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We don't want a bunch of niceties from your marketing department; all we want is decent service from a competent website and decent figures with decent quality control. Give folks that bare minimum standard and most of your troubles with fan relations basically go away.
This. Very much this.

In many respects, this Stinkor issue is significantly more infuriating than most of the other issues/QC-problems/errors with the figures because at least in those cases they were technically unintentional accidents.. not something that was planned or calculated in any way.

Now we have people reversing parts on purpose! The second that somebody starts to recommend swapping parts around on a figure in a manner other than how the 4HM presented it, it's something that should either be a "no" by default, or at least it's something to get the 4HM's input on, as well as actually directly look into and visually see. Don't just have a conversation with Mattel design about something like this and say, "That sounds good!" and go with it without really looking at it.

As much as the reversed shoulder issues have sucked, at least they were accidents, and at least they didn't throw off the look by very much. Stinkor looks far worse.. and thanks to his skunk stripe, swapping the arms around isn't going to be easy!

Frankly, for extreme QC issues like the exploding Goddess figures, Snout Spouts trunk, and the yellowing Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters..... AND for issues like Stinkor (which is extreme in both it looking bad AND being an incredibly stupid intentional change)... Mattel should go into production on corrected replacements, swap out of the figures with customers at no cost at all to the customers, and eat the cost for all of this, however considerable it may be. I don't care if MOTUC doesn't "technically" have the "resources" for that. Mattel management should allocate those resources to it (maybe giving bit of that Barbie and Hot Wheels money to MOTUC and Ghostbusters) and do right by their customers.

You can't sell a collectors line of figures and expect people to have to choose between either keeping an errored, faulty product or sending those figures back for a refund and just 'live' with having an incomplete collection. Both completely spit in the face of what a collectors line is all about. This isn't a defective baby stroller that is being recalled and any effect people can just go out and buy another random baby stroller upon being refunded for the faulty one. This is a specific line of collectible figures that many people will either want a complete collection of, or at least in some cases people will want to get their favorite characters and at least have them be correct and intact.

We NEED a replacement Goddess, we NEED a replacement Snout Spout (or at least replacement head for loose collectors), and we NEED a corrected replacement Stinkor (or at least a replacement 'buck' minus the head, armor, etc for loose collectors... since it's probably too late to stop the existing shipment from coming). And we need a replacement Marshmallow Man due to the yellowing issue. And it shouldn't only be those people who have already had their Goddess break, their Snout Spout's trunk split, and/or their Marshmallow Man yellow who should be able to swap them for corrected replacements... anyone who has those figures but have yet to be effected by these issues (but likely will since it's a significant problem effecting their overall run) should have the option to exchange them to prevent the possibility from even happening.

These things need to go into effect NOW. If you (Mattel) can't get your [stuff] together in the first place to do these things right to begin with, then you should (A) Fix them even if it means producing brand new replacement product and (B) eat the cost of replacing them.