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Thread: Keldor/200X Skeletor double-sword: Mattel are going to do it!

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    Keldor/200X Skeletor double-sword: Mattel are going to do it!

    Something TG posted many pages into this thread and which will probably get missed by a great many people as a result:
    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    But hey, to leave on a good note, we did just have our meeting with management to go over the 2012 line. We also discussed the 200X head design and weapon design direction. While we are still not going to explore 200X redesigned character heads in the online line, I did get some sway on the weapons and we are going to now find a way to do the "Keldor Swords" in Classic style. (despite what people say I am in there fighting the good fight!).

    This isn't indicitive of "rules changing", I just made the case that enough fans want these and it doesn't indicate a changed character design. So hey, chalk one up for a fan demand victory!

    I was going to save this announcement for NYTF, but hey, you guy wanted a news break, there you go!
    So, let the speculation on what they'll include them with begin :
    1) It's not going to be for a while if the green light's just been given. Think 2012, not 2011.
    2) It's unlikely it'll be with a 200X-Skeletor - as things stand, that would be still be a standard MotUC Skeletor with a white skull & Keldor's cape, which wouldn't be worth it - and they aren't going to redo Keldor.
    3) So, logically, it'll either come with (a) whatever Skeletor variant they were already planning on next [post-BASk, that is] or (b) with an unrelated character as a "secret accessory", ala the 200X He-Man sword's inclusion with Man-at-Arms.

    Anyone disagree with my points?
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