Now that the Skeletor Swords have been Officially declared Doable, I have one more Genie to release from the Bottle... The He-Mullet

As you can see, the He-Mullet is the most consistent He-Hairstyle. In one way or another it has been on ALL MOTU Eras...

If "The Machine" can now make 200X Skeletor Swords without turning them into Vintage Power Swords, then "The Machine" should be able to make the He-Mullet without turning it into the Vintage "pageboy" hairstyle.

He-Man toys that could use the He-Mullet
-LP He-Man
-NA He-Man
-Snake Armor He-Man

Also getting a He-Mullet in MOTUC will allow me to remove my Billy Ray Cyrus Avatar...