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    vintage Vikor

    With the MOTUC version of Vikor coming up on January 18th, I felt a vintage counterpart needed to be made as well. So, encouraged by the vintage custom king Tyke, I started working.
    This vintage version of Vikor is what the vintage He-Man might have looked like had the sketch by Mark Taylor been approved about 30 years ago...

    • Helmet: Playmobil viking (cut and resculpted to fit He-Man’s head)
    • Head: vintage He-Man (repainted)
    • Body: vintage Tri-Klops
    • Cape: vintage Grizzlor’s fur
    • Loin cloth: parts of a McDonalds Superman figure cape (cut and painted)
    • Sword: from a no-name knight toy
    • Axe: vintage He-Man axe (heavily modified)
    • Shield: vintage Grayskull weapin (modified)
    • Necklace: from a no-name prehistoric figure

    I added a ‘rusty’ look to all his weapons, just like the new MOTUC figure has. I wanted to have his weapons look like they are ‘worn’ by time (and fierce battles) and did not go for a very ‘clean’ look. The only thing I don’t really like is the way his shield came out. That needs to be modified a bit so that the ‘tip’ stays on better. Otherwise I’m extremely pleased with this figure. Comments are welcome!

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