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Thread: Who is the Number One most requested fan-created character?-MOTUC Theoretical Idol 1!

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    Who is the Number One most requested fan-created character?-MOTUC Theoretical Idol 1!

    Stealing the Idol idea from MegaGearMax, I'd like to take a look at which is the most wanted fan created character in MOTUC. A character that we know we will probably never legally be able to see, but would love to see in the line. Many of us have characters that we have created that are very near and dear to us, and have showed to the .Org for a long time. Pick your favorite. You can check many of them out at the Fan-Art Forum, here.

    State your favorite, and post a pic here if you can, and there hasn't already been one posted.

    My number one, of course, is He-Lok (+1)
    You can read about him and see a pichere

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    um, Spyfly, I guess
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    Interesting idea. Will have to give it a think. :-) Only thing is... won't the results basically be the same as Royals polls?
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