OK all,

I'm slowly catching up on all of these blu rays, thanks to christmas, and just got done watching crisis on two earths (my favorite so far) and superman doomsday.

Regarding the latter: Anne Hesch was a decent Lois... the design was OK. I didn't care for the look of Superman, however. Something about the design made him appear much older than he probably really was supposed to be. The actual plot of the movie was OK, but I have a feeling that Doomsday was more of a presence in the comic, compared to his 30 minute or so appearance in this film. I think the most interesting part was seeing the superman clone go evil...the subtle way he went about it in rescuing the cat..stopping to pet the cat at just the right moment during the dialogue, was really creepy.

Crisis on two Earths: I LOVED James Masters as Owl Man. Something about the performance made the character fun. I also loved seeing the rhouge's gallery from the alternate earth act as the Good guys. Although, can someone explain to me why Ultraman has a NY sounding accent?
The plot for this movie, obviously, is what inspired Turtles Forever. The dialouge from Batman was almost copied directly in the speech used for The Shredder. Although, I wonder if the Owl Man's logic was a bit off?

Since that world was already dead, there would be no choices made by Earth Prime's mankind....thus not affecting any of the other earths. If it where destroyed, all the other earths should have went ahead un-effected. However, if he went into the PAST of Earth Prime, before the other Earth's where created, that would have been a different story, no?

I've also watched Public Enemies, but it's been a while on that one so I can't comment.

Up Next, Red hood, apocolypse, and I think one more still to come.

So what are your thoughts on these?

Oh, and WB.. please stop casting baldwins. Thank you