatever in the same cart and they will ship together. Why would the monthly subs be any different unless Peter and Vikor are literally glued together?

    2)Wouldn't it have made sense to mention this 5 months ago, when I could have at least adjusted my order? I couldn't even split the difference at 2 and 2 at this point.

    This was simply due to the logistics of our online ordering system, and yes, we will make this more clear for those who order 2012 subscriptions during SDCC this year.
    MOTU Encylopedia

    I open my MOTUC figures and clip the bios from the figures' cards, to piece together the whole MOTU mythos. Wouldn't it be cool if Mattel and a company like DK publishing hooked up to put together a MOTU Encyclopedia with all the bios, timelines, and storylines into a nice hardcover volume for public consumption? Has that been kicked around at all during meetings.

    Doing a MOTU encyclopedia has been on our "want to do" list but right now it is just not logistically possible. Maybe one day!
    Flying stands for flying vehicles?

    I know it's way too soon to tal about this but if the 1st motu classics vehicle where a flying one would it be possible to release some kind of flying stand where we could display it with a figure inside?

    I'm hoping for wind raider

    We can't comment on an specifics for vehicles, but this is a cool idea.
    Why four Figures in February?

    With 'Shadow Beast' being moved to February, we have four subscription figures being sent out that month while there is only one figure in March. Especially for subscribers with more than just one subscription, this will mean a lot of money in February, whereas March will be rather cheap. Why wasn't good old boneface pushed back to March to prevent that situation?

    Many times which figures ships in a particular month are due to logistical issues and timing (especially once you get beyond the standard monthly figure). Product delays or the availability of a reissue can add or subtract to the number of figures we offer in any one month. There isn't any deeper meaning.
    Are you shocked by's Best MOTUC of 2010 top 5 poll result?

    I was just wondering what you made of's Best MOTUC of 2010 top 5 poll results? The tope 5 were:

    1. Battle Cat
    2. Trap Jaw
    3. Orko
    4. She-Ra
    5. Adora

    The only 2 POP characters in the line both made the top 5 fan favourites once again proving the love and demand for POP in this line. Will these results help in any way in increasing the POP girls lack of inclusion in MOTUC?

    Shocked? Not at all!

    The figures fans picked as there top 2010 picks are not only some of the best figures we've done, they really are all A-list characters as well, and these A lister characters tend to come out on top anyway as they inevitably have more fans compared to B or C list characters.

    As for more POP gals, we've said numerous times that more are coming. We have a master plan (that now extends fully into 2017!) and by 2017 all of the vintage POP girls are slotted in (that is if, and a big IF, that the current road map master plan is followed to a T, things can and will inevitably change from our original current road map roll out!).

    We know fans want certain characters, but so far the only changes to our road map release schedule have been due to logistical issues, not fan requests. Originally Bow and She-Ra had opposite releases, but we swapped them and moved She-Ra up so she would come out during 2010, her 25th anniversary.

    If She-Ra had remained as an early 2011 figure as originally planned, and Bow had come out in Summer 2010, the gap between female releases would not have been so great.

    It is because of this change that it feels like a long time between females, not because of a lack of demand!

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