I know, I know. 200X is not exactly a very current style to discuss--or it is only to the extent that Mattel loves to remind us it's retired, and half the fan-base loves to tell us how it was TEH SUXXORS and TEH WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO MOTU!!!11!!!

But that aside, the added design elements that the Four Horesman brought to the characters is what made me fall in love with MOTU again. And I know at the height of it's popularity a lot of orgers took to making their own 200X-inspired designs of MOTU characters. Unfortunately, I was not on the board the majority of the time this was going on, but I have looked at some of the redesign contest threads.

I must say I am blown away by how much talent there is on the boards. However, not to too critical, but I will say that as good as a lot of the fan designs were, I did feel like a lot of them got too ornate or overly complex when trying to mimic the 4H's design aesthetics. I think the strength of the 4H designs lied in their thoughtfulness and restraint, as much as in their detail.

Ok, enough babbling. I was hoping some of you would share with me your favorite fan-created 200X updates of existing MOTU characters.

Below is my favorite--a redesign of Goat Man. I don't know the artist, but I think he or she has struck the perfect balance between adding details (and a more bestial nature), without going overboard. Plus the drawing looks exactly like a 4H staction. It's just an awesome piece.